10 Best Mountain Bike Forks Reviews 2021 – For Your Comfortable Rides

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best mountain bike forks reviews

Starting from 1817 until now the journey of the bicycle is kind of revolutionary. To reduce the pain and increase the comfort of the rider many interesting inventions were made. One of the best inventions was suspension fork. The first mountain bike fork was introduced in 1990. It was a leap of 100 years for the cycling community. Because of the suspension fork which was specially made for the mountain bikes are the one that makes mountain riding safe and more comfortable.

Though it’s not mandatory that suspension fork is only needed in mountain bike. A fork is an essential tool of any cycle. Whether you are riding off-road tracks or riding on a bumpy road, a fork will bring you comfort and ease. Since today’s fast-paced world many companies make suspension fork. And choosing the best mountain bike fork is also a very tough job. But rest assured we have collected 10 best mountain bike forks for you to choose.

Comparison Table Of Mountain Bike Forks




Our Rating


SR Suntour MTB Disk Fork XCT

Disc Brake


5 out of 5

Manitou Markhor Fork 29″ 100mm

Disc Brake


4.5 out of 5

Fox 32 Factory Float

Disc Brake


5 out of 5

SR Suntour XCM Suspension Fork 26″

Disc, Linear Pull

Steel alloy

4 out of 5

RockShox Recon Silver TK Fork 26″

Rim, Disc Brake

Forged 6061 T-6 Hollow Aluminum

5 out of 5

RockShox 30 Silver TK Fork

Disc,Rim, V Brakes

Forged 6061 T-6 Hollow Aluminum

4.5 out of 5

SR Suntour XCR Air LO-R Suspension Fork

Disc Brake

Magnesium lowers,Steel alloy

5 out of 5

DNM DW-32 Mountain Bike Fork

Disc Brake

Magnesium lowers,Aluminum alloy

3.5 out of 5

RST Capa-T Suspension Fork

Disc, Pull breaks

Aluminum & Steel

3.5 out of 5

Lixada Ultra-Light 26″ Mountain Bike Oil/Spring Front Fork

Disc Brake


3 out of 5

mountain bike forksmountain bike forksmountain bike forksmountain bike forksmountain bike forksmountain bike forks

10 best Mountain Bike Forks Reviews

1. ​​​​​SR Suntour MTB Disk Fork XCT

The SR SUNTOUR XCT fork is the best entry level fork of SR SUNTOUR. It comes with a mechanical lockout damping. This XCT fork uses a coil spring which is the main functional part of this fork. The travel distance of this fork is 80mm to 100mm. Which means it can take a bump from 80mm to 100mm. The axel is 9mm wide. This fork is only made for disc brake. It says you can easily setup disk break with this fork. But without cutting or using any additional means, you can’t install anything else. The lower body of the fork is made of aluminum. The color of the fork is gloss black. As an entry level fork, the weight is quite good which is 5.7lbs or 2.58kg. It is made in Taiwan. It comes with a one year warranty.

Things We Like

  • The lockout is very good.
  • The easy preload adjustment is quite handy.
  • Made for slight bumpy roads or everyday high ways.
  • Good for city rides.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It Doesn’t have thru-axle.
  • This fork doesn’t come with bearings.

​2. Manitou Markhor Fork 29″ 100mm

Manitou is one of the respected fork providers. Their fork’s really live up to the name when it comes to handling hard terrain. Markhor 29” 100mm fork is another awesome product of them. From the name you can guess that the fork is for 29” wheel size. The travel distance is 100mm. The hub spacing of this fork is also 100mm. Manitou uses TS air spring in Markhor fork. At the bottom out you will find a progressive rubber bumper. The crown is made of aluminum. The offset of this fork is 51mm. That is pretty impressive for a fork in this price range. The compression damping is made with a technology called Kwik Toggle. And in for the rebound damping, there is adjustable TPC. The leg diameter is 30 mm wide. A grade aluminum has been used in the leg. The axel is 9mm wide. It comes with matte black.

Things We Like

  • Rebound adjustment at the bottom.
  • It is a light fork.
  • Good for an off-road ride.
  • Decent price range.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t Fit with V brakes.
  • Fall of a bit at rough terrain ride.
  • It didn’t come with an axle.

3. Fox 32 Factory Float FIT Terralogic Fork 29″ 100mm

The Fit Terralogic is a very lightweight and sturdy fork. This fork is suitable for any types of riding. Fox Factory uses terralogic technology in this fork. This is a kind of automated technology. It will help you to adjust the fork along with road condition. So it’s like, you are relieved from one crucial job to improve every time the track changes manually. The travel distance 100mm. The steerer is between 1.12”-1.5”. It’s a very adjustable fork. You can adjust the lever-actuated lockout, air spring pressure. Even you can also control the rebound. The damping is FIT remote lockout. It has an offset of 44mm. The length of the steerer is 265mm and axle is 500mm. The weight of the fork is 1700g. It comes with gloss black color and grey logos. The legs are made of aluminum. The fork is made for disc brakes. It is suitable for 29” size tire. 

Things We Like

  • The weight is pretty good.
  • The installation process is relatively easy.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes too many adjustments can be pretty rough.
  • Pretty expensive.

4. SR Suntour XCM Suspension Fork 26″

The SR SUNTOUR XCM comes with an elegant design. This unique and beautiful design of Suntour XCM will help you to ride the casual off-road tracks with ease and style. To get perfect result in the hill tracks, this fork has been introduced. It is made from quality allow. It will help lower your post disc mount easily. It is a fork that is known for its adjustability. The material used in the alloy is very light. Because of the light of the fork, you can quickly bring it up in the mountains. XCM comes with threadless steering design. This is perfect for any hill biker who loves 100mm wheel. SR Suntour uses coil spring. It is preloaded which will allow you to adjust 30mm steel stanchions. The color of the fork is black, and weight is 2635g. The crown length is 482mm and axle is 40. Steerer tube length is 255. It is intended for wheel size 26”. 

Things We Like

  • Build quality is up to the mark.
  • Aluminum made.
  • Top class adjustability.
  • Can use with disk brakes & also V brakes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It’s a little bit heavier.
  • It doesn’t come with the star nut.
  • A little bit noisy.

5. RockShox Recon Silver TK Fork 26″

The RockShox Recon silver TK Fork is an excellent choice for everyone. Among all the luxury product this fork is slightly cheap. Compared to the Rockshox 30 Gold TK Air Fork this one is pretty easy to get by. This product is solely designed for those bikers who are capable of a ride in extreme terrain without breaking a sweat. It features a strong built 32mm stanchions. The stanchions are made of best grade aluminum. Rockshox made this fork with traction packed coil spring. The introduction of coil spring brings comfort to the rider. It is possible that this fork will do just fine in every track. There is a turnkey lockout and also a rebound. Both this thing is used to adjust the wheel. The most exciting thing about Recon silver TK is the solo air technology. It helps the gold TK poploc fork look attractive. With all these features this fork is really smooth. A perfect choice for any road.

Things We Like

  • Modern solo air technology.
  • ​Comes with standard steerer.
  • Air spring is up to the mark.

Things We Don’t Like

  • A bit noisy.
  • Lighter than coil but still not light enough.

6. RockShox 30 Silver TK Fork

Rockshox 30 falls into the expensive category. Yes, you have heard it right. But great feature comes with great price. Rockshox 30 silver TK is an investment to be proud of. Actually, this fork is made for riders who want to ride in style. And also if you want a bit extra control in your ride, then this is a perfect choice. 

As you already know most of the suspension features only one single brake system. But The Rockshox 30 TK is compatible with both disc and rim brakes. It is one of the best versatile suspension in its price range. You can certainly get the idea now why it is an expensive fork. It uses a coil spring with a travel distance of 100mm. It will make your ride bump free. It is especially known as a shock absorber. The uppers are made of steel has a length of 20mm and lowers are made of magnesium. 

Things We Like

  • It features a perfect lightweight design.
  • High compatibility for 2 types of the brake system.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Pretty Expensive.

7. SR Suntour XCR Air LO-R Suspension Fork

SR Suntour is a renowned name among the companies who make bicycle accessories. From 1987 they are making bicycle accessories. One of the best product among them is a suspension. They are contentiously inventing new types of a fork to comfort the rider. One of them is Suntour XCR. It’s a big fork. It has a travel distance of 100mm. The color of the fork is black. The material used to make this fork is magnesium alloy. You will find a manual in the box. It will help you to understand the fork functions. The weight of the fork is 2418 grams. It is an air fork that means it uses an air spring. You will also find hydraulic speed lockout. The size of the stanchion tube diameter is 32 mm, and the name of the tube is STKM. The lowers feature a magnesium monocoque design. The distance from crown to axle is 496mm. This fork is suitable for disc brake only.

Things We Like

  • Not that expensive.
  • Adjustable rebound.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Haven’t any star nut.
  • It hasn’t thru-axle.

8. DNM DW-32 Mountain Bike Fork

The DW-32 is an excellent fork made by DNM. This fork will fit perfectly with the 27.5-inch wheel. IT has 3-system damping. The travel distance is 100mm exactly 3.9 inch. The material used for the crown is aluminum 6061. In the legs, aluminum along with magnesium has been used. You will find a couple of adjustment option. You will find rebound tuning and compression adjuster. The stanchion is 32mm long and made of Al-7050. The size of steer diameter is 1”-1.12”. The DW-32 DNM will only support disc brakes. It is a lightweight suspension. The weight of the fork is 1.85 kg. This fork is made in Taiwan. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. Although you can ride in any situation with this fork. But the recommended ride type will be cross country and some hard terrain ride. 

Things We Like

  • Perfect for trail riding.
  • This fork is durable and incredibly absorbent.
  • Pretty cheap price.
  • Auctor ipsum dolor sagittis

Things We Don’t Like

  • Dampening isn’t among the best.

9. RST Capa-T Suspension Fork

The RST Capa-t is another excellent suspension. In fact, without SR SUNTOUR and Rockshox, this might be the best economical choice for many bikers. It not the top stylish fork out there. But the material used for making this fork is solid. It also comes with various design options to make you smoothly. The material used in making this fork is cold-forged aluminum alloys. This fork comes with steel constructed stanchions with a length of 25.4 mm. There is an adjustment preloader. It makes it easy to install and uninstall this fork at the time of wheel maintenance. Though it is a very economical suspension. But still, it will give you the flexibility to install both disc and pull breaks. It might be the best versatile fork in its price range. The travel distance of this fork is 80mm. This suspension is best suited for cross country riding. It uses coil spring.

Things We Like

  • Highly affordable.
  • Super strong cold-forged alloy.
  • Can use with disk & cantilever brakes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Low travel distance.
  • Haven’t any bearing in the package.

10. Lixada Ultra-Light 26″ Mountain Bike Oil/Spring Front Fork

Though it’s not the popular choice among the fork giants like SR SUNTOUR and ROCKSHOX. But it is still a very viable choice among many bikers. Lixada uses an oil spring to build this fork. Because of this oil spring, it will give you maximum flexibility. Since this is not an air fork, this suspension is a bit heavy. Also because of the infinitely adjustable spring rate, this fork will just feel like natural and very sensitive than any traditional suspension. It features an adjustable hydraulic cartridge. It will help you set the forks rebound externally. The travel distance of Lixada Ultra-Light is 100mm. That’s why it is one of the biggest forks in the market. It is made for 26” wheel size. It’s a light fork with only 2560g weight. Upper tubes are made of aluminum, and lower are made of magnesium. You will find a manual lockout in it. The color of the fork is black & white.

Things We Like

  • Light weight.
  • Responds well in any trail condition.
  • Can use with V brakes & disk brakes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for a heavy rider.

How To Choose A Best Mountain Bike Fork?

1. Distance Of Travel

The principal question is, what amount of movement will work best for you? Every single other thing being equivalent, the further your fork can move, the more easily it can assimilate impacts. Be that as it may, longer-legged forks must be more massive to adapt to the additional use and more excellent effects

An additional 10mm of movement will tip head and seat edges back by about one degree, which makes directing slower and increasingly steady.

mountain bike suspension forkmountain bike suspension forkmountain bike suspension forkmountain bike suspension forkmountain bike suspension forkmountain bike suspension fork

2. Cost

The following inquiry is an expenditure plan. Tragically, there aren’t many spending forks that convey a smooth suspension stroke and hardened, screw-through pivot structure without gauging a ton. Damping circuits are additionally less complex on less expensive models, which implies less control in high effect or different hit circumstances.

3. Control

The more travel you have, the harder it is to control – which makes damping control foremost. You ought to in any event gets flexible bounce back damping, so the fork returns quickly to its characteristic ride tallness, as opposed to ricocheting back up with a crash. Further developed forks additionally have pressure damping to enable the spring to back off and assimilate the effects.

4. Weight

Just as movement and tuning, you have to consider how much quality you genuinely need, or you’ll simply be conveying additional weight you’ll never utilize. Light, tight forks will suit climbers and different cross-country riders, while super-rich footing Hoovers merit the additional load for dynamic envelope pushers.

What Is The Best Suspension Fork For My Mountain Bike?

Although there is a way to determine what is the best suspension for ​your bicycle. But finding out the best fork which will be the best fit for your bicycle is a tough job. There are a couple of things you need to consider which is wheel size, fork steerer, axle types, disc mounts, and amount of travel your bicycle can handle.

What Size Of Suspension Forks Fit For My Bike?

Since there are a couple of things, you need to consider when buying MTB suspension. The most important point among them is the size of the suspension. There are 4 types of suspension. First one is 80-100mm, the second is 100-120mm, then 120-150mm and last but not the least 150mm+. If you want a Cross-country short ride, then go for 80-100mm. If you want Dirt jump along with 4x and street ride, then go for 100-120mm. AS for trail and endure and mount travel go for 120-150mm and at last for longer travel and heavy hard terrain go for 150mm+.

How Can You Replace A Mountain Bike Fork?

 At first put you cycle in a stand to get started. Carefully lose the front wheel bolt or clipper and take out your front wheel. After that take out your front brake by loosening the 5mm Allen head bolts.

The next step is removing the top and also the stem bolts. You need to finish this step when holding the fork.

Next phase is lower the crown race. Since this a very tricky job you might want to use some special tools. Put some loosening spray and try to lose it gradually. Then fit the lower crown. Mark the perfect position of the stem.

Now remove the headset. Then initially take out the fork. Make sure all the extra material has been removed

Re-install the fork and headset. Attach all other material in the previous order.

Can I Wash My Suspension?

Yes, you can. But you have to be very precise and know what you are doing. Because making mistakes can cause your fork great damage. It won’t get non-functional right away, but you will have a hard time.

Why Are Suspension Forks Used In Mountain Bikes?

A simple answer will be for your comfort. But if we break it down then, first is a smooth ride, make you safe from harm’s way, and lastly to protect your back. 

Mountain Bike Fork Features

1. Materials

The material used for making forks is steel, aluminum, and titanium. Although they are three different solid material. But it really depends on the manufacturer whether they can actually make any different characteristics with them. The only thing that matter is actually yield strength these three material has.

Steel however is the best among them. Cause it is the strongest one. It’s not easily damaged compared to the other two. That’s why steel made forks will surely deliver better balance than anything. 

Then there is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is totally different from the fork that is made with metal.

2. Size

The size of the fork represents a great deal about whether you want it. So it is the second most important feature. We have previously mentioned that there are 4 types of suspension. Each of the sizes will give you different types of flexibility and comfort. You might think taking the biggest one will be the best choice. No, that’s not it. Because a bigger fork in a plain city road will only give you too much flexibility and it might also always lift your bike handle up. That’s why always first determine what your ideal travel range is for most of the day? Then choose the right one.

3. Durability And Weight

Like sizing, durability is another issue. To make the fork more durable companies use harder material which makes the bike heavy. So don’t waste money on a heavy fork if you only ride in the plain road. Also, don’t buy heavy fork if you want an only a short ride.

4. Brake Compatibility

If you can manage to buy a fork which supports more than one brake system, then there is nothing to worry. But most of the fork is made to fit only one kind of brakes. That’s why you need to be careful when buying forks. Make sure first what kind of breaks your bike has then bought a fork that is made for your bike’s brake type.

How We Tested Our Latest Suspension Forks?

We utilized analyzers with loads between 75 – 95 kg and all analyzers utilized a similar wheel measure (29″) and tire combo. Every analyzer utilized indistinguishable tire weights, and banish stature was redressed from fork to fork utilizing spacers to guarantee there were no progressions to contact focuses. Forks were first tried utilizing the producer’s prescribed settings at that point upgraded to test rider inclination. We scored the damping quality, as well as every single dial, control, and speedy discharge. And one more thing, Mountain bike needs air for comfortable ride. You need a shock pump for your MTB suspension fork.


We have reviewed 10 best mountain bike forks. We not only reviewed the forks from well-known companies but also that are less know but brings good quality service. We have seen that there are forks that support both single brake system as well as the multi-break system. Basically, there is a fork for any type of rider. So pick the best one suited for you with our guide.

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