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6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike- A Pro Riders Guide

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6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

If you love mountain biking, I hope you are excited to experience this exciting hobby. At first, you need a cycle. Choosing a bike as a beginner rider is a challenging task. There are several types of mountain bikes on the market at present. If you haven’t any experience in choosing a mountain bike, in this article, we will focus on 6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike.

6 Steps On Choosing Your First Mountain Bike (Infographic)

6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

Step-1: ​​​​​Choosing a bike style for a new mountain bike

You should first decide which style of MTB is comfortable for you. What types you need for playing. There are lots of options to choose a mountain bike. Let’s dive into mountain bike world:- 

1. All-Mountain Bikes

If you are finding in mountain riding as opposed to regular tracks riding, an all-mountain frame may be for you. This bike mostly similar to cross country bikes. But with also more emphasis on the climbing ability. The beginner can use this bike for hitting on the trail.


2. Downhill Mountain bikes

Downhill bike is available on the market, but this bike is less common. This bike only useful for climbing atop a large hill. An expert rider who wants to play on the mountain & climbing like a climber. They need this bike. In the rain forest, jungle, the top height mountain is perfect for this bike. It is compatible with the wet road.

3. Trail bikes

Trail bikes are trendy for delight riding. This bike suspension is much more hardy than the two choices of above. They keep a balance between weight, efficiency, and joy. If you are on a budget to buy a bike, you can go with trail bikes.

mountain bike artmountain bike art

4. Fat Mountain bikes

Fat bikes have any frame size, but they are placed apart by their thick, wide tires. This tire is comfortable for beginner riders. Since a fat tire can manage more crack and is less likely to cause a fall, you can ride on snow or sand, and it’s more comfortable to ride with a fat bike.

5. Cross-Country Bike

If you want speed & want to be fast, cross-country bikes for you, this bike is lightweight than other trail bikes. This lightweight is best for climbing the hill. If you’re going to ride at long trails, this bike is an excellent choice for you. 

Steps-2: Pick a suspension for your new mountain bike

Now you meet various types of mountain bikes. Now let’s have a look at the suspension. Mountain bike comes with a suspension for reducing the bump on the road. It comes with rear suspension & full suspension. What suspension you choose depends on your budget & your riding style. In my opinion, beginner or experts can use a full-suspension mountain bike. To keep the perfect air balance of suspension, use a suspension shock pump. You can carry it out; it’s very lightweight. It looks like a pen.

Steps- 3: What types of materials used?

Generally, mountain bikes made with various types of materials. The steel frame is called a diamond frame. This frame is the most common element to build a mountain bike. Besides, the steel frame also has an aluminum frame, titanium frame, carbon frame. This frame quality depends on your budget, which is perfect for you. Here you find a article about how to measure a mountain bike frame

Steps- 4: What is the perfect frame size of mountain bike

Mountain bike has different sizes. People come in different shapes and sizes. So we suggest using the information below as a starting point and a guide. 

  • XS(Extra small): Bike size 13- 14-inch- Normally for riders between 5 feet and 5 feet 4 inch.
  • S (Small): Bike size 14-16 inch: generally for riders between 5 feet 4 inch and 5 feet 7 inch.
  • M (Medium): Bike size 16-18 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 7 inch and 5 feet 10 inch.
  • L (Large): Bike size 18-20 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 10 inch and 6 feet 1 inch.
  • XL (Extra Large): Bike size 20-22 inch: Normally for riders over 6 feet 1 inch.

Mountain Bike Size guideMountain Bike Size guide

Mountain Bike Size Guide

Steps-5: Mountain bike brake types

Mountain bike has three types of brakes. Coaster brakes, Rim brakes, Disc Brakes. We recommend to you for buying the disk brake version. The disk brake is the most potent & effective braking system. If you want to purchase particular brakes, you can find it easily. All MTB brakes are replaceable.

Steps-6: Mountain bike gear

Gear is an area that has seen active development over the years. The basics may be very similar. But with companies pushing their new technologies and releasing 10-speed parts in a host of shapes. Mountain bikes come with two or three chainrings to give a variation to smooth gears for climbing

Final words

People waste their money on bikes, but they don’t get a perfect bike for them. Here we discussed 6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike. Here you can find some topics for choosing an MTB. This guideline is much more useful for you, I wish.

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