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How To Measure A Mountain Bike Frame – Guide Of An Expert

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How To Measure A Mountain Bike Frame

Finding a mountain bike (MTB) that fits the rider is a very crucial part of starting on the hobby. To promote a rider’s safety and comfort at all times, you must know how to find the MTB that is suitable for you. You can do it if you know how to choose the right bike size. The secret lies in the frame as it is the basis of the sizing. Even if you are about to buy one or sell one on the internet, you must know how to measure a mountain bike frame.

What Will You Need To Measure A Mountain Bike Frame

1. A Tape Measure/Measuring Tape

To do the measuring job, you need the aid of a tape measure. The good thing about tape measure is that it is very flexible. Flexible in the sense that you can fold it and tilt it in any angle or position. You can find one in your house. Look over to your mother’s sewing kit, and you will have one. If you cannot find any, you can buy it in department stores and bookstores. They come at very affordable prices.

Mountain Bike FrameMountain Bike FrameMountain Bike FrameMountain Bike Frame

2. Help From A Friend

This one is optional. You may need help from a friend if you are about to measure your size. If you are going to buy a new mountain bike, you will need your body measurement. You can do it to find the MTB suitable for you. You cannot stand and at the same time, measure your standing height. It could be your biking partner, your girlfriend, your father, your wife, or anyone else in the house that can give you this little favor

3. How To Go About It

Measuring the mountain bikes frame promotes safety and comfort for the rider. It can also help you to market your bike with ease, especially online. It is one of the essential specifications needed in choosing an MTB. You don’t need to be a professional to perform these simple steps. Make sure that you will get accurate measurements from your measuring tape. That would not be too difficult to do.

4. Getting the C-C Measurement

There are types of bike measurements that are acceptable in the MTB industry, the C-C type, and the C-T type. To get the C-C type, you must get the distance of the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube. The bottom bracket is worn as the chainset, or the crankset is located. In simple words, it contains the gear-like mechanism where the pedals are attached. Locate the center of the bottom bracket and extend the tape measure to the center of the top tube.

5. Getting the C-T Measurement

The C​-T measurement​ is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube. Mountain bike frames are commonly based on this kind of size. Most of the time, smaller mountain bikes come in C-C type measurements. It is also sometimes called the length of the seat tube because this tube is where we connect the seat post. Extend the measuring tape from the top of the top tube to the center of the crank hole.


7. Measuring Your Standing Height

If you are about to buy a bike, you must consider measuring your body sizes, not only the bicycle frame size. The essential body measurements are your standing height, length of the inseam, the length of your torso, and arm length. After asking a friend to help you with the measurement, stand to measure your standing height. Kindly stand against the wall, measure the distance from your head to your feet. Stand straight and your feet distant from each other (5-8 inches).

8. Measuring Your Inseam Length

Inseam is the distance between your legs. This measurement is vital to know whether the big is too high or too low for you. It will also affect your pedaling comfort as you ride on your mountain bike. To measure it, stand straight with your feet still 5-8 inches distant from each other. Ask your friend to measure the distance from your inseam to your feet. You can also be the one to hold the tape end near your inseam if you feel awkward.

9. Measuring Your Torso Length

Torso length is a little essential for men if measuring it for the bike frame. Most men’s heights are proportional to their torso length as well as their arm length. But that is not the case with ladies. Some ladies have shorter torso but with long legs, which affect their height. But even if you are a man and you want to have a precise measurement, you can still measure your torso. Ask your friend to get the distance of your inseam up to the middle of your collar bones.

Bike frameBike frameBike frameBike frame

10. Measuring Your Arm Length

Like the torso length, arm length is essential for women. Yet, it is also applicable to the gentlemen. They should consider it to ensure comfort while riding their MTB. The first step to measure it is to raise one of your arms sidewards. Be sure that it forms an almost perfect right angle to promote accuracy on measurement. Ask your partner to measure the distance of your collar bone to your palm using the measuring tape. This measurement method will change for kids bike, you have to ensure it first.

Some Tips and Tricks

You should do the measuring using both English and Metric or SI units. You should use inches for the English system and centimeters for the ​Metric system​. But it can be a hassle to measure the frame in inches and centimeters at the same time. In that case, you may only choose one unit and convert it later. The conversion factor for inches to centimeter is 2.54. So, for every centimeter, there are 0.39370 inches. Remember to list down your measurements immediately so you won’t forget anything.

Things to consider to do it

Make sure that your measuring tape shows precise and accurate measurements. Some cheap measuring tapes may show wrong figures at times. When you get a little confused about the graduation of the measuring tape, you can round-off to the nearest half-inch or half centimeters. But if you can make it precise at all times, you must make do it. Or when you have a dilemma on choosing between two sizes of MTB, always choose the bigger one. This could sometimes happen if your body size lies between two mountain bike sizes.

Final Words

There are a lot of other ways to measure your mountain bikes. But the above stated are the often used yet the most basic. The USA has a lot of mountain bike rider beside e-skateboard because people like to play. After you found your perfect bike, you must still update it at times. There may be circumstances that will change your preferences. It is the time where you should make extra adjustments. remember, your comfort and safety are the most important things to consider. It will allow you to enjoy the adventures brought by Mountain Biking.

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