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16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road - Expert Advise

16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road – Expert Advise

Bike riding has a lot of advantage. It can be a class of exercising. In day by day bike riding is become very popular. In the USA many of men's & women's riding bike for communication & health purpose. The bicycle is a legal vehicle now on roads.

Riding bike on road have some rules. In USA have some state bike laws which you need to know. Bikers should follow the rules at the road like any other of vehicles. This rules can save your time & life. Now in this article, we discuss 16 safety tips on riding a bicycle on road.

16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road

16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road

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1. Obey traffic signs & signals

The bicycle has some rules like other vehicles on road. The rider must follow the rules of the road. Cyclist must obey the city & state bike laws of traffic. 3 color of the street signal light. Red, green, orange. If they red you must stop your bike & follow the traffic rules. If they are green you can drive your bicycle like others. If you do not follow the rules, the cop can arrest & fines against you. So you should obey the traffic signal.

2. Never ride against traffic

If the traffic sign is stopped you should stop your bike too. You can't void this rules. You should drive like another driver. If you do state law can fine against you. So beware to never ride against traffic. 

3. Follow the lane markings

You can see that every road have some markings. A broken white line marks the center of the road. When this line is tall and the gap is small, it means that a hazard comes forward. Don't cross it before you can see the roads are clear. Don't turn your cycle left to the right lane. It causes an accident or a huge traffic jam. If you see the straight line on the road. you should go straight you can't turn your vehicle left or right. You should be observing the road sign every moment when you ride at the road.

4. Don't pass on the right

Motor vehicles may not look that a bicycle passing on the right. This is the most popular form to get hit. So you should be careful. You should not ride your bike beside a car on the right.

5. Scan the road behind you

Get to look back on your shoulders without missing your balance or moving. Use rear view mirrors for the look at back clearly. It can save your bike from the hit. Many of rider use these types of mirrors. This mirror is at a low price you get one pair for your bike.

6. Keep both hands ready to brake

Braking can stop your bike quickly. It can save your life & bike from the accident. The bike has two brakes at the front & rear. When you ride on the road, you should ready to brake your bike any of situation. You shouldn't stop your bike with one-handed brake. It can slip your bike and you can fall off. You should press the brake front & rear in the same situation.

7. Wear a helmet & never ride with headphones

The rider should always wear a helmet. The helmet is one of the main safety accessories of cycling. An accident can happen on the road at the bicycle any time, the helmet protects your head from an accident. Don't use headphones during you ride a bike. Headphones can break your concentration while riding. It can happen a serious accident on road. Please avoid headphones while you riding your bike.

8. Dress for the weather

In rainy weather, you should wear a waterproof rain jacket or suit. Wear a bright colored dress. Should Wear the bright color dress, so that the driver can see you from a distance in the day of the rain. You can also wear cycling shorts. These shorts are very useful for cycling & also perfect for any of weather.

9. Use hand signal

Hand signal tells the motor driver what you intend to do. The signal is the matter of courtesy & self-protection. If you immediately change the driving path & lane you should use the hand signal. That causes the driver can understand easily what you try to tell him. It can reduce road accident.

10. Ride in the middle of the lane in heavier traffic

Drive middle on the road while you on traffic. As a result, you are moving at the same speed as traffic. When cyclist ride in the middle of the road another driver can see him perfectly. So the drive can move their car easily & you can turn right & left your bike easily.

11. Choose the best way to turn left

There are two alternatives: (1) An auto well: signal Move in the left rotating lane and next turn left. (2) Like a walker: A straight-forward ride Walker crossing Walking around your bike.

12. Make eye contact with drivers

This is an effective way to reduce accident. Many of the time drives don't understand What do you want to do. If you make eye contact with drivers, he will easily understand where you want to go and what lane you will change. It uses for safety.

13. Look out the road hazards

Road hazards are useful for the rider. You should follow it when you riding. Hazards give you some instruction. See out for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice, sand & debris. It has different instructions for a different road. Which you should follow. Sometimes there have some instructions for many dangerous & risky roads for riding. So you should stay away from them.

14. Use lights at night

The laws require a headlight & a tail light on your bike. Sometimes you need to ride at night. You can't see the road & other things without light. It can be an accident on road. You also need a tail light. In night motor driver may not see you at the road. He can hit you. So a tail light can save your life. If you have a red tail light driver can see you from a long distance. So he can give you space to ride.

15. Keep your bike in good repair

You need to adjust height & weight with your bike. Check brakes, tires rims regularly. It can save your bike from the accident. Because if your bike brake loses you can't stop it in dangerous situations. So you should maintain your bike properly.

16. Dress to be seen & safe

You need to wear a dress which can be seen easily. You should wear a bright color dress. Many of driver at road may can't see you from a long distance. So need to wear a bright color dress as green & orange. It can save you from the hit. It also a law of traffic.

Final Word

In the road, any of time accident can happen. You need to aware of it. You should always obey the traffic signals. It can help you from breaking the rules of traffic. Many of time avoid traffic rules happen accident. Many of motor driver change lane immediately at traffic. If you stay beside a car, it can be hit. You should ride in the middle for the driver can see you. You should use the handbrake also. In road have many hazards. You should follow hazards for road instruction. Use helmet & avoid headphone while riding. The helmet can save your head from serious injury. So, if you obey all of the safety tips we are discussed here. Hope you will not fall into any legal problem and any accidents will be happened by you.

How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps – Experts Advise

Every cyclist needs a bike pump. Choosing a mini bike pump is very difficult. In market have various pumps. A floor pump, co2 pump & mini bike pump etc. Mini bike pump works very quicker in any situations. This pump is very popular at riders. This pump really very lightweight. You can carry it out in any situation.

Introducing 5 tips on how to choose the best mini bicycle pumps.

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps

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1. Pressure required

You should notice that this pump is fitted to your bike tire. Pressure force is very important for the tire. How many pumps force the pressure to tire. Road bike & mountain bike need different pressure needed. Before buying you should ensure to match you bike pressure need & your riding.

2. Volume required

Volume capacity is required for bike & your riding style. A high capacity of pump takes many blows to get the amount of pressure needed. For the mountain bike you need a high volume pump. This pump useful & suitable for MTB. A most high-quality road bike needs more pressure. 

3. Gauge measurement

This very important thing of bike pump. You should ensure that how much amount of pressure you pumping & need. You will need a pump who comes with a pressure gauge. You have the option to for dial & digital gauge which is more expensive. If you need anyone you will find another separate gauge.

4. Pump head & valve types

There many kinds of valves such as woods, Schrader, presta. Some tires come with specific valves. You should check your tire valve types. If you have any of tire valves you need to buy specific valve pumps. If you haven't a specific valve on the pump. you should buy separately. Many of all pump will fit automatically don't want an adapter.

bike valve

5. Construction and ease of maintenance

A mini bike pump uses the best materials for long lasting & heavy use. This pump is very strong & heavy weight. The materials & design determines how comfortable it is to keep good.

Final words

You should remember all of factors that we discussed above. Before purchasing a pump you need to know this 5 tips. Whats pressure you want, what volume capacity you need, gauge measurement, pump valve types & it's Construction & maintenance. If you follow this steps you can find a better mini bike pump for your bike. If you use mountain bike you need to follow this basic steps.

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Why You Buy An Electric Bike

Why You Buy An Electric Bike – We Explain The Benefits Of E-Bikes

What is an electric bike?

If anybody hears about an electric bike, they first imagine it's maybe an electric scooter or electric motorbike. But, this is wrong. E-bike looks very simple bike. This bike made of some electric component(materials) such as motor, battery, lights etc. So electric bike is new & best vehicle in the market.

We also discuss briefly with infographic image.

Why You Buy An Electric Bike

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7 Basic reasons we are explaining here.

Here we talking about 7 reasons, why you buy an electric bike. These 7 reasons give you a proper idea about electric bike. What it's benefits are. so, let's talk.

01. Save Money

Everybody wants saving money in vehicle sections. Price very high at presents. The public doesn't afford it too much. So the electric bike offers you a unique transportation alternative petrol vehicle. An electric bike builds with a small powerful motor & a battery. When the battery fully charged it produces 56-65km riding experience. So you think how much cost among patrol or motorbike. It also saves parking fees, toll etc. 

Electric bike

02. Clean, Green Energy

Air pollution is a very common thing in our country. Car, motorbike use petrol & produce smoke. This smoke is very harmful to our nature & also our health. Electric bikes not harmful like others. It keeps green & clean our nature.

electric bike Eco friendly

03. Get there faster

An electric bike is much faster like other motorbikes, cars. This bike speed is 55-60 km per hour. It's the fastest bike like others.

04. Genuinely Sustainable

If you talk about Sustainable I told you e-bike is much stong & Sustainable. These bikes are made of metal & aluminum. So it's build quality strong. This bike doesn't need fuel so it hasn't any tank to damage. It runs with battery.

05. Effortless Hill Climbing

Hills climbing is a passion or challenge among rider. This e-bike is more powerful. The rider can climb the biggest hills by this bikes. Use the battery to support to increase your medium hill-climbing speed and you'll be at the top before you know it!

best electric bike

06. Personal Fitness

A typical bike will keep you fitter - or will it? This depends on how much you use this bike. The analysis reveals that 46% of regular bikes are used & ride only once or twice in a week. Comparing electric bike, this bike uses 81% once or twice a week. 33% are using their bike every day. In research shows that e-bike rider stays in aerobic, fat-burning zone.

07. No Red Tape

Like other vehicle or transportation, the electric bike doesn't require any of papers, registrations, license, number plate or insurance. You can ride it at road freely with fun

Last words

In various types of model in the market, if you purchase an electric bike. A folding electric bike, electric mountain bike, sports electric bikes for men & women. Electric bike saves your money, save our nature, save our time etc. This bike is much more useful like another bike. Others transportation need fuel, registration paper, number plate, license but the electric bike is free of them. So many new or old rider start to riding with an electric bike.

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6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike- A Pro Riders Guide

How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

If you love mountain biking, hope you are excited to experience this exciting hobby. At first, you need a cycle. Choosing a bike as a beginner rider is a challenging task. There is evidently endless mountain bike on the market at present. If you haven't any experience of choosing a mountain bike. In this post, we will focus on some topic which is easy for your selecting first mountain bike. Here we provide 6 steps how to choose your first mountain bike:

6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

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Choosing a bike style for a new mountain bike

Firstly deciding which style of MTB are comfortable for you. What types you choose depend on you. There are lots of options to choose a mountain bike. Various style mountain bike are:

1. All-Mountain Bikes

If you are finding in mountain riding as opposed to regular tracks riding, an all-mountain frame may be for you. This bike mostly similar to cross country bikes. but with also more emphasis on the climbing ability. 

2. Downhill Mountain bikes

Downhill bike is available on market but this bike is less common. This bike only useful for climbing atop a large hill.

3. Trail bikes

Trail bikes are very popular for delight riding. this bike suspension is much more hardy than the two choices of above. They keep a balance between weight, efficiency, and joy. If you are on a budget to buy a bike, you can go with trail bikes.

mountain bike art

4. Fat Mountain bikes

Fat bikes can have any frame size, but they are placed apart by their fat, wide tires. This tire is comfortable for beginner riders. since a fat tire can manage more crack and is less likely to cause a fall. Riding on snow or sand, it's easier to ride with a fat bike.

5. Cross-Country Bike

If you want speed & want to be fast cross-country bikes for you. This bike is lightweight than other trail bikes. This lightweight is best for the climbing hill. If you want to ride at large trails. This bike is a good choice for you.

Steps: 2

Pick a suspension for your new mountain bike

Now you meet various types of a mountain bike. Now lets a look at the suspension. Mountain bike comes with a suspension. There're the Rear suspension, Full suspension, Rear shock. What suspension you choose, it depends on your budget.

Steps: 3

What types of materials are used in mountain bike

All of the mountain bike made of various types of materials. The steel frame is called a diamond frame. This frame is the most common materials to build a mountain bike. Besides the steel frame also have an aluminum frame, titanium frame, carbon frame. This frame quality depends on your budget which is perfect for you. Here you find a article about how to measure a mountain bike frame

Steps: 4

What is the perfect frame size of mountain bike

Mountain bike has different sizes. People come in different shapes and sizes. So we suggest using the information below as a starting point and a guide. 

  • XS(Extra small): Bike size 13- 14-inch- Normally for riders between 5 feet and 5 feet 4 inch.
  • S (Small): Bike size 14-16 inch: generally for riders between 5 feet 4 inch and 5 feet 7 inch.
  • M (Medium): Bike size 16-18 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 7 inch and 5 feet 10 inch.
  • check
    L (Large): Bike size 18-20 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 10 inch and 6 feet 1 inch.
  • check
    XL (Extra Large): Bike size 20-22 inch: Normally for riders over 6 feet 1 inch.
Mountain Bike Size guide

Mountain Bike Size Guide

Steps: 5

Mountain bike brake types

Mountain bike has 3 types of brakes. Coaster brakes, Rim brakes, Disk Brakes. We recommend to you for buying disk brakes version. Disk brake is the most powerful & effective braking system. Actually, Mountain bike brakes also depend on your budget.

Steps: 6

Mountain bike gear

Gear is an area that has seen active development over the years. The basics may be very similar. But with companies pushing their new technologies and releasing 10-speed parts in a host of shapes. Mountain bikes come with two or three chainrings to give a variation to easy gears for climbing. 

Final words

People waste their money on bikes, but they don't get a perfect bike for him. Here we discussed 6 steps on how to choose a mountain bike. Here you can find some topic to choosing an MTB. This guideline is much more useful for you I wish.

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Why Should You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike

4 Reasons Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike – Experts Logic

Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike? Great questions. Don't worry biker we reveal it here. Nowadays e-MTB is much more popular. People interested to purchase an electric mountain bike. This bike is simple to ride. So this bike much more popular at any age of people.

Introducing Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike With Infographic

Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike

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Here we discuss 4 Reasons Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike.

1. Quicker, seamless ride

We know electric mountain bike run by a motor. This motor reduces pain to ride a bike. This bike run by motor & this motor run by battery. Here rider hasn't any work to do. This bike makes your journey shorter. you can be commuting much quicker than other bikes.

Best electric mountain bike

2. Fun to ride

This bike has great fun to ride. This bike has an extra speed than another bike. so rider fills the ride. You can stop quickly and restart the bike in the middle of traffic.

funny ride of electric mountain bike

3. More Flexible

E-MTB is much more flexible than other bikes. This bike gives you two different types of benefits. If you want to ride as an ordinary bike you can switch it off the motor. If you want to save physical power you can start your bike motor & go.

4. Safety

The electric bike has better safety than others. This bike climb hill at 6mph or car climb hill at 30-35mph. So this bike overtook by many cars. This bike brake is very good & strong. If you apply your brake immediately this bike stops & doesn't skid at a road.

Why you need an electric mountain bike?

Electric Mountain bike introduces a new revolution to the world. Many of rider now take this bike & fill free to riding. The ordinary bike is pedal power, this is a pain for the maximum rider. Especially older. Or an electric bike doesn't have any problem. This bike is run by a motor. So in this section rider doesn't need physical energy. So this some reasons, you need an electric mountain bike.

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10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike – Guidelines by experts

Introducing 10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

Here we provide some advice to helps you to maintain or take care of your mountain bike (MTB). We share with you some advance suggestions to keep your bike good conditions. You should follow this 10 steps after riding your bike. The Infographic helps you to understand the best.

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike with Infographic

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

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1. Remove accessories on the top of the handlebar

In handlebars have bells, GPS, lights, racks etc. You should remove this all components first. If your cycle running with V brakes please free the wires from the brakes. Now you can clean this cable & brakes. After cleaning you should put it back.

how to remove mountain bike handlebar

2. Turn the bike upside-down

Protecting you bikes grips or saddle put it on a used sheet at the ground. Now you hold a frame strongly with your hand. One hand hold your bike tube at front & another hand holds your frame below of saddle(seat). Next, drive up the bike and turn it over.

3. Remove the wheels

Remove the lever of front wheel axle & lift the wheel out. Remove your bike rear wheel. while you raise up the wheel, shift the rear cassette housing out of the derailleur components

Remove the wheels of mountain bike

4. Clean the drive system

Applying the brush with some foamy water, start washing from the rear derailleur, running the brush & rub into all the removing elements.

Turn the levers to drive the chain around and, hold a wet foamy cloth around the chain on the rear derailleur, give it a great wash down.

Apply the brush with lots of water to wash the chainring. After wash, the chainring, hold it with dry clothes.

  • Now you wash the pedals & wash the arms (cranks).
  • Finally, you should clean the component. Also, the moving parts, clean them completely.
cleaning bike chain

5. Wash the underside

Wash the front forks with foamy water. Now wipe them with dry & clean clothes. With the same style, wash the middle and back of the frame.

  • Clean the handlebars with foaming water. Wash the tube please be attentive to clean the brake & gear, cables properly.
  • Last you should clean your bike underside of the saddle.

6. Wash and remount the wheels

With wet clothes cleaning the rims of front wheels. Now wash down the spokes & axle of the wheel. You should use a degreaser to wash you disk brakes. If you have a disk brake.

  • Hold the rear wheel and wash the rims, spokes, axle, and disk.
  • Wash the gear system at the rear wheel correctly. Use the brush & remove all f stone between the teeth of the cassette with soapy water.
  • Remount the wheel back into the frame. shifting the gear cassette back into the derailleur adjusting.
remount bike wheels

7. Check the wheels

Spin per wheel, make sure it spins easily and you can see that it's straight. As the wheel spin, press your fingers on the rims, to observing dents.

  • If you have disk brakes, you should check both sides of wheels. Make sure it looks smooth.
  • If your bike has a V brake. Spin the wheel, to make sure the brakes don't touch the rims.
  • Spin the wheel properly & check the spoke. Every spoke should tight. If you fill any spoke is loose you should tighten them.
mountain bike wheels

8. Check the drive system

Checking both pedals, spin them. Be careful to notice them, they spin freely & there is no noise from the bearings.

  • Check the front gear system. 
  • Spin the pedal & press the chain up & down. If the chain block. You fail to adjust the mechanism. Readjusts this.
Bike chain tighten

9. Check the brakes

Testing your brakes standing in front of your bike. Hold the handlebars. Apply the front brake. The front wheel shouldn't move. If it does, your brake needs to adjust perfectly.

  • Do the same thing with the rear brake. when the brake is applied, If your rear wheel skid, no need to adjust it the second time.
mountain bike brakes

10. Lubricate the drive system

Apply some lube (oil) over both wheels, gear system. Spin the chain & pedals. Spray the cassettes teeth inside of the chainring beside the cranks. Lube outside of the chainrings in the same way.

bike Lubricate

Final Words

Mountain bike is a luxurious bike for a rider. The everyday rider rides their bike much harder. Bikes some parts can be loose or damage for tough riding. So rider should service their bike. But service is much more expensive. So, they should maintain their MTB perfectly. So they need some suggestions about maintaining mountain bike. so we provide some tips on this topic. if you follow this 10 steps properly after every riding. You can maintain your bike at tip-top condition. 

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How To Choose A Bike Saddle

How To Choose A Bike Saddle – You Can Overcome Your Saddle Problem

Choosing the right bicycle saddle is not that easy as you think. You have to find out the best shape, material, and padding to have a comfortable ride. Sometimes it gets complicated when you try to choose the saddle that suits the best to your needs. You might get in a lot of trouble if you do not choose the best saddle for your bicycle.

It seems like I am over thinking over it. But I am sure I am not overthinking about it. If you do not choose the right saddle for your bicycle it might cause you many injuries or infections at the bottom of your body. It will also make you feel discomfort when cycling. That's why we are here to help people to choose the best saddle for their bicycle. Down below we are giving the best instructions possible to choose the right saddle for you and make your ride more comfortable.

Choose A Bike Saddle

Materials and Rails To Choose A Bike Saddle

Choosing the right saddle is important for a comfortable ride. Before buying a saddle, check its material which it is made of. Try to buy a saddle with lightweight materials like molded carbon fibers. It will help you with your weight. It is also helpful if you want better speed measurement. For lighter materials, you do not spend too much. Titanium rails are good for the comfortable ride, but it might not that good for speed. Titanium rails will help you with the vibrations. It absorbs a lot of vibrations which pass through the seat post and helps to pass through the bike's frame

Different kind’s materials provide different kinds of comfort to your ride. Like leather, saddles are more comfortable for a longer ride. A full leather saddle needs more maintenance than any other saddles. It needs more protection and needs waterproofing because in wet weather it will get damaged. So you have to be extra careful about that. Synthetic leather saddles are also available which offer addition like Kevlar edges. It helps to prevent aging. Moreover, choose the saddle materials which is fitted to your riding techniques. You should also keep in mind about the comforts, speed, frequency and the duration of riding while purchasing a saddle for your bicycle.


To have a comfortable ride you need a saddle that is well suited to your riding style and is fitted to your body shape. There is a different type of saddle available. But you need to choose which saddle fit you the most. People who move around in their saddle more and need a wide range of hand position, they need a narrower saddle. But people who like to stay in one position more while riding and need more support to their weight with more riding positions, they need a wider saddle

A saddle should support your sit bone more than your whole bottom. It is important that your saddle should support these areas more. Because it is fundamental that your saddle makes contact with your sit bones. If you do not care enough about the alignment of your sit bones it will cause injuries. It will contribute to stiffness and aches while you are riding the bicycle or after the riding. That may cause you to go to physical therapy or chiropractic. 

bike saddle shape

For a healthy ride and to avoid this type of injuries and infections, choose the saddle that suits you the best in every way. Different types and shapes saddle are available. You should choose the saddle that fit your ycl properly. Saddle manufacturers make different types and shape saddle. You just have to choose that what suit you the most and your shape and riding position that you are comfortable with.


Padding quality of a saddle depends on cycling prerequisites of a person. Padding foam and gel amount and density make the differences between good and bad quality. For more comfort, recreational cyclists or commuters use softer padding in their saddle. But the racier saddles have less padding to reduce weight. It also helps to get more speed ability. 

A few extra padding or gel can cause chafing instead of providing support to the people who ride regularly. So you use the perfect amount of padding and gel which fits you the most. Besides that, or does not last that long. It loses its effectiveness and gets compressed because of using the padding too much. You should change your padding when it could not support properly. Because it is important for the better alignment of your sit bones and it will provide you maximum comfort.

Choosing A Bike Saddle

Width Watch

There are different widths of saddles for different sizes of people. Choosing the right width saddle can make you feel more comfortable while riding.

Padding pointers

You need to choose the padding with the right pointer. There is a test called thumb test. When you press your thumb into the padding, if you feel soft then it is good for the upright riding position. It usually works like that. But if you are choosing the saddle for a long ride then it might not works as you expected.

Saddle Height and Bike Fit

After purchasing the saddle you should check that it is well balanced and positioned at the right height. It would be at the right distance from your handlebars and pedalsIt would be very disappointing if the saddle that you have purchased after spending a lot of time to choose it does not fit your ride properly. Sometimes you might buy the best saddle but it didn't fit your riding style and position and it is not beneficiary while you are riding. Then it would feel like a total waste of time and money. So be aware of choosing the right saddle with the right height and fit.

Go to Your Bike Shop for a Professional Bike Fit

Sometimes the saddle may be positioned a little forward, backward, too high, too low, not well leveled. Or maybe your hand reaching out too far for the handlebars. But fortunately, you can fix this problem professionally from the place you have purchased the saddle. A professional can fix your problem with your saddle position by knowing your physical limitations, riding style or flexibility levels. That's how you can overcome your saddle problem.

How To Fix A Bike Pedal

How To Fix A Bike Pedal – You Can Solve Your Pedal Problem Easily

Cycling is a great exercise for health. Cycling is per better than going regularly to the gym. But bicycle needs repairing or Needs to change its body parts sometimes. Pedals are important parts of a bicycle. It is not only for powering the driving train. But it also helps to balance your body. It also provides surface control. It allows the rider to steer his bike more appropriately. It also helps the rider to shift his body weight on to the pedals in different positions while riding. We never care that much about a bicycle pedals. Sometimes it receives a lot of abuse. Sometimes, because of grime and general wear, pedals creak or sometimes bind. Then the pedals do not spin around the spindle properly, it may get stuck. Maybe this problem can be solved by removing the pedals and installing new ones. But it may not be the best idea because it can be solved or fix with a little bit of effort. You do not need to waste your money to buy a new pair of pedals. By giving fresh grease to the spindles and bearings, then tightly reinstalling them can fix the problem more easily. Here are some instructions below on how to fix a bike pedal.

Fix A Pedal

Instructions To Fix A Bike Pedal

Things need to fix the pedal:

  • Grease for bearing
  • screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • check
    A set of wrenches

Remove the parts and Clean

A bicycle rider may face a lot of problems with bicycle pedals. So for fixing a problem, a rider may need to remove his pedals. First, you need to clean up all the parts. It is always helpful for fixing a pedal and it can help you to avoid any kind of unexpected problem. Then remove the necessary parts one by one with the help of appropriate tools.

Now follow the instructions that are given below. That will help you to fix your bike pedal.

Fix A Bike Pedal

Remove pedal

  • At first, remove the pedals from the crank which you need to fix. By rotating the pedals towards and forwards remove the pedal. In this case, a wrench can be of a good use. You have to push the wrench down to free the pedal from the crank you need to hold the other crank carefully while pushing the wrench down. Do the same for both pedals. It is important to keep in mind that left side and right side pedal threads are different from each other. The right side pedal has the right-hand thread and the left side pedal has the left-hand thread. You may see in some bicycle there is an “L” stamped on the left side pedal and “R” stamped on the right side pedal. The direction to slope up the threads are, for right side thread slope to the right and for left side thread slope to the left.

Clean the old grease and dirt

  • Then clean up the old grease and grime or any kind of dirt from the pedals. You have to pay extra care to the spindle threads. Any kind of doubt can create contact with the crank arm threads. So before screwed the pedals back to their places make sure there is no grit at all. For removing the grease from the crank a mild solvent like rubbing alcohol can be used.
  • For cleaning up the spindle use the fresh grease. Then it will serve for a long time.
Fixing the bearings

Fixing the bearings

  • Use a screwdriver to pry the dust cap.
  • After that put out the washer and locknut from the spindle. You will need a proper size wrench to unscrew the locknut. You need to hold the opposite side spindle properly while unscrewing the locknut. It will stop the rotation of spindle while unscrewing the locknut.
  • Before removing the bearing first, the cone needs to be thread off. Then use a proper tweezer to remove the bearings from the spindle.
  • check
    After that remove the pedal and pull out the spindle. After removing the second set of bearing use fresh grease in the bearing race. Then reset the bearing like it was before.

Reinstall all parts

  • Now it’s time to reset all the parts one by one in their previous position. First, thread the spindle into the pedal. Use the screwdriver to fit the cone back upon the bearings. Reinstall the washer and use the wrench to tighten up locknut. Then spin the pedal. See if it is freely spinning or it is binding. If it is binding again then loosen up the locknut a little bit then check again and tighten up the locknut again. After checking everything reset the dust cap in the place accurately.
  • Before tighten up the pedal remember, left side pedal is reverse threaded. Hold the crank arm and use the wrench to tighten up the pedals.
Reinstall all parts

Check the pedals

  • Bicycle pedals are vulnerable and it is vulnerable to crash damage. You can get injured by riding hard a bike which has a pedal with a bent axle. It can hurt your knees. So after reinstalling the pedals to the place, check the pedals again and again. It will help you to avoid any kind of problem or injuries.

Professional’s help

  • Sometimes you may face many problems with your bicycle pedals that you are not aware of. To get rid of an unknown problem go to a professional. Then discuss the problem that you are facing with your pedals with him. A professional can find out your problem and can fix that problem.

Final words

We tried to give proper instructions to fix a bike pedal. We found these problems and solutions from our experience. We hope it will help you to fix your pedal. Just follow the instructions properly. If you face any more problem or you need further help, please mail us or comment us on our website. We are always at your service. And last but not the least enjoy your ride!

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How To Choose A Mountain Bike

How To Choose A Mountain Bike -The Ultimate Guide

Introduction To Choose A Mountain Bike

Do you love the extreme thrill of getting off the roads and tackle the obstacles? Then I have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is ​choosing a good mountain bike didn’t get any easier. From the ​right frame material to the suspension there are literally hundreds of factors to consider. It is easier to get overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The good news is to clear up your confusions I am here to help. This is a precise guideline and collective knowledge shared by the expert riders specially crafted for you. You will know about all the necessary information about how to choose a mountain bike in this article.

Decide Your Riding Style

Before you choose a mountain bike, it is important to know what kind of ride you are up to. Also, you have to consider the suspension types and wheel size and other critical components as well. But before getting to them, I wish you to identify what will be your riding style.

Choose A Mountain Bike

Trail Bikes

As I have mentioned already, this versatile bike is a very good option if you are just getting into the sport. Whether you are a casual rider or hit the forest trails hard, it will serve you accordingly. These bikes are specially designed keeping recreational riding in mind. Its sophisticated suspensions and geometry give you the balance you crave for when going uphill or downhill.

Cross Country Bikes (XC)

If the idea of mixing up regular tracks with irregular track excites you, this is your perfect match. Cross Country bikes are made for racing in cross-country trails. But Cross Country riding often requires greater skills and fitness from the rider. If your fitness is not up to the par, it might not be the best choice. But if you have a squad who loves racing, it the best bike you can get. Because these bikes are made for speed and competition. You have both option to choose from full suspension or hardtail.

Downhill Bikes

As its name suggests, this bike is specially designed for riding the downhill slope. Downhill mountain bikes are the most aggressive one in the bunch. It is for the most hardcore riders you have seen jumping and throwing themselves from the hills and slopes. If going down on the much harder trails is your goal then nothing can really beat it, period. It gives you the extra edge over your squad or even for the solo rides. These are built for taking the beating for you. Built for racing and jumping hard, It’s a full suspension bike designed to provide maximum comfort.

Mountain downhill bike

Freeride Bikes

Branched out from the Downhill Bikes, this discipline has become arguably most popular of all. While the differences are very subtle between Downhill and Freeride bike​, but it is important to know nonetheless. Freeride bikes are lighter compared to the Downhill bikes. So you will be able to ride faster and pedal quicker. These bikes are quite popular for its durability and fun.

Important Mountain Bike Components

You have learned about the different types of mountain bike available. It's time for you to learn about one of the most critical factors when choosing a mountain bike.

Types of Suspension

The suspension can be found in both the front and the rear of a mountain bike. It consumes the overloads when you’re riding in a tough terrain. Suspension makes It more comfortable and safe. Try to ride a hard trail without suspension, it’s possible but much more dangerous and you will ride much slower.


Hardtail bikes come with only front suspension. Hardtail bikes are good for general purpose usage. But if you do plan to climb hills it will be much more tiring. Because the front suspension can absorb the shock but there is no rear suspension. While they are as much efficient as full suspension bikes, they are less comfortable to ride. Hardtail bikes also require less maintenance cost. So overall a good choice for if you are on a budget.

Full suspension

Full suspension bikes are perfect for climbing up and down comfortably. It has both front and rear suspension. In the simplest terms, it takes vibration out of steering and helps the front wheel track more accurately. full suspension is much better for your back and overall health. While they are a bit more expensive than hardtail bikes, the improved bike control and traction it provides certainly worth it.

Mountain bike suspension


Rigid bikes have no suspension. Which makes it pretty hard to ride.Your ride will be bumpier and less comfortable. While they are pretty cheap and easier to maintain, most riders don’t opt for it. Because it is nearly impossible to control over very rough terrains. Obstacles that would twist and jolt the grips out of your hands can be absorbed with the suspension. A full suspension bike can cover terrain with ease and at a speed that would be impossible on a non-suspended bike.

Bike Frame Materials

The Frame materials are very important because the frame is going to handle all the beating for you. It is also the deciding factor in price and quality. While the other factors are equally important its something that you should consider more carefully.Enter your text here...

Aluminum is more widely used in bikes because it is very light. It also doesn’t rust like steels. Steels frames are great too but its way too dense and heavier. Steel doesn’t have the ability to be as quick or lightweight as the aluminum frames. Though it is cheaper compared to aluminum not so much preferred. The carbon and titanium frames are equally good but its way too expensive. So the winner here is Aluminum.

Deciding the Wheel Size

There are 3 standard size wheels to choose from now. There used to be only one standard size to in the past which was the 26”. But then the 29” came and quickly gained popularity because it's easier to tackle the obstacles with them. The 29” covers more ground when going through a rough terrain which makes riding more smooth. But let's not forget the 27.5”. It covers more ground than the 26” while taking the less effort than 29”. So if you are just starting out 27.5” is a good option despite the fact 29” is more popular.

Do Not Forget The Gears

Ever since we have been blessed with the mighty gears speed wasn’t an issue anymore. But the problem has been shifted to a new issue altogether. Now we have options to choose from bicycles with 30 or even 4o gears. But do you really need that many gears? If you don’t know then there is a safe shortcut. Just choose a bike with 10 gears. Because it is considered pretty standard.

Final Verdict

People waste their hard earned money on bikes that don’t meet their needs. Maybe all you need is some infrequent weekend riding with your friends. In that case, you will not need an expensive bike. An inexpensive trail bike is a right match.

I have given a precise guideline about how to choose a mountain bike for beginners here. Enjoy your ride and getting into shape. Don’t forget to cross check all the information about buying a good bike.

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The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA

The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA – History Of The Cycling

Introduction Of The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA

Long before the cars were the most convenient mode of transportation, there were cycles. These manually moved two-wheelers were really popular in 1890’s in the U.S.A. Though there are countable bikes seen on U.S. roads these days but back then, people use this as their personal vehicle to go to every possible place. From 1817 till date, the humble bike has gone through various milestones and renovations. This is the only possible reason that bikes haven't lost their charm even after 2 centuries. The evolution of cycling in the U.S.A. has been very interesting. From being a popular transport to a sports bike, exercise machine, pollution free transport and much more, cycles have come a long way.

There are many countries which encourage biking for a pollution free environment and health benefits. In the USA, there are protected bike lanes just like sidewalks for the safety of the bikers. To encourage biking even more in the U.S., The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) has a close network of signed and numbered bicycle routes close to 12,000 miles in 25 states. The more interesting fact is that the USBRS is expanding it to 50,000 miles. This will open up opportunities for cross country travel and regional touring on a bicycle.

A sneak peak to the past

Though bikes have gone through a lot since its invention, there is more than just its physical appearance. With time and requirements, bikes have been blessed with more aesthetics, comfort, and technology. This evolution of cycling in the USA had brought a bigger evolution in the lives of the people.


As mentioned earlier, bikes were the most popular mode of computation in 1890’s. There were not many modes to travel and with a low maintenance vehicle like this, people found it a one-time investment for all their commutation needs. Until 1920's, cycling was in a rage when cars entered into the US markets. But still, people were loyal considering the fitness, low cost, environment and enjoyment factors.

Happy Biker

Bike Racing

The bike racing in the US was one of the most popular sports of all times. On 31st May 1868, the first cycle race was organized in the US with different events. The first bicycle racing club was established in the year 1870 under the name of St. Louis Cycling Club and has sponsored various races and events since then.

Relaxation and Fun

Racing brought the lost charm of the cycles back and made it even more popular than ever. Soon after the racing started in the USA, people began using bikes for relaxation purpose. Later on, Women also started riding bikes and that brought another revolution but this time in the fashion industry. With more women on bikes, the women’s cycling attires were changed from more conventional to trendy and comfortable.

Surely, bikes have been through a long way with this evolution in cycling in the USA, There are many options available now when it comes to the model part. It is very easy to get confused while buying a bike. Here are few factors which you should keep in mind while making your purchase.

Decide the Category

You should be sure about the purpose of your purchase. There are various types of bike, like - city, hybrid, mountain, sports and road bikes available in the market. The bikes may vary in terms of styling, structure, equipment, and technology. These differences allow you to cycle in the terrains they are meant for.


The budget of the bike you want to purchase should be very practical. The budget depends on the category and technology, you want to go for. It would be better if you invest 70-80% on the purchase of the cycle and rest on necessary accessories like helmet, bottles cage, water bottle, knee pads and air pump.

A test drive

Yes, usually people take test drive only while purchasing motor vehicles but why to consider cycle less. It is important to check the comfort on a bike also and so taking a short test ride on the model you intend to purchase won’t hurt. You should compulsorily check the most important features. The handlebar should be comfortable and right in size, the height of the seat should be adequate and allow good posture. Also, check if the paddles should be easy and light to move.

Evolution Of Cycling


After searching for a perfect bike within your budget, you can save some extra bucks. That would add more joy to your bike ride for sure. You can do a little market research to know the price for the shortlisted models before actually purchasing one. Also, you can check for deals online to grab a good one fitting your budget.

Authorized dealers

You might not get the best deals or big bargains from the authorized dealers but there are other benefits which you can fetch from them. You will have an assurance that you have bought a genuine product and not a copy of the branded bicycle if you go for an authorized dealer. You will get authentic guarantee or warranty on the purchased bike offered by the manufacturer. You can also book for maintenance services at really affordable or discounted cost.

Final Words

Buying a cycle may initially not sound really a big decision but you might regret later for not giving it a good thought. So, it would be better to consider the aforementioned points, especially checking out all the features and comfort through a test ride. Other than adding fun and health to your life, bikes can also save you from financial difficulties. Many people take public transports and cycles to cut the fuel cost and maintenance. Needless to mention how much you can make your contribution in saving the environment by using a bike more often than gas/ fuel running vehicles. Also, there would be fewer chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam and creating congestion and raising the noise level.

Cycling can be taken as a fun or professional activity, depending on the interest you have it in. There are various bike clubs in cities which promote these activities and spread the word for a better environment and stress-free lifestyle. Take the best benefits of this evolution and have gift yourself a better lifestyle and health which you and your family totally deserve.