10 Best Mountain Bike Handlebars Reviews 2021 – Top Picks By Experts

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Best Mountain Bike Handlebars Reviews

To make your rides on the mountain thrilling and exciting, there is no more alternative of a comfortable, stiff and strong mountain bike. And one of the basic components that define its strength is the handlebar. 

Just because of choosing a wrong handlebar, the chance of accident raises to a significant rate. But as there are tons of options and brands to chose from, it’s pretty easy for anyone to make a wrong purchase decision. 

To give you a hand, we’ve come up with a list of best mountain bike handlebars. Let’s go through and pick up the right one for you-

Comparison Table Of Mountain Bike Handlebars




Our Rating


RXL SL Carbon Fiber Handlebars

Quality carbon fiber


5 out of 5

XLC Riser-Bar 50mm height

Aluminum alloy


4.5 out of 5

Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon

Ultralight unidirectional carbon fiber


5 out of 5

FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Riser Handlebar

7050 Aluminium alloy

780 Millimeter

4.0 out of 5

RaceFace Chester 31.8 1 inch Riser

7050-T76 aluminum,

6061 alloy

740 Millimeters

4 out of 5

RaceFace SIXC DH Handlebar

Carbon fiber

785 Millimeters

5 out of 5

UPANBIKE MTB Long Handlebar

Aluminum alloy 6061

700 Millimeters

4.5 out of 5

​Race Face Turbine Mountain Bike Handlebar​

Seamless Air Alloy Aluminum

725 Millimeters

4.5 out of 5

RaceFace Next Handlebar

Unidirectional carbon fiber

720,725 Millimeters

5 out of 5

Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35 Handlebar

Unidirectional carbon fiber

800 Millimeters

5 out of 5

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Handlebars Reviews

1. RXL SL Carbon Fiber Handlebars

Product Overview

Welcome to the #1 ranked best mounting bike handlebars. The winner of our list is- RXL SL Carbon Fiber Handlebars, and we will tell you every reason behind it.

First of all, there are people who like bent handlebars, and there are people who like it to be straight. As one particular model can’t be both at the same time, there are likeness and unlikeliness in case of each of them. 

For the first time, we’ve been able to pick up a model that comes in both versions. You can have the same design and materialistic strength either in a bent version, or a straight version

The product we’re talking about is made of high-quality carbon fiber, which is recognized as the best kind of metal ever used on mountain bike handlebars

Even more surprising fact is, the price point of this product had not risen up because of the material. Which was unexpected and surprising at the same time!

Moving forward, it’s a 640mm long bar, which indicates that it’s for medium-sized and short-sized bikes only. If you want, there are other versions which are 660mm, 680mm, 700mm, 720mm and 740mm in length. The clamp diameter is 31.88, which is normal.

The appearance and color-scheme of this handlebar are pretty impressive. And mounting this beautiful bar is also super easy. All you have to do is selecting the right size and shape for your bike, and you’ll be on the top of the earth.

Things We Like

  • Made of super strong, and high-quality carbon fiber.
  • A cool and vibrant appearance.
  • Comfortable for all kind of users.
  • Available in both bent and straight design.
  • A wide range of lengths to chose from.
  • An amazing price-quality ratio.
  • A range of colors to chose from.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The bending angle should have been shallower, in some cases.

2. XLC Riser-Bar 50mm height

Product Overview

If you want to bring a change in the riding posture of you as a rider, XLC Riser-Br 50mm height can be your next lucky choice.

This is a superb quality handlebar which fits both mountain bikes and road bikes. The best part about this handlebar is, it gives you such a lift to ride much more comfortable on your bike.

The material used to built this handlebar is an aluminum alloy of export grade quality. No matter how rough you ride on your bike, the structure will remain all the same.

It’s bent at a certain angle to provide the right body posture while you are riding on your mountain bike. As a result, it will be quite an exercise to ride on this bike.

On top of that, the budget for this product is quite cheap. For riders who don’t want to break the bank for a handlebar, and still want to get the most out of their bike, XLC Riser-Bar 50mm height can be the go-to choice

Things We Like

  • Super sturdy, aluminum alloy construction.
  • 630mm in length.
  • Shiny and stylish black mat color.
  • Bent at a perfect angle to maintain body posture.
  • Gives a lift while riding on the bike.
  • Strong built quality along with durability.
  • A good pick for the money.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not adjustable sides as many other handlebars.

3. Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon

Product Overview

The product of the moment gives us quite a unique design throughout the entire length of the handlebar. And it is bent at a certain degree for comfort riding. The name of the model is Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon and it comes with quite a lot of surprising features.

First of all, the rise of this product is 10mm. And the width is 780mm. The bar clamp diameter is 31.8 mm. If you are familiar with calculating the size and structure ratio of handlebars, you will certainly understand that such kind of dimensions is just perfect for any rider any mountain bikes

However, if you are looking for a higher rise, there are also 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm right available for purchase. Also, you have a number of options to set as long as the width of this handlebar is concerned. The minimum width is 640 mm. But you can also set it to 650 mm, 660 mm, 670 mm, 680 mm, 690 mm, 700 mm, 710 mm, 720 mm and finally 730 mm.

Overall, we can say that it is one of those very few handlebars that gives you a handful of options to adjust the length and rise of it.

Moving forward from the adjustability to the design. As you can see in the picture, the gold and black combination is really beautiful and cool looking if you think about mounting it on your bike.

The material used to manufacture this product is pretty much strong and study. You can say, it a promise of durability for at least a few years.

Because of the structure, material, and design, the price point had gone to higher compared to mid-range and low range budget. So you have to spend some extra bucks if you really like the design and structure of this handlebar.

Things We Like

  • 10 mm to 40 mm size options.
  • Cool looking handle along with black and gold color blend.
  • 780 mm of width, perfect for any users or any bike.
  • A good product to maintain body posture.
  • Compatible for both riders and racers.
  • Good balance of weight, strength, and stiffness.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No protective layers or coats.

4. FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Riser Handlebar

Product Overview

FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminium Alloy Handlebar is designed for mountain bikes in particular. The length of this Aluminium handlebar is 780 mm. There are two kinds of rises that you can find in it- 20mm rise, and 35mm rise. 

What matters the most when it comes to mountain bike riser handlebar is the materialistic strength. As the core material to build up this handlebar, 7050 graded aluminum alloy has been used. And it gives us a promise of long-term durability.

Moving forward, this is a bent type bike handlebar, and it had been bent with a numerically controlled method. From any viewpoint, the bending will look 100% precise. The angle it is bent at is- 5 degrees top, and 9 degrees back.

As a part of the mountain bike, the handlebar is going to be exposed to extreme weather conditions. The list includes water splashes, rain, muds and so on. To provide a layer of protection against all of this odds, these are perfectly anodized. Having a layer of anodized material on top of 7050 aluminum, we can assure you that it is going to last for at least a few years.

For discussing in this review, we have picked up the 20 mm rise version. In case you need a higher rise, there is another 35 mm model as well. Apart from the rise, there is a difference between the angle of both models. The 35 mm question comes with an angle of 5 degrees top and 7 degrees back.

Lastly, we’re concerned about the weight as well. But the weight came to be as low as 287g(20mm) and 309g(35mm). 

Things We Like

  • Made of 7050 Aluminium alloy.
  • Hard anodized layer on top of the allow.
  • The weight is as light as 287g.
  • The bending angle is 5 degrees top and 9 degrees back.
  • Double butted for enhanced usability.
  • 20mm rise and 35mm versions are available.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No wide variation in rise level or width.

5. RaceFace Chester 31.8 1 inch Riser

Product Overview

If you want to ride wild on your mountain bike, you have to make sure that your bike is equipped with topnotch gears. One of the most important part to look up for is the handlebars. At this point of the list, let’s call up RaceFace Chester 31.8 1 inch Riser on the podium.

This festival is made of 6061 alloy, which is a tough quality metal used to build any kind of handlebar risers. Making sure that the material quality is good, the manufacturer focused on the perfect width, rise, and sweep

The design has been made to ensure a perfect and optimal strength to weight ratio. The construction is wide enough to fit for any kind of bike and the bike riders as well. Wide construction and redesigned tapper with you to have firm control and stiffness on your bike.

For high impact strength and fatigue resistance, the alloy is cold drawn when building. The length of the handlebar Riser is 740 millimeters. Talking about the angle, it is 9 degree on the rear side and 6 degrees on the upper side.

One tiny drawback of this product is its weight. Where we have seen usual models to lie within 300 grams, this one comes with a weight of 400 grams. This will lead to a lack of stiffness when you are riding on the mountains.

Things We Like

  • Made of tough built 6061 alloys(cold drawn).
  • 740mm of length.
  • 9-degree upward angle and 6-degree rearward angle.
  • Made to provide high impact resistance.
  • Good amount of fatigue resistance as well.
  • Butted for achieving optimal strength to the bike.
  • Wide and stiff construction.

Things We Don’t Like

  • 400g of weight is a little above the bar.

6. RaceFace SIXC DH Handlebar

Product Overview

RaceFace SIXC DH Handlebar is the next pick of our list of 10. 

So called him this review, we have tried to maintain a good strength along with a decent price-quality ratio. But if you want to go an extra Mile with the strength of your handlebar, you have to raise the budget a little bit and try something made of carbon fiber.

Yes, RaceFace SIXC DH Handlebar has used Carbon fiber as the basic construction material. And obviously, he has its perks.

Along with tough construction, it is a piece of unicorn as long as you consider the weight and strength ratio. Due to the carbon engineering, it can undergo any kind of free riding on mountains or any rough terrains.

The length of this handlebar is 785 mm, and the bar diameter is 31.8 mm. The angle is 90 degree at the rear side, at 4-degree act upside. And the best part is its weight. Providing all of the qualities and strength you want from the handlebar, it weighs only 220 grams. You can see how much lightweight it is comparing to other models in this list.

When it comes to designing your mountain bike, everyone can have different color and style choices. On that consequence, this handlebar comes in five different colors. Based on the color scheme of the rest of your bike parts, you can choose the best fit with ease.

For such a top quality mountain bike handlebar, there are obvious reasons to spend a few more bucks. What do you think in this regard?

Things We Like

  • Made of heavy duty Carbon fiber.
  • 785 mm length with ample width.
  • 90 degree at the rear side, at 4 degrees at the upside.
  • Comes with 5 different cool color options.
  • Reinforced climatic zones.
  • Ready to undergo any harsh and destructive situations.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The best quality ratio is rain over the Top.

7. UPANBIKE MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Extra Long Handlebar

Product Overview

Up next, we have UPANBIKE MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Extra Long Handlebar to discuss. Let’s look up at its features and benefits-

Like any other good quality mountain bike handlebar, this one is also made of aluminum alloy 6061. The length of the handlebar is 700 mm, and the length seems to be perfect for shorter people.

The clamp diameter is 31.8 millimeter and the bar and diameter 22.2 mm. The benefit of having a narrow bar end is in its controllability. The strength of the joint between the clamp area and your bike will be stronger in this way.

The Riser is of 30 millimeters, and the sweep back angle is 90 degree. As long as regular mountain bikes are concerned, both of these dimensions are perfect.

To let you choose the color of the handlebar according to the color of your bike, there are five different options to consider. You can find the best fit from any of these five.

Lastly, let’s talk about the price-quality ratio. In terms of price, it is extremely budget friendly. If you are looking for an aluminum alloy handlebar within a low budget, our recommendation will go with UPANBIKE MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Extra Long Handlebar.

Things We Like

  • Made of aluminum alloy 6061.
  • The handlebar light is 700 mm.
  • More space to install different bike accessories.
  • 31.8 mm clamp diameter.
  • 22.2mm bar end diameter.
  • 30mm rise along with 9 degrees sweet back angle.
  • Five different color choices to pick from.
  • A good & decent price.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The thickness of the metal body could have been better.

8. Race Face Turbine Mountain Bike Handlebar

Product Overview

After a number of bent mountain bike handlebar, we have come up with a hand work which is completely straight. The model is called Race Face Turbine Mountain Bike Handlebar.

What is the benefit of a straight handlebar instead of a bent one? well, it completely depends on personal preference. But a straight handlebar lets, you stretch your body more than what a bent handlebar would do. This is good for maintaining a good body posture when you are riding on your bike.

The material of this handlebar is alloy aluminum, And it is completely cold drawn. The benefit of Having a coldly drawn handlebar structure is, it is very likely to stay stiff and rigid even after years of use.

To increase the fatigue life, the handlebar is shot peened by the manufacturer before releasing. On top of that, it comes with extra strength to weight ratio as it is butted.

The handlebar is 31.8mm in diameter, and the rise angle is 0 degree. The logo that is printed on the bar is heat-treated. So, that adds on another layer of excellence in the outlook. 

There is another particular feature that you would find awesome, and it is the weight of the handlebar. The total weight of the handlebar is 170g, which is insanely low comparing to many of its competitor products

So, the overall building quality, the weight, and the design- everything points towards its effectiveness as the best MTB handlebar. Hopefully, you’ve liked the features as well.

Things We Like

  • Made of cold-drawn Air Allow Aluminium.
  • Enhanced fatigue life.
  • Butted to create a good strength.
  • Good for body posture.
  • Extremely light in weight.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not a good fit for people who like bent handlebars.

9. RaceFace Next Handlebar

Product Overview

On the podium, we have RaceFace Next Handlebar to talk about right now. The reason we have selected this product in this list are- its unique design and amazing build quality. For mountain bike riders who are a professional or semi-professional racer, may find it as a perfect fit.

The width of this handlebar is 720 mm, but there are a number of other options to choose from as well. The Rise is ¼ inches, which is pretty fine. the clamp dimension is 31.8 mm and that quiet matches with the other dimensions of the product.

Now, we are pretty much happy to announce that this product is the lightest mountain bike handlebar that you can find in our entire list. The weight of this product is only 135g, which is more than awesome.

As we said at the very beginning, the product is made for mountain bike riders who are obsessed with racing. As the weight of this product is too light, it will add almost no wait for the bike body. So you can run as fast as the storm does.

To make sure that, you don’t end up with the wrong mounting technique, there is a reinforced anti-crush zone printed with the clamp area. Also, you will be provided with a list of installation advice.

The finishing of this handlebar is quite smooth. Even, the logos and the text printed on it don’t add any texture that might bother you when you are riding.

The build quality is quite satisfactory, and we have seen users claim that they are using this handlebar for years now. We hope that you can also be one of those happy customers if you make up your mind to go for this mountain bike handlebar.

That was all we have to say about this product. Let us know about your thought.

Things We Like

  • Handlebar made for mountain bike racing particularly.
  • 720 mm of width, with several other options to choose from.
  • Extremely lightweight, only 135g.
  • It has reinforced the anti-crush cross zone at the clamp area.
  • Smooth and beautiful finishing.
  • Compact in size, but perfect for any kind of mountain bike.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No angular bent throughout the entire handlebar.

10. Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35 Handlebar

Product Overview

We have eventually reached at the very last product of our list of 10. We did not want to keep the list within 10 product only, but we have to. However, the product we have in mind for the moment is Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35 Handlebar. Let’s talk about its features and check out what it has got to show us-

First of all, there are four kinds of rising options in this model. And they are- 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm. Based on what kind of rise you want, you can pick up the best one.

Moving forward from the rise to the width. The width of the handlebar is 800 mm. As you have seen throughout the entire post, it is kind of the largest. So if you are a tall person, and you need a wider area to grab on your mountain bike handlebar, this one can be a good fit for you.

The diameter of this handlebar is 35 mm, which seems regular. And the angles are 5-degree upsweep and 7-degree back sweep. It’s not too much bent or too much straight. You can call it a combination of both bent and straight design.

The material used to prepare this product is unidirectional carbon fiber. If you are a regular mountain biker, you might have enough idea about Whats such a materialistic quality can give you in action.

As the material used to create this product is quite expensive, the price has got a little higher than what we expected. In fact, the price-quality ratio is one of the reasons that kept us back from providing a higher rank for this product.

However, if budget is not your problem, you can definitely think about keeping this product in your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • 10 mm rice with several other options to choose from.
  • 35 mm diameter, perfect for any mountain bike.
  • Made of unidirectional Carbon fiber.
  • 800 mm width, largest of them all.
  • A beautiful design with a cool color scheme.
  • A combination of bent and straight type of handlebars.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The price is excessively high.

How to Choose the Mountain Bike Handlebars?

Getting the best mountain bike handle can be really difficult for new buyers. As there are a number of things to look up, you may need a helping hand. At this section, we’re going to give you a list of buying guide below.

mountain bike handlebarsmountain bike handlebars

Buying Guide for The MTB Handlebars

Thanks for going through the entire list of mountain bike handlebarsHopefully, we’ve liked it and already made your buying shortlist. To help you up with the final decision, here is a comprehensive buying guide-

1. The Design

The first factor that can be important is design. Although, for many of us, the design can be also at the top of the priority list. You may see some of the models to have printed designs on the handlebar, and some brands like to engrave the logo in the body itself.

2. Handlebar Types

Handlebars can be of both bent type, and some are straights as well. As you know, bent type handlebars can be perfect for maintaining a straight body posture while driving. On the other hand, straight handlebars are more likely to give you a straight posture. Based on what you prefer, you should make the right choice. 

mountain bike handlebarmountain bike handlebar

3. The Shape

Of course, the first and foremost factor to take in consideration is the shape of the mountain bike handlebar. There are straight, bent and semi-bent shapes as long as convenient handlebars are concerned. Chose the best one based on what body posture you want while riding on the bike. 

4. The Material

Apart from the design, the material is also important. The durability mostly depends on the material of the handlebar. As you have seen in our list, aluminum is the best kind of material available. If you want to raise the price a little bit, you may go for carbon fiber. They are way stronger and more durable.

5. The Length

The length can be sometimes a reason of headache for you as a mountain bike rider. In that case, you may choose a mountain bike length that can be cut according to your preference.

6. The Width

The width is the dimension on which you’ll grab the handle of the bike. Based on the size of your mountain bike and your own body, you should set the priorities of width. Usual width is around 600-800mm.

7. The Element

The strength and durability are defined through the element in case of this product. Most of the products are made of alloys, which is quite fine. If you want to go the extra mile, you can choose carbon fiber as the material. 

8. Price-Quality Ratio

The last, but another important factor is the price-quality ratio. We know that you don’t want to compromise the quality of the bike handlebar, but the price depends on a number of factors. The material, the design, the length- etc. are the deciding factors in this case. 

How to measure mountain bike handlebars?

To measure the handlebar of a mountain bike, you may need to have a caliper. This is a pretty useful tool to use and measure the handlebar dimensions directly

Otherwise, you can try with taking a strip of paper and fold it around the bar at the center. Now, mark the place where the two ends meet. Finally, put the paper flat and measure the ends of the mark.

How to measure mountain bike handlebarsHow to measure mountain bike handlebars

What is the handlebar sweep?

Handlebar sweep is the angle at which your mountain bike handlebar bends back. This angle is essential to provide the rider with a comfortable grip and body posture.

There are two kinds of sweep- backsweep and upsweep. Upsweep is the angle at which the bar bends up from the bike stem. And backsweep is the angle at which the bar bends back. Both of the angles are essential for a rider to know.

Why rise handlebars is best for a mountain bike?

Mountain bike handlebars are usually sized at any rise between zero(flat) and 100mm. Although both zero rises and 100mm rise are not available in these days.

If you ask us about the best handlebar rise, our answer would be a 40-50mm range. In terms of inches, the range is within 1.5-2 inches. 

Bottom Line

Finally, we’re at the summary line of the whole article. We’ve tried to be as diverse as possible when it came to selecting 10 best mountain bike handlebars for this article. Our first choice for your bike Renthal Fatbar Lite CarbonHopefully, the list had been able to satisfy you.

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