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The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA – History Of The Cycling

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The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA

Introduction Of The Evolution Of Cycling In The USA

Long before the cars were the most convenient mode of transportation, there were cycles. These manually moved two-wheelers were popular in the 1890s in the U.S.A. Though there are countable bikes seen on U.S roads these days but back then, people use this as their personal vehicle to go to every possible place. From 1817 to date, the humble bike has gone through various milestones and renovations. This is the only possible reason that bikes haven’t lost their charm even after two centuries. The evolution of cycling in the U.S.A. has been exciting. From being an accessible transport to a sports bike, exercise machine, pollution-free transport and much more, cycles have come a long way.

Many countries encourage biking for a pollution-free environment and health benefits. In the USA, there are protected bike lanes, just like sidewalks for the safety of the bikers. To encourage biking even more in the U.S., the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) has a close network of signed and numbered bicycle routes close to 12,000 miles in 25 states. The more interesting fact is that the USBRS is expanding it to 50,000 miles. This will open up opportunities for cross country travel and regional touring on a bicycle.

A sneak peek to the past

Though bikes have gone through a lot since its invention, there is more than just its physical appearance. With time and requirements, bikes have been blessed with more aesthetics, comfort, and technology. This evolution of cycling in the USA had brought a more significant development in the lives of the people.

1. Commuting

As mentioned earlier, bikes were the most popular mode of computation in the 1890s. There were not many modes to travel, and with a low maintenance vehicle like this, people found it a one-time investment for all their commutation needs. Until the 1920s, cycling was in a rage when cars entered into the US markets. But still, people were loyal, considering the fitness, low cost, environment, and enjoyment factors.

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2. Bike Racing

Bike racing in the US was one of the most popular sports of all time. On 31st May 1868, the first cycle race was organized in the US with different events. The f​irst bicycle racin​g club was established in the year 1870 under the name of St. Louis Cycling Club and has sponsored various races and events since then.

3. Relaxation and Fun

Racing brought the lost charm of the cycles back and made it even more popular than ever. Soon after the racing started in the USA, people began using bikes for relaxation purposes. Later on, Women also started riding bikes, and that brought another revolution, but this time in the fashion industry. With more women on bikes, the women’s cycling attires were changed from more conventional to trendy and comfortableSome people find an alternative to a bicycle. But a bicycle is always the first choice of adults, nowadays kids started loving stunt scooters for an extra fun activity.

Surely, bikes have been through a long way with this evolution in cycling in the USA; There are many options available now when it comes to the model part. It is effortless to get confused while buying a bike. Here are a few factors which you should keep in mind while making your purchase.

4. Decide the Category

You should be sure about the purpose of your purchase. There are various types of bikes, like – city bikes, hybrid bikesmountain bikes, sports, and road bikes available in the market. The bikes may vary in terms of styling, structure, equipment, and technology. These differences allow you to cycle in the terrains they are meant for.

5. Budget

The budget for the bike you want to purchase should be very practical. The budget depends on the category and technology; you want to go for. It would be better if you invest 70-80% on the purchase of the cycle and rest on necessary accessories like helmet, bottles cage, water bottle, knee pads, and bike air pump.

6. A test drive

Yes, usually people take test drive only while purchasing motor vehicles but why to consider cycle less. It is essential to check the comfort on a bike also and so taking a short test ride on the model you intend to purchase won’t hurt. You should compulsorily check the essential features. The handlebar should be comfortable, and right in size, the height of the seat should be adequate and allow good posture. Also, check if the paddles should be suitable and light to move.

Evolution Of Cycling

7. Price

After searching for a perfect bike within your budget, you can save some extra bucks. That would add more joy to your bike ride for sure. You can do a little market research to know the price for the shortlisted models before actually purchasing one. Also, you can check for deals online to grab a good one fitting your budget.

8. Authorized dealers

You might not get the best deals or big bargains from the authorized dealers, but there are other benefits that you can fetch from them. You will have an assurance that you have bought a genuine product and not a copy of the branded bicycle if you go for an authorized dealer. You will get an authentic guarantee or warranty on the purchased bike offered by the manufacturer. You can also book for maintenance services at an affordable or discounted cost.

Final Words

Buying a cycle may initially not sound really a big decision, but you might regret later for not giving it a good thought. So, it would be better to consider the points mentioned above, especially checking out all the features and comfort through a test ride. Other than adding fun and health to your life, bikes can also save you from financial difficulties. Many people take public transports and cycles to cut fuel costs and maintenance. Needless to mention how much you can make your contribution to saving the environment by using a bike more often than gas/ fuel running vehicles. Also, there would be fewer chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam and creating congestion and raising the noise level.

Cycling can be taken as fun or professional activity, depending on the interest you have it in. Various bike clubs in cities promoted these activities and spread the word for a better environment and a stress-free lifestyle. Take the best benefits of this evolution and have gifted yourself a better lifestyle and health, which you and your family deserve.

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