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10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Review – Men and Women

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10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Review-Men & Women

The name “hybrid bike” might make you wonder what the features of such a bike are. Well, put simply, these bikes offer a mixture of road, comfort, and mountain bikes. Such a combination of ostensibly tolerates a wide range of conditions and applications.

That said, not all hybrid bikes are built equally. There are some, which use light, sturdy material. Others are on the tough side of life.

Cost is yet another critical differentiator. A good bet for people on a tight budget mainly comprises the best hybrid bikes under 500. These are generally simple, but well-made bikes. They may not have a myriad of high-end features, but they perform pretty well. It is interesting to note that some single-purpose road bikes come with a higher price tag. That’s not necessarily the case with hybrid bikes. You can get a nice multi-purpose bike without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes Under 500 For Men Reviews

Toughness, reliability, and speed are key factors to consider as far as men’s bikes are concerned. With the advent of technology, many new bike models have emerged. Some are big on speed, others significant on performance. We sample out 5 men’s hybrid bikes with a friendly price tag.

Comparison Table Of Men’s Hybrid Bikes




Our Rating


Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike with 700C Wheels



5 Out of 5

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike with 700c Wheels

Aluminum fitness style frame


4.5 Out of 5

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance 24 Speed Hybrid Road Bike

6061 Aluminum


5 Out of 5

Diamondback Insight 2 Disc 2016 Hybrid Bike

lightweight aluminum


3.5 Out of 5

Giordano Hybrid Bike RS700

Aluminum, Steel fork


3.5 Out of 5

1. Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike with 700C Wheels

The Schwinn is one of the hybrid bikes that can help you secure your favorite spot in the hood. It’s designed for men who appreciate diligence and functionality. The little monster is equipped with allow linear Promax pull brakes. These are designed to accommodate sudden braking while maintaining balance. Indeed, that’s the kind of reliability you need when venturing out. Quite a few features make this a must-have. Here is a rundown of a few of them.

SRAM Grip Shifters with 21-speed variations

Versatility is such a vital part of biking. It’s, therefore, encouraging to see the wide variety of speed variations offered by this bike. Its grip shifters do a great job of boosting overall performance. Moreover, the Schwinn is lightweight, allowing you to enjoy long, comfortable rides. The overall design makes it easy to switch between gears while on the move.

Upright Posture

Comfort is one of those things you don’t want to compromise on while riding. Luckily, this bike meets that objective pretty well. Its saddle is adequately padded, allowing you to cruise through different terrains. That’s in addition to a swept-back upright handlebar with an adjustable stem.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is known for being durable and lightweight. Such a combination of benefits makes it a perfect long-term bet. Moreover, this hybrid city bike’s frame allows you to ride in an upright position. So whether you want to transport the bike or ride it, its unique design is a big plus.


The bike is an excellent addition for people looking for durability and functionality. Its support structure is merely outstanding. Besides that, the bike remains steady despite being exposed to years of intense use.

Things We Like

  • Easy to control and adjust the speeds.
  • Fantastic braking abilities.
  • Adequate padding for extra comfort.
  • Easy maneuverability.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The process of assembling it is quite frustrating.

2. Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike with 700c Wheels

If you’re looking for a bike that’s good enough for comfort and exercise, the Volare is your best bet. Its rigid frame gives you total control and best return for your effort. Despite it being cheap, it is quite gorgeous. You can, therefore, use the Volare 1200 for your daily routine. Best of all, the bike can accelerate rapidly without the need for excessive exertion. For sure, the Volare 1200 is crafted using the finest and lightest features possible.

Quality, High-Performance Parts

Volare 1200 is equipped with 21 gear speeds. These have been designed based on high-quality Shimano components. Notably is the inclusion of Shimano derailleurs and high function crankshaft. The bike Being premium parts, the bike provides a smooth experience.

Perfect Ride

Schwinn is known for its mastery in producing quality bikes. It has a high-quality braking mechanism. Once again, this is a low-end bike from a price perspective. Upon testing this bike in a wide range of scenarios, we were extremely impressed. Not at any time did the 1200 struggle to bring to a stable stop.

Great Wheels, Handlebars

The Schwinn Volare 1200 rides on gorgeous alloy based wheelsets. These have been constructed to be durable and lightweight. Likewise, it’s 700c tires perform well on the road. Yet another funky feature with this bike is its handlebars. These are ergonomically designed. As a biker, you will enjoy a soft touch for a ride. That’s, of course, in addition to reasonably comfortable saddles.

Things We Like

  • Reasonably priced for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Boasts a minimalistic design for easy use.
  • 21 shift gears for incredible speeds.
  • Equipped with allow wheels, keeping the weight low.
  • It uses a rigid frame for full control and maximum effectiveness.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some of its parts require frequent maintenance.

3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance 24 Speed Hybrid Road Bike

This 3.0 performance bike is famous for its all-weather features. A fantastic bet for weekend fun, group rides, and daily commute. Among its key features is a hydroformed alloy fork and frame. You will love the machine’s Shimano disc brakes as well. These offer plenty of control and decent stopping power. And for long rides, this bike provides platform pedals and water bottle mounts. How effectively does the Vilano stand against its competition? We explore.

24 Speed Shift

Nothing is as good as knowing that you can cruise with much more flexibility. That’s exactly what this bike’s 24-speed shift promises. So whether you want to take a leisure ride at low speed, this bike got that covered. Likewise, if you are going to cruise at top speed, there’s more room for you on this bike.

Aluminum Fork and Frame

The bike has a sturdy frame. A closer look at it reveals it is made from aluminum. If you’re familiar with metals, you probably know that aluminum is quite popular. Different industries, including the airline industry, prefer it for its sturdiness and lightweight. Therefore, this bike is not only durable but also quite light. You can easily set a dog bike trailer with this aluminum frame. It’s far much better than bikes made with steel frames. Such tend to be heavy and awkward to maneuver.

Flat Handlebar

A flat handlebar improves your control and stability on the road. Moreover, it helps improve your focus so you can ride assuredly. Irrespective of your level of skills, this kind of layout enhances your confidence. Above all, a flat handlebar is more comfortable. You can, therefore, undertake long rides without worrying too much about your back.

Things We Like

  • Operates on disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power.
  • Stable handlebar for added comfort.
  • Padded saddle for extra comfort.
  • It comes with free pedals included.
  • Most of its parts come pre-assembled.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its grips are not as soft as you would expect.
  • You may need to order for cushion grips separately.

4. Diamondback Insight 2 Disc 2016 Hybrid Bike

Diamondback is a brand that’s synonymous with quality in the world of biking. Their latest addition, Insight 2, seems to continue with that tradition. For starters, it has a stable frame, flat-bar cockpit, and quality components. Its structure is made from an allow which brings additional merits. A look at its braking abilities reveals extra power. This is attributed to the Tektro mechanical discs. Insight 2 has a track record of being reliable on the road. We delve deeper into its key features.

Enhanced Frame

One thing that stands out about this frame is that it’s both light and stable. 6061 Aluminum is best for keeping the bike light. At the same time, the metal is known for its ruggedness. So whether you’re looking for speed or portability, this frame has got you covered.

Improved Braking System

The Diamondback has hi-tech disc brakes. These are designed to accommodate 1-finger modulation for additional traction in wet conditions.


The good thing about this bike is that it allows you to choose a size that’s perfect for you. Each model is neat. So whether you’re buying one for your daily errands or fun, you’re sure to love the aesthetics.

Additional Features

It comes with eyelets installed. This makes it easy to add front and back fenders. Its fork integrated Aero Alloy straight blade for best results. Its 21 speed and disc brakes deliver fun and hassle-free ride. Ride the Insight 2 on paved streets and experience versatility. Its saddle is padded with comfortable gel. The 700c wheels stand tall, allowing you to cruise with ease.

Things We Like

  • Durable aluminum alloy frame.
  • 21 speed Shimano drivetrain.
  • Reliable 700c road tires.
  • Reasonable pricing making it affordable to everyone.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It requires multiple adjustments to get a smooth ride.

5. Giordano Hybrid Bike RS700

This is more of a road bike and less of a hybrid bike. Nonetheless, it still brings the best of both worlds to you. For starters, it’s geometry is optimized for aggressive riding. It’s flat handlebar is, however, on the softer side. It allows for convenience and comfort. A closer look at its frame reveals it packs a lot of punch. That, of course, complements the 21 speed Shimano Shifters.

Reliable Performer

The bikes derailleurs offer uncompromised and dependable performance. And even though the RS700 is a budget-conscious bike, it’s well equipped for the long haul. For instance, it comes with aluminum 700c. This offers reduced rotational weight. It also makes a significant difference in acceleration. That’s a perfect bet for getting you in shape for your daily commute.

Great Looks

If aesthetics are anything to go by, then this is one of the best hybrid bikes. Its frame is pretty significant. And although this makes it suitable for tall people, it offers additional real estate. That, of course, more space for just about everything a rider needs. To top it up, the bikes color combination of red, white, and black is just impressive.

Easy Assembly

Assembling this hybrid bike is quite easy. The gear comes pre-adjusted, just like its back brake. The overall packaging is nice and neat. Everything is wrapped up in either cardboard or plastic. You can assemble it in under 60 minutes and take a maiden voyage immediately. The bike being robust and sturdy, the bike assures you of great value for money. It’s 700C wheels make it one of the most stable bikes on the road.

Things We Like

  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is sturdy and with reliable brakes.
  • You’re likely to get several compliments due to its great looks.
  • Available in two sizes, namely large and medium.
  • Replacement accessories are readily available.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its brakes have not been properly machined. They produce a squeaking sound when braking.

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes Under 500 For Women Reviews

As a woman, you want a bike that’s both strong and petite. The frame should ideally be designed for easy mounting and dismounting. With those two factors in mind, we compiled a rundown of top hybrid bikes for women.

Comparison Table Of Women’s Hybrid Bikes




Our Rating


EVRYjourney 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Bike



5 Out Of 5

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike



5 Out Of 5

Diamondback calico st women’s dual sport bike



3.5 Out Of 5

Kent Springdale 21-Speed Women’s Hybrid Bike



4.5 Out Of 5

Diamondback Adult Edgewood Hybrid Bike

6061-T6 Aluminum


3.5 Out Of 5

1. EVRYjourney 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Bike from SixThreeZero

SixThreeZero seems alive to the fact that most women deserve a bit of aggressiveness on the road. In line with that, they have created a sweet exterior and a robust framework. Designed with the day-to-day user in mind. The EVRYjourney 7-Speed unit has an unbeaten track record. It boasts smooth style mechanics. Home to 26-inch wheels, this bike is ready to help one conquer new heights.

Sturdy Frame

This is in no way a delicate bike. It aims to reawaken the beast in you. For instance, it has 26-inch wheels, which offer a significant advantage on the road. It’s 17.5-inch aluminum frame gives you that extra edge needed for improved navigation. So whether you’re planning to climb or coast, this basic design has you covered. What’s more, it comes with a particular step-through city frame. This is a big plus for women who want to get the most out of every ride.

Comfort Guaranteed

The manufacturer seems to have focused on the aggressive rider. As such, the EVERYjourney comes with leather stitched grips. While these tend to get slippery due to sweat, they’re quite durable. Moreover, the saddle is customized with dual springs and extra padding. And the thoughtful design is a sure stunner. It fits all women of 5 feet 6-inch height and above.

Great Aesthetics

This bike is not just about sturdiness and reliability. It’s vanilla cream frame accompanies orange accents. That’s alongside a classic brown cushion grip and seat. Such a thought-out combination of colors is sure to stun. So the bike is beyond a machine. It’s a simple innovation that’s not only cool to have but interesting to ride as well.

Things We Like

  • Gloss chrome frame and components for a sleek look.
  • It has a 7-speed Shimano shift for the ideal cruise.
  • Lower profile for proper leg extension.
  • Wide, all-terrain tires.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The gloss paint flakes easily over time.

2. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike 700C Wheels

If discovering new places is top on your bucket list, then this is the bike to invest in. It’s padded saddle lends comfort, and its aluminum frame allows for upright riding. The front-end of this back has a swept-back handlebar complete with an adjustable stem. Want to step on a roll onto a comfortable riding experience? This bike targets women above the age of 14.

Everyday Bike

This is an any-day kind of bike. For starters, it does not require lots of prep to hit the road. It has a classic look that would match almost anything in your closet. For urban riding, its frame is made with a ​front suspension fork. This is the kind of design you need to take on pavement patches and maintenance hole covers with ease.

More Flexibility

Additional flexibility is always something worth investing in. That said, this Schwinn has its rear built-in. It’s ready to accommodate your bags and shopping on your way back home. Although the coordinating fenders appear attractive, they’re quite practical. They are made explicitly like this to withstand splashes and morning dew.

Extra Stability

This bike belongs to the league of the best. It comes with Shimano 21 speed shifter. That’s alongside a Shimano rear derailleur. While that allows you to cruise faster, it also guarantees stability. Besides, there’s an alloy front backed up by rear linear-pull brakes. Such a foundation ensures you’re a safe rider, no matter what conditions you encounter.

Things we like:

  • Made by an old, trusted American brand.
  • The adjustable stem allows for upright riding.
  • Strong, ProMax brakes for excellent stopping power.
  • It has 21-speed SRAM grip shifters for a smooth gear change.

Things we don’t like:

  • Its wheels are not the best, and they start to produce a weird sound after several years of use.

3. Diamondback Calico St Women’s Dual Sport Bike

For Diamondback Calico St, comfort is a top priority. That’s why the manufacturer has invested in a high-strength aluminum frame. The step-through frame eases mounting and dismounting. Moreover, it allows for upright riding. In a nutshell, that does away with a backache. It also improves your ability to control your cruise even in tricky terrain. Its tires have won commendations for being reliable and stable. Moreover, the rims feature Tektro brakes, which provide adequate braking power.

Sturdily Built

The main reason behind this hybrid bike’s popularity is its sturdy construction. This is one bike that allows you to cycle in any terrain with no worries of damaging any parts. After all, it manufactured by one of the USA most trusted brands – Diamondback. The brand has been on the market for four decades now. All along, they’ve carved a niche for themselves by being consistent in quality. Its high-strength aluminum frame is reliable enough for any day cruising.

Spot-On Geometry

We love the geometry of this back since it allows for different styles of riding. In particular, it will enable for upright pedaling. This is further made possible by the presence of the 6061-T6 frame. Another plus with this bike is its suspension fork. This accommodates a seat post, which provides additional cushioning. Thanks to this design, women can easily mount and dismount the bike.

Different Size

Diamondback Calico St is available in two different sizes. The small size is suitable for shorter women or those aged 10 to 18. A second variety is of medium size. This is the size for taller women above 5 feet 6 inches. It’s recommended to pick a properly-sized bike to ensure maximum comfort on every ride.

Things We Like

  • Sturdy frame, built to last.
  • 63 mm suspension guarantees a smooth ride.
  • Responsive 21 speed Shimano shifter.
  • Puncture-resistant tires.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some shipments arrive with some parts missing.

4. Kent Springdale 21-Speed Women’s Hybrid Bike

There are many reasons why this is one of the top hybrid bikes. For starters, it is lightweight and comfortable for women of all sizes. It comes with a rough exterior, which is tough enough for urban riding. At the same time, the bike still appears womanly. It allows you to enjoy your femininity to the fullest. It’s delicate nature should, however, not be mistaken for weakness. As it turns out, this bike has a lot in store for you.

Sturdy Frame, Strong Tires

This bike is mainly made to blend with the body of a woman. Its seat and handlebars allow for upright riding. Such a design gives you extra control and will enable you to ride safely. Taking a long ride? This bike is sure to be soft on your back. You can ride it for a whole day with no worries of a backache. Moreover, its 700c tires are smooth and capable of tackling any bumps on the way.

More Flexibility, More Speed

Thanks to its 21-speed shifter, you get to enjoy more gearing choices. Such flexibility is what is needed to tackle any terrain. Best of all, this functionality is backed by Shimano technology. This empowers you to race to work during the morning commute and slow down in the park during weekends.

Incredible Braking Power

It may not have quick-release wheels, but its braking system is just what you need. You can slow down gently without the risk of losing stability. Besides, you enjoy all-round responsiveness every other day.

Things We Like

  • It offers premium quality parts.
  • 700c wheels, built to endure bad roads.
  • It is Light but durable rims for easy maneuvering and durability.
  • Well-refined paint with a few dashes for improved aesthetics.
  • East to assemble straight out of the box.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It does not include a tool kit you have to buy your own.
  • Its user guide is generic and may not offer much value to newbies.

5. Diamondback Adult Edgewood Hybrid Bike

This bike delivers a seamless ride and gives you road bike power at the same time. It boasts Sports Hybrid Geometry with a 6062-T6 frame, which supports relaxed riding. It’s laid backpedal positioning makes it even easier to cruise even when you’re getting late for a meeting. This combination provides a solidly built bike that resists impact from uneven grounds.

Seamless Gears

Has a Shimano gear system that supports smooth gear changes irrespective of the weather. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a hassle-free ride on flat roads and gravel tracks alike.

Great Stability

Stability is the crucial thing in every bike. Without balance, it would be nearly impossible to enjoy a comfortable ride. The Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, however, looks and feels different. It is made with an excellent suspension system. This is specially crafted for daily use. Moreover, it absorbs impact from any unexpected bumps or potholes.

Premium Quality

In general, this is a fantastic bike. It provides you with a ton of premium quality accessories. It’s a bit surprising that it goes for a mid-range price tag. So as far as value for money is concerned, this sounds like a good deal.

Things We Like

  • Heat-treated aluminum frame for extra strength on the road.
  • Powerful Tektro linear brakes.
  • It has a soft, padded comfort saddle.
  • Puncture-resistant tires.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its pedals are not as good as you would expect. Poor quality and poorly installed.

The Buying Guide (How to Choose a hybrid bike)

Irrespective of the type of hybrid bike you choose, it’s vital to ensure it fits you. These bikes are usually availed in several frames, tires, and handlebars. Let’s walk you through things you need to consider to make an informed choice.

1. Frame Materials

There are three main types of frame materials you’re like to encounter. Each one has its demerits and merits.


Most hybrid bikes have their frames made from aluminum. The metal is strong, stiff, light, and affordable. It is preferred for its ability to survive through rough terrain. Moreover, it reputed for its shock-absorbent properties.

Carbon Fiber

This metal is commonly used in high-end bikes. It is known for being light and robust at the same time. To keep the price down, some budget-friendly bikes take an innovative approach. They use a bit of carbon fiber for seat posts and carbon fiber forks only. The end product is a hybrid that’s of high quality but still affordable.


Steel is much more substantial than aluminum and carbon fiber. Its main selling point is its strength and flexibility. Although it offers a comfortable ride, it leaves you with the extra workload to deal with.

2. Handlebar Shape

Up to 5 different handlebar styles are available for hybrid bikes. It’s worth noting that the level of seat and handlebars varies from bike to bike. Note that, the farther the seat sits below the bike handlebars, the easier it is to ride. The majority of hybrids are built like this. Let’s take a quick look at the 5 layouts at your disposal.

Drop Bar

This layout is known for being aerodynamic and lightweight. Its only downside is that it puts you in a hunched over position.

Flat Bar

The flat bar is the most common choice on hybrid bikes. Although this layout tends to make bikes heavier, it enables us to ride in a relaxed posture.

Riser Bar

The riser bar gently extends upwards towards the rider. It generally allows you to sit upright and enjoy better steering control.

Moustache Bar

Closely resembling the drop bar, the mustache offers more hand positions. It allows you to sit more upright than with drop bars.

3. Brake Type

A vast majority of hybrid bikes are equipped with rim brakes. The main advantage of rim brakes is they are quite economical and easy to observe. Some hybrids come with disc brakes, though. These offer additional grip though they’re challenging to inspect and replace.

Wheel Size

The standard wheel of most hybrid bikes in 700c size. Some bikes come with 26-inch wheels, which are a tad smaller than average. Generally, you don’t need to worry about wheel size. Just focus on the bike that complements your riding style.


From those with one-gear to others with twenty-seven or even more, hybrids are a spectacle. Let’s break it down to you. If you’re planning to ride on hills, then go for a bike with more gears. A simple gear system, e.g., single-speed bikes, are ideal for day-to-day running.

What is a Hybrid Bike and Why Do You Need One?

Hybrid bikes are general-purpose bikes that are mainly preferred for commuting. They are known to have a flat handlebar rather than the drop bar. That, of course, means braking and shifting components are similar to mountain bikes. You generally enjoy an upright riding position with this bike. Consequently, there is not as much speed to these units as compared to road bikes.

On average, hybrid bikes come with large tires. The result is they are more shock absorbent and, therefore, comfortable to ride. Another interesting fact about these bikes comes from their functionality. They usually come with versatile gearing, wide-ranging cassettes, and triple chainsets.

Some hybrids, though, are an exception. They come with almost maintenance-free hub gears. There are also some single-speed variations reputed for their simplicity. Others even come with pannier racks and full mudguards.

Which brands will we buy?

This is a common question of every beginner rider. There are lots of brands available in the market. So I suggest some brands that are committed to their consumers for their performance, comfort, stability, and durability.

For beginner & expert, we will recommend you get Schwinn, Vilano Diverse, EVRYjourney, Diamondback brands, which are affordable under 500 bucks. This brand offers many more things like comfort, stability, durability, etc. So when you spend money on a good brand bike, I think you will be benefited from them.

Benefits Of Buying A Hybrid Bike

Let’s now talk about some benefits of hybrid bikes. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these if you’re interested in getting one.

1. Better Health with Utility

Hybrid bikes are best known for their benefits to health. With time for going to the gym, becoming a scarce commodity, biking becomes worthwhile. A good number of health-conscious individuals are nowadays riding to work. This helps them save time by avoiding traffic. Besides, it helps downsize monthly expenses. All you need to make is a small one-time purchase price. That will last you for several years, if not decades, to come. Above all, biking encourages you to use your core muscles. In general, it’s a healthy and budget-conscious way of life.

2. Comfort

Modern hybrid bikes have suspension forks and seats. This additional feature is great for all riders. Moreover, the system comes with a spring. That helps you navigate through hurdles and bumps with ease. So there is nothing really to prevent you from using these bikes every day. If anything, they are as reliable and convenient as motorized transport.

3. Accessories

Yet another often overlooked advantage is extra accessories and attachments. Good bikes provide you with a bottle holder. This can help you carry a bottle to run for several hours. Moreover, some hybrids have spacious baskets where you can put your stuff. Heading out for shopping? Consider using your hybrid bike.

4. All-Terrain Navigability

Even though most hybrids are made for flat terrain riding, they still offer extensive options. So whether you are planning to take on crushed gravel, rocky terrain, or dirt trails, these got you covered. Hybrid bikes are the “all in one fit” deal in the world of biking.

5. You Can Ride Upright

The main benefit of hybrid bikes is they allow for the upright riding position. This posture is critical in preventing back pain. Besides, it will enable having better control of the handlebars. Your viewpoint is also improved, which means you can ride more accurately.

6. More Benefits

Apart from offering lower prices than road bikes, hybrids offer some hidden benefits. They are lightweight and quite reliable for long rides. The majority come with a rigid fork, effectively maximizing speed and comfort. Their tires are generally smooth, thereby providing minimal rolling resistance. Best of all, they are versatile enough to take on a variety of roads. They usually require less energy and expertise to ride.

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Final Verdict

Finding the best hybrid bikes under 500 is of immense benefit. What you need to know is that each bike has its upsides and downsides. The only way to tell if a bike really meets the cut or not is by carrying out thorough research. While at it, it’s imperative to use an open-minded approach. It’s worth remembering that there’s no short-cut to good things.

In our opinion, the Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike with 700c Wheels tops the men’s category. This is due to its high quality of parts and on-road stability. The Diamondback Calico St Women’s Bike commands the lead in the women’s category. Its sturdy body and enhanced geometry are to thank.

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