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How to Pick a Bicycle Helmet – Safety Tips From A Pro Cyclist

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How to Pick a Bicycle Helmet

If you are going to cycle either on or off the road, you need to wear a helmet. No matter what! In 2014, 720 bicyclists, in 2015, 818 cyclists, 840 cyclists in 2016, died on US roads. About 60% of them were not wearing helmets. When a statistic is that high, it is not a coincidence. New York reported a much higher incidence of fatalities that were not wearing helmets, 97%. There are a few things to consider when you need to know how to pick a bicycle helmet.

So, helmets are essential, and choosing the right helmet is just as important. Amazon has 13,674 cycling helmets. So, how do you choose the right one? So before narrowing down your choices, consider the information below.

cycle helmet

Which Tools Do You Need to Do It: The Basics

First, let me address a few things that everyone should keep in mind when buying a helmet. Your helmet needs to be certified, and it needs to fit. It also needs to be safe. Also, the price is essential, but your safety is even more vital.

1. The Certification

If it sold in the US, the helmet should comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). That means each helmet should be just as safe as the next. If you do not see the CPSC certification on a helmet you buy from Amazon; you should return it. However, almost every helmet sold on Amazon will be certified by some governing body. You may find an import from the UK, Australia, or somewhere else. And they will have a similar certification standard to the CPSC.

2. The Fit

The helmet must fit you properly. Everyone has a differently shaped head. Find one that is likely to fit your head in particular. There should be no more than a finger between your eyebrows and the front tip of your helmet. Get a measuring tape and measure your head to find the right-sized helmet on Amazon. Look for a retention system in the product photos. That is the dial at the back. That way, the key to getting the perfect fit is just a quick turn.

choose a right helmet

3. The Price

The certification on a sticker on the helmet tells you that every helmet should be equally safe. So, it does not matter how much you pay as far as safety is concerned. However, the higher price can often be a result of more than just fashion or brand name. Lighter helmets, especially with more ventilation, will be more expensive. Also, many companies will give you a discount on a replacement if you have an impact on your old one. This is an excellent thing to consider when buying your first helmet.

How to Solve It: The Considerations

As I said, lighter helmets are more expensive. The manufacturer needs to make less of a helmet that is just as safe as any other certified helmet. So buying the right helmet depends on your personal reasons for cycling and how you cycle. So, here are five considerations before deciding on the right bicycle helmet.

1. Consider Your Riding Style

Do you cycle for fun? Buy a commuter or multi-sport helmet. The skaters love these, but they are really just solid, economic helmets perfect for any use. Are you a mountain biker? Look for one specifically for mountain biking. These should ventilate well at low speeds, extended head coverage, and an extra secure fit for riding those rough trails. Do you cycle on the street? You want a light helmet with plenty of airflow and sweat management. Avoid holes if you require speed. They reduce aerodynamics.

2. Consider the Weather

If you live in a cold climate area, you probably want to buy a solid helmet, especially if it often rains. Otherwise, you will want to get as much ventilation as you can. If it is sunny where you live, buy one with a visor. Some visors are handy when it rains, too. Ultimately, you will want to buy more than one helmet unless you are only a sunny day cyclist. Buy one for rain and cold and another for sun and heat.

How to Pick a Bicycle Helmet

3. Consider Your Comfort

Sweat management is crucial. The helmet should fit just above your eyebrows. So, it should be easy to keep sweat out of your eyes. However, cheaper helmets may not be as effective as some other, more expensive helmets. I’ve already spoken about getting the right fit, but be sure you try on the helmet when it arrives. If you don’t like the feel of it, return it to Amazon. Therefore, you need to think about the seller and the return policy on any helmet you buy. Also, buy one you think looks cool so you’ll wear it.

4. Consider the Needs of Others

The visibility of your helmet is just as crucial to your safety as anything else. Drivers or even other cyclists do not readily see dark helmets. You should buy an easily visible helmet and eye-catching. Sure, you want to purchase your favorite color, but again, your safety is more important than your color preferences. Some bike helmets have a tail light on the helmet. This will help to identify you from behind, but it may not help with head-on traffic. Be seen!

Bicycle Helmet

5. Consider the Helmet’s Needs

How are you going to take care of the helmet? This is important to point out even before you buy one. If you take care of the helmet, the helmet will take care of you. You can use a soft cloth or sponge with water and mild soap. You can remove and wash the padding. Avoid storing the helmet anywhere hot such as an attic, garage, etc. Also, do not loan your helmet to anyone else. You need to know how it is cared for. Also, if your helmet gets damaged or is hit during a crash, replace it even if it looks fine. Internal damage can prevent the helmet from adequately protecting your head.

Some short tips and tricks

The straps can be a little tricky. The rear straps need to be longer than the front straps. That way, the helmet can remain situated on your head in the perfect position. You may need to spend some time getting the perfect fit, but it will pay off in the end. Your helmet should feel snug but comfortable. And, it should remain in place if you turn your head upside down.

Final Words

Getting the perfect helmet is a little tricky, especially with so many to choose from. However, you are now armed with all the information you need to consider when picking the right bicycle helmet. And just to drive home the point that you need a helmet, remember that Evel Knievel wore a helmet.

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