How To Choose A Bike Saddle

How To Choose A Bike Saddle – You Can Overcome Your Saddle Problem

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Choosing the right bicycle saddle is not that easy as you think. You have to find out the best shape, material, and padding to have a comfortable ride. Sometimes it gets complicated when you try to choose the saddle that suits the best to your needs. You might get in a lot of trouble if you do not choose the best saddle for your bicycle.

It seems like I am over thinking over it. But I am sure I am not overthinking about it. If you do not choose the right saddle for your bicycle it might cause you many injuries or infections at the bottom of your body. It will also make you feel discomfort when cycling. That's why we are here to help people to choose the best saddle for their bicycle. Down below we are giving the best instructions possible to choose the right saddle for you and make your ride more comfortable.

Choose A Bike Saddle

Materials and Rails To Choose A Bike Saddle

Choosing the right saddle is important for a comfortable ride. Before buying a saddle, check its material which it is made of. Try to buy a saddle with lightweight materials like molded carbon fibers. It will help you with your weight. It is also helpful if you want better speed measurement. For lighter materials, you do not spend too much. Titanium rails are good for the comfortable ride, but it might not that good for speed. Titanium rails will help you with the vibrations. It absorbs a lot of vibrations which pass through the seat post and helps to pass through the bike's frame

Different kind’s materials provide different kinds of comfort to your ride. Like leather, saddles are more comfortable for a longer ride. A full leather saddle needs more maintenance than any other saddles. It needs more protection and needs waterproofing because in wet weather it will get damaged. So you have to be extra careful about that. Synthetic leather saddles are also available which offer addition like Kevlar edges. It helps to prevent aging. Moreover, choose the saddle materials which is fitted to your riding techniques. You should also keep in mind about the comforts, speed, frequency and the duration of riding while purchasing a saddle for your bicycle.


To have a comfortable ride you need a saddle that is well suited to your riding style and is fitted to your body shape. There is a different type of saddle available. But you need to choose which saddle fit you the most. People who move around in their saddle more and need a wide range of hand position, they need a narrower saddle. But people who like to stay in one position more while riding and need more support to their weight with more riding positions, they need a wider saddle

A saddle should support your sit bone more than your whole bottom. It is important that your saddle should support these areas more. Because it is fundamental that your saddle makes contact with your sit bones. If you do not care enough about the alignment of your sit bones it will cause injuries. It will contribute to stiffness and aches while you are riding the bicycle or after the riding. That may cause you to go to physical therapy or chiropractic. 

bike saddle shape

For a healthy ride and to avoid this type of injuries and infections, choose the saddle that suits you the best in every way. Different types and shapes saddle are available. You should choose the saddle that fit your ycl properly. Saddle manufacturers make different types and shape saddle. You just have to choose that what suit you the most and your shape and riding position that you are comfortable with.


Padding quality of a saddle depends on cycling prerequisites of a person. Padding foam and gel amount and density make the differences between good and bad quality. For more comfort, recreational cyclists or commuters use softer padding in their saddle. But the racier saddles have less padding to reduce weight. It also helps to get more speed ability. 

A few extra padding or gel can cause chafing instead of providing support to the people who ride regularly. So you use the perfect amount of padding and gel which fits you the most. Besides that, or does not last that long. It loses its effectiveness and gets compressed because of using the padding too much. You should change your padding when it could not support properly. Because it is important for the better alignment of your sit bones and it will provide you maximum comfort.

Choosing A Bike Saddle

Width Watch

There are different widths of saddles for different sizes of people. Choosing the right width saddle can make you feel more comfortable while riding.

Padding pointers

You need to choose the padding with the right pointer. There is a test called thumb test. When you press your thumb into the padding, if you feel soft then it is good for the upright riding position. It usually works like that. But if you are choosing the saddle for a long ride then it might not works as you expected.

Saddle Height and Bike Fit

After purchasing the saddle you should check that it is well balanced and positioned at the right height. It would be at the right distance from your handlebars and pedalsIt would be very disappointing if the saddle that you have purchased after spending a lot of time to choose it does not fit your ride properly. Sometimes you might buy the best saddle but it didn't fit your riding style and position and it is not beneficiary while you are riding. Then it would feel like a total waste of time and money. So be aware of choosing the right saddle with the right height and fit.

Go to Your Bike Shop for a Professional Bike Fit

Sometimes the saddle may be positioned a little forward, backward, too high, too low, not well leveled. Or maybe your hand reaching out too far for the handlebars. But fortunately, you can fix this problem professionally from the place you have purchased the saddle. A professional can fix your problem with your saddle position by knowing your physical limitations, riding style or flexibility levels. That's how you can overcome your saddle problem.

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