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How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road – An expert Solutions

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How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road

Many people around the world enjoy cycling. Some do it on the road while others prefer off-road trails. To get the best cycling experience off the beaten track, you should use a mountain bike. This is a bike that is designed to ride in rugged conditions. Its frame is more upright and stouter. Secondly, it gives you more clearance from the ground to let you climb over rocks, gorges, and ruts. Mountain bikes are designed to sustain stressful riding conditions and still deliver comfort to the rider. Did you know that you can make your mountain bike faster on the road? By making a few modifications, you can make it quicker. Here is how to make a mountain bike faster on the road.

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How To Make Faster A Mountain Bike On The Road

Tools to make your mountain bike faster

There are two main ways to make your mountain bike faster. They include cleaning it and maintaining its parts. If you carry a dog on your bike, then you have to clean the back end also. To do this, you need the right cleaning and mechanical tools. To clean it effectively, you need to have some dish-washing liquid, an apron, clamps, and a chain cleaner. You also need a geared brush, a soft bristle brush, degreaser fluid, and a washcloth. For modification, you will need screwdrivers, some lube, a set of Allen wrenches, Torx wrench set, and a tire pressure gauge. You will also require cable cutters, needle-nose pliers, chain pin remover, dental pick, and some chain pliers too. Applying these tools in the right ways can help you increase the speed of your mountain bike. Here is how to do it.

Get the perfect tire pressure

The tire pressure of your mountain bike has a high impact on its riding experience. If it is too low, your bike will squirm in hard corners. If the tire pressure is too high, then you will lose traction. Both of these adverse effects slow you down. By eliminating them, you effectively make your bike faster. If you are running on tubeless tires, begin by inflating the front tire to 1.8 Bar (26 psi). Proceed to inflate the rear tire to 2.0 Bar (29 psi). Use your tire pressure gauge to ensure that you have inflated them accurately. Ride with these pressure settings and notice that your bike will feel faster. If you still think that it needs adjusting, inflate, or deflate the tires by two psi until you reach the sweet spot.

perfect tire pressureperfect tire pressureperfect tire pressureperfect tire pressureperfect tire pressureperfect tire pressure

Adjust the height of your stem

The height of your front wheels is an essential factor in determining riding speed. If you want to ride faster, you can reduce the bike stem height. It’s done by removing the spacers below this part of your bike. Use your screwdrivers and Torx wrench set to perform this modification. When your front end is riding low, you put more of your weight on the front wheel. This improves your control over the power you deliver to the bike. In doing so, you effectively increase your speed. Use a measuring tape to reach an ideal stem height for you. Some experimentation will be required to accomplish this.

Eliminate the brake rub

With your mountain bike upside down and resting on a clamp, spin the wheels. They should rotate smoothly. If they do not, then you have a case of brake rub. This is where the brake calipers rub against the wheel disks even when you have not engaged them. This causes you to burn energy and reduces your speed unnecessarily. If you encounter this problem, use your screwdrivers to adjust the tension of your brake calipers. Align them appropriately such that their pads are not dragging on the disks. Proper alignment should dramatically increase the speed of your mountain bike.

Clean your bike

Did you know that regular, thorough cleaning can increase the speed of your bike? Firstly, you enjoy riding a clean bike more than a dirty one. Secondly, if dirt or grime gets into your drivetrain, it can reduce your speed significantly. Therefore, make sure that you clean your bike as often as possible. Use the tools indicated above to accomplish this. Moreover, make sure that you wipe the chain and gear system until they are dry before oiling them.

Bike cleaningBike cleaningBike cleaningBike cleaningBike cleaningBike cleaning

Lube up your chain

The chain is a crucial part of your bike. It is instrumental in determining how fast your mountain bike can go. To get the best out of it, you should lube up your chain. A well-lubed chain improves the efficiency of your drivetrain by reducing mechanical inefficiency. Therefore, pick up some top quality lube and slowly apply it to your chain’s inner surface while rotating its cranks. Ensure that you do not use too much. Also, wipe off any excess lube when you are done. Doing this will help you ride faster.

Adjust the height of your saddle

Riding with your bike seat too high or too low can cause you to ride slower than you should. It reduces the efficiency of your pedal strokes and prevents you from delivering full power to the pedals. How can you identify the perfect saddle height for you? Simply begin by measuring your inseam. This is the inner length of your legs from your crotch to your ankles. After getting this measurement, subtract 10 centimeters from it. This should result in your bike seat height. While doing so, ensure that you accommodate your pedal system. For example, if you have fitted some Speedplay pedals that have a little stack on your mountain bike, you can reduce your saddle height just a bit further. This delivers a riding height that maximizes your road speed.

Adjust the height of your saddleAdjust the height of your saddleAdjust the height of your saddleAdjust the height of your saddleAdjust the height of your saddleAdjust the height of your saddle

Modify the tension of your pedals

Bike Pedals are a significant part of your bike. You can have some toe clips on your pedals or none at all. Clipless pedals are most-ideal for mountain bikes. To get the best out of them, you should ensure that they have perfect tension levels. The spring tension determines how smoothly they rotate as you pedal. By using a screwdriver set, adjust the tension of your pedals until they are running smoothly. Remember to retain some float on them to prevent injuries. Having some smooth running pedals increases the speed of your mountain bike.


Mountain biking is fun and can be performed as a hobby, fitness activity, or sport. In all these cases, it is best to have a fast bike. Applying the tips above can help you to make your mountain bike go faster. They are guaranteed methods to improve your speed on the road.

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