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How To Fix A Bike Pedal – You Can Solve Your Pedal Problem Easily

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How To Fix A Bike Pedal

Cycling is an excellent exercise for health. Cycling is better than regularly going to the gym. But bicycle needs repairing or Needs to change its body parts sometimes. Pedals are essential parts of a bike. It is not only for powering the driving train. But it helps to balance your body. It also provides surface control. It allows the rider to steer his bike more appropriately. It helps the rider to shift his body weight on to the pedals in different positions while riding. 

We never care that much about bicycle pedalsSometimes it receives a lot of abuse because of grime and general wear, pedals creak, or sometimes bind. Then the pedals do not spin around the spindle properly, and it may get stuck. Maybe this problem can be solved by removing the pedals and installing new ones. But it may not be the best idea because it can be resolved or fix with a little bit of effort. You don’t need to waste your money to buy a new pair of pedals. By giving fresh grease to the spindles and bearings, then tightly reinstalling them can fix the problem more efficiently. Here are some instructions below on how to fix a bike pedal.

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Fixing a bike pedal with some step

Friend, now we will talk about how you can fix your bike pedal problem. Before we start, please give attention to the topic. If you have an abstract mind, you will fail to attach the pedals.

Things need to fix the pedal

  • Grease for bearing.
  • screwdriver.
  • Tweezers.
  • A set of wrenches.

Remove the parts and Clean

A bicycle rider may face a lot of problems with bicycle pedals. So for fixing this problem, a rider may need to remove his pedals. First, you need to clean up all the parts. It is always helpful for attaching a pedal, and it can help you to avoid any unexpected problem. Then remove the necessary parts one by one with the help of appropriate tools.

Now follow the instructions that given below. That will help you to fix your bike pedal.

Fix A Bike Pedal

Remove pedal

For fixing a bicycle pedal at first, remove the pedals from the crank which you need to fix. Rotating the pedals towards and forwards remove the pedal. In this case, a wrench can be of good use. You have to push the wrench down to free the pedal from the crank you need to hold the other crank carefully while pushing the wrench down. Do the same for both pedals.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the left side and right side pedal threads are different from each other. The right side pedal has the right-hand thread, and the left side pedal has the left-hand thread. You may see in some bicycle there is an “L” stamped on the left side pedal and “R” stamped on the right side pedal. The direction to slope up the threads are, for right side thread slope to the right and left side thread slope to the left.

Clean the old grease and dirt

Then clean up the old grease and grime or any dirt from the pedals. You have to pay extra care to the spindle threads. Any doubt can create contact with the crank arm threads. So before screwed the pedals back to their places, make sure there is no grit at all. For removing the grease from the crank, a mild solvent like rubbing alcohol can be used.

For cleaning up the spindle, use the fresh grease. Then it will serve for a long time.

Fixing the bearings

Fixing the bearings

Use a screwdriver to pry the dust cap. After that, put out the washer and locknut from the spindle. You will need a proper size wrench to unscrew the locknut. You need to hold the opposite side spindle properly while unscrewing the locknut. It will stop the rotation of the spindle while unscrewing the locknut.

Before removing the bearing first, the cone needs to be thread off. Then use a proper tweezer to remove the bearings from the spindle.

After that, remove the pedal and pull out the spindle. After removing the second set of bearing, use fresh grease in the bearing race. Then reset the bearing like it was before.

Reinstall all parts

Now it’s time to reset all the parts one by one in their previous position. First, thread the spindle into the pedal. Use the screwdriver to fit the cone back upon the bearings. Reinstall the washer and use the wrench to tighten up the locknut. Then spin the pedal. See if it is freely spinning or it is binding. If it is binding again, then loosen up the locknut a little bit, then check back and tighten up the locknut again. After checking everything, reset the dust cap in the place accurately.

Before tightening up the pedal, remember, the left side pedal is reverse threaded. Hold the crank arm and use the wrench to tighten up the pedals.

Reinstall all parts

Check the pedals

Bicycle pedals are vulnerable, and it is susceptible to crash damage. You can get injured by riding hard a bike, which has a pedal with a bent axle. It can hurt your knees. So after reinstalling the pedals to the place, check it again and again. It will help you to avoid any problems or injuries.

Professional’s help

Sometimes you may face many problems with your bicycle pedals that you are not aware of. To get rid of an unknown problem, go to a professional. Then discuss the problem that you are facing with your pedals with him. A professional can find out your problem and can fix that problem.

Final words

We tried to give proper instructions to fix a bike pedal. We found these problems and solutions from our experience. We hope it will help you to adjust your pedal. Just follow the instructions properly. If you face any more issues or you need further help, please mail us or comment on us on our website. We are always at your service. And last but not least, enjoy your ride!

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