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10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike – Guidelines by experts

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10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

Here we provide some advice to helps you to maintain or take care of your mountain bike (MTB). We share with you some advance suggestions to keep your bike’s right conditions. You should follow these 10 steps after riding your bike. The infographic helps you to understand the best.

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike with (Infographic)

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

1. Remove accessories on the top of the handlebar

In handlebars have bells, GPS, lights, racks, etc. You should remove all components first. If your cycle running with V brakes, please free the wires from the brakes. Now you can clean this cable & brakes. After cleaning you should put it back.

how to remove mountain bike handlebarhow to remove mountain bike handlebar

2. Turn the bike upside-down

Protecting your bikes grips or saddle put it on a used sheet at the ground. Now you hold a frame firmly with your hand. One handhold your bike tube at front & another hand holds your bike structure below of saddle(seat). Next, drive up the bike and turn it over.

3. Remove the wheels

Remove the lever of the front wheel axle & lift the wheel out. Remove your bike rear wheel. While you raise the wheel, shift the rear cassette housing out of the derailleur components

Remove the wheels of mountain bikeRemove the wheels of mountain bike

4. Clean the drive system

Applying the brush with some foamy water, start washing from the rear derailleur, running the brush & rub into all the removing elements.

Turn the levers to drive the chain around and, hold a wet foamy cloth around the chain on the rear derailleur, give it a great wash-down.

Apply the brush with lots of water to wash the chainring. After wash, the chainring, hold it with dry clothes.

  • Now you wash the pedals & wash the arms (cranks).
  • Finally, you should clean the component. Also, the moving parts wash them thoroughly.

cleaning bike chaincleaning bike chain

5. Wash the underside

Wash the front forks with foamy water. Now wipe them with dry & clean clothes. With the same style, wash the middle and back of the frame.

  • Clean the handlebars with foaming water. Wash the tube please be attentive to clean the brake & gear, cables properly.
  • Last you should clean your bike underside of the bike saddle.

6. Wash and remount the wheels

With wet clothes cleaning the rims of front wheels. Now wash down the spokes & axle of the bike. You should use a degreaser to wash your disc brakes. If you have a disk brake.

  • Hold the rear wheel and wash the rims, spokes, axle, and disc.
  • Wash the gear system at the rear wheel correctly. Use the brush & remove all f stone between the teeth of the cassette with soapy water.
  • Remount the wheel back into the frame. Now you should be shifting the gear cassette back into the derailleur adjusting.

remount bike wheelsremount bike wheels

7. Check the wheels

Spin per wheel, make sure it spins smoothly, and you can see that it’s straight. As the wheel spin, press your fingers on the rims, to observing dents.

  • If you have disc brakes, you should check both sides of the wheels. Make sure it looks smooth.
  • If your bike has a V brake, spin the wheel, to make sure the brakes don’t touch the rims.
  • Spin the wheel properly & check the spoke. Every spoke should be tight. If you fill any wheel spoke is loose, you should tighten.

mountain bike wheelsmountain bike wheels

8. Check the drive system

Checking both pedals, spin them. Be careful to notice them, they rotate freely & there is no noise coming from the bearings.

  • Check the front gear system.
  • Spin the bike pedal & press the chain up & down. If the chain block. You fail to adjust the mechanism. Readjusts the chain.

Bike chain tightenBike chain tighten

9. Check the brakes

Testing your brakes standing in front of your bike. Hold the handlebars. Apply the front brake. The front-wheel shouldn’t move. If it does, your brake needs to adjust correctly.

  • Do the same thing with the rear brake. When the brake is applied, If your rear wheel skid, no need to adjust it the second time.

mountain bike brakesmountain bike brakes

10. Lubricate the drive system

Apply some lube (oil) over both wheels, gear system. Spin the chain & pedals. Spray the teeth of the cassette inside of the chainring beside the cranks. Lube outside of the chainrings in the same way.

bike Lubricatebike Lubricate

Final Words

Mountain bike is a luxurious bike for a rider. The everyday rider rides their bike much harder. Bikes some parts can be loose or damage for tough riding. So rider should service their bike. But servicing is much more expensive. So, they should maintain their MTB correctly. So they need some suggestions for keeping a mountain bike fit. So we discussed 10 steps on how to maintain a mountain bike. If you follow these 10 steps properly after every riding. You can keep your bikes at tip-top condition. 

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