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Mongoose Legion L40 Freestyle BMX Bike Review

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Mongoose Legion L40 Freestyle BMX Bike Review

Want to purchase the best BMX bike for entry level rider, which is a little difficult to find. There much more BMX bike brands in the market & you don’t know which bike is perfect for you. You hesitate to buy one. Today we shared with you a bike which is Mongoose Legion L40. This is a freestyle incredible bike under $200. It offers you much more features like higher priced bikes. This model comes in 2018. The Mongoose Boy’s Legion L40 gives the affordable option to parents for getting this bike for their child. Now let’s dive in the Mongoose Legion L40 reviews.

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Mongoose Legion L40 Freestyle BMX Bike Review

1. Frame Materials

Legion L40 comes with a steel frame which weighs around 37 pounds. The frame isn’t lightest but it’s not much heavier. When the bike fully assembled, its total weight is around 37 lbs. Somebody thinks it’s very heavier but we don’t think so. For an adult rider, it’s maybe heavier. For younger boys, this will be fine from the weight.

2. Braking System

This bike has dual brakes, one in rear & other in front. Both brakes have U-Brakes system. At the front side to prevent cables, this bike uses a rotating hub. It conceding worry-free handlebar spins. U-Brakes are always preferred on a freestyle BMX bike.

3. Pedals & sprocket

This bike has 25/9 cassette setup with micro sprocket produce an ultimate gearing for freestyle ride. Smaller sprocket assures a higher ground clearance as well. 3 piece of tubular pairs of crank tubes used on this bike. The pedal is also much durable. It’s also made from alloy. It has also a plastic body attached with 9/16 inch axle. 

4. Wheels

Legion L40 wheelset is all black look. which we’re always in support of. 36 spoke alloy wheels are involved. This bike features 20-inch wheels which are totally black. This wheels rim & spoke is also blackish. It gives the ultimate gorgeous looks. This wheelset is the perfect Dimensions for freestyle bike. Thanks to Mongoose to bring this for riders.

5. Pricing

Mongoose Boy’s Legion L40 is affordable BMX freestyle bike. It cost will around $200. You can get better features of this BMX bikes under $200. It offers a quality level of riding for kids who are just getting in freestyle. This bike includes the best components of freestyle riding. It combines quality components and precise engineering that produces a riding experience. 

Some Features Of Mongoose Boy’s Legion L40

  • Frame:- Made of High tensile steel which is 20.5 inches long.
  • Fork:- 1-1/8 inch threadless steerer made of high tensile steel.
  • Gears:- Singlespeed.
  • Gearing:- Microdrive 25/9t BMX gearing.
  • Brakes:- Alloy U-Brake
  • Crankset:- 3-piece tubular Chromoly, 175 mm, 25T steel chainring.
  • Bottom Bracket:- Mid sealed bearing; 8-spline spindle.
  • Driver:- 9T cassette driver.
  • Chain:- KMC Z410.
  • Pedals:- 9/16 inch plastic pedal.
  • Saddle:- Slim, railed saddle.
  • Seatpost:- Steel, 25.4 mm, integrated saddle.
  • Seat Clamp:- Alloy Coller.
  • Front hub:- Steel, 3/8″ axle; 36H.
  • Rear Hub:- Steel, 9T cassette driver, 3/8 inch axle, 36H.
  • Front & rear Rim:- 20-inch Alloy single wall 36H.
  • Wheels:- 20-Inch.
  • Tires:- 36 spoke black alloy wheels.
  • Axle:- 4 Axle pegs.
  • Weight:- 137lbs net weight.
  • Warranty:- Lifetime Warranty.

Things We Like

  • The frame is made from High tensile steel.
  • Gearing setup is perfect for freestyle BMX.
  • Micro sprocket.
  • Affordable price.
  • Front & rear wheel use U-Brakes.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Plastic pedal.
  • 20-inch wheelset.
  • Blackish tires.
  • The fork is made of high tensile steel.
  • Single-speed gear.
  • 9T cassette driver.
  • Comes with proper assembled.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Haven’t any cage for carrying bottles.
  • The weight of this bike is an issue for some riders.
  • Uncomfortable for old age rider.

Buying advice

We prefer to buy these bikes from Basically, Amazon provides the lowest price & we recommend you to buy from them. Do you think this, the bike doesn’t come with assembling. But Amazon ship this bike to their consumers to fully assembled. If you get this bike from outside, you will pay extra bucks for assembling this bike. And you need also know how to assemble a bike. So you can save money from assembling cost & also can save your time to get it from Amazon.

Last word

In a decent price range, you need a freestyle BMX bike? In market their, lots of brands provide BMX bike. But they asking a lot of prices. Some rider doesn’t afford it. We provide to get Mongoose Legion L40 bike is a perfect combination of a freestyle BMX bike. Mongoose offers the best features in this price range, which is similar to higher bike brands. This bike has a single speed, 20-inch wheelset with alloy U-Brakes technology. Especially this bike comes with high tensile steel. Which is light-weight, stronger & more durable. To think about your riding purpose, we the Bikerpicks experts highly recommended this bike.

Mongoose Boy’s Legion L40 Our Review Score






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