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 How to fix a broken bike chain?

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When you have chain broken repair tools, that means it is easy for you to repair the broken chain. With a rain broken solver tool, you can easily and without spending much time solve your issues. But when you have not a means to repair the chain, then it is a common question for you, how to fix a broken bike chain without any tools.

However, if you don’t afford a new chain for your bike or any issues, I think this broken chain fixing method helps you a lot to repair your chain without any cost. So, let’s complete the process step by step.

How Do Chain Break?

Most of the time, the chain breaks when you try to full force your bike chain and at the same time use a shifter front derailleur. The second reason is that you are pedaling continue for a long-time. These two reasons are main, but some other reasons also occur to break down your bike chain.

Fixing the Chain without a Spare Link (Step by Step Process)

It is complementary for you to peddle and shift at the right time. You should avoid the chain broken issue as much as possible. But when you already have this issue, you can check out the below steps to repair your bike’s broken chain. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Use a Chain Breaker Tool

This tool actually helps you to modify your bike broken chain easily. You may know that the chain-link has two pins that attach the links perfectly. Find out the broken link of pins, and you need to take the next steps.

Now, you should keep in attach the pin with the chain slowly. Moreover, it would be best if you turned over your tool slowly and should not push it fast.

Step 2: Pull Out the Broken Link

First of all, you would remove the broken link while keeping the pin in the bike chain. If you think that the PIN is completely broken and not much strong, it is better for you to purchase the new PIN or chain for your bike.

Step 3: Fit the Holes with 2 End Up

You may know that each of the links has 4 holes. Whatever when you end up, the link with the pin should be outside of tools so that it is easy for you to push forcefully without removing the toll again and again.

Now you can see that the two links and 4 holes are perfectly attached. To line up the holes, you should put the inner plates in your bike chain’s outer plate. It is not complicated; you will do that with the tools.

Step 4: Use your Bike Breaker Chain for Pushing the Link

Before you start the work on this section, you would check out the upper section, which you do perfectly. Now, you need to use a screw tool to push the pin with a link so that it is attached perfectly. After that, screw the tool to tighten the screw.

Don’t rush; it is very sensitive. Keep the link with your hand for line up. If you rush, it may not line up perfectly and break again when you are paddling and shifting. So, this section works slowly and carefully.

Step 5: Loose the Connect Which Your Previous Binding

Lose the link on each of the sides you previously binding, move the link side to side, and re-connect the link. You can also use a chain tool to move perfectly. After using the tool, you need to push the pin from both sides to come to the central section.

Step 6: Lubricate Your Bike Chain with Bike Grease

You should use a bike chain product. So many people use WD-40, which is horrible for your bike chain. Moreover, try to flip the bike over with your hand and pedal it with your other hand. Now it is time to drop the lubricates onto the chain.

You can use the lubricates just for broken links or pin or whole chain. Each of the chains needs 10 to 15 drops of lubricating. Then lightly pad down the chain with any kind of oil. I hope that it is enough for ready to use your broken chain for your bike.

Some Tips to Avoid the Chain Broken Issue

It is a matter of sorrow that to repair the broken chain again and again. No one likes to repair the broken chain, aren’t you? If your answer is no, I think you need to follow some tips and tricks to avoid the chain broken issue. So, let’s follow the below steps to solve the broken chain issues.

  • Keep your bike chain straight to the front and back gear site. It is mandatory to keep the chain straight on both sides.
  • Don’t use the shift so fast when you are using your bike so fast. Shifting and gearing at the same time with full speed may be horrible for your bike chain.
  • Use oil regularly (any kind of fat) so that your chain always lines up, and you can use the chain in the critical time.
  • Note, the upper method is only temporary, so you need to purchase a new chain as soon as possible.
  • If possible, try to wash the chain and use grease at least 1 time a week or month.

Final Verdict

It is a common issue to break down the bike chain. If you are an extreme bike lover, you may face this problem several times. How to fix a broken bike chain is now every biker’s question. It is better for you to buy a new chain. If you think it is impossible to buy a new chain, you will apply the upper steps. But it is better for you to buy the new one. I hope that the article solves your issues. If you still have confusion, you will let me know the below comment box.

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