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How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps – Experts Advise

Every cyclist needs a bike pump. Choosing a mini bike pump is very difficult. In market have various pumps. A floor pump, co2 pump & mini bike pump etc. Mini bike pump works very quicker in any situations. This pump is very popular at riders. This pump really very lightweight. You can carry it out in any situation.

Introducing 5 tips on how to choose the best mini bicycle pumps.

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Mini Bicycle Pumps

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1. Pressure required

You should notice that this pump is fitted to your bike tire. Pressure force is very important for the tire. How many pumps force the pressure to tire. Road bike & mountain bike need different pressure needed. Before buying you should ensure to match you bike pressure need & your riding.

2. Volume required

Volume capacity is required for bike & your riding style. A high capacity of pump takes many blows to get the amount of pressure needed. For the mountain bike you need a high volume pump. This pump useful & suitable for MTB. A most high-quality road bike needs more pressure. 

3. Gauge measurement

This very important thing of bike pump. You should ensure that how much amount of pressure you pumping & need. You will need a pump who comes with a pressure gauge. You have the option to for dial & digital gauge which is more expensive. If you need anyone you will find another separate gauge.

4. Pump head & valve types

There many kinds of valves such as woods, Schrader, presta. Some tires come with specific valves. You should check your tire valve types. If you have any of tire valves you need to buy specific valve pumps. If you haven't a specific valve on the pump. you should buy separately. Many of all pump will fit automatically don't want an adapter.

bike valve

5. Construction and ease of maintenance

A mini bike pump uses the best materials for long lasting & heavy use. This pump is very strong & heavy weight. The materials & design determines how comfortable it is to keep good.

Final words

You should remember all of factors that we discussed above. Before purchasing a pump you need to know this 5 tips. Whats pressure you want, what volume capacity you need, gauge measurement, pump valve types & it's Construction & maintenance. If you follow this steps you can find a better mini bike pump for your bike. If you use mountain bike you need to follow this basic steps.

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Why You Buy An Electric Bike

Why You Buy An Electric Bike – We Explain The Benefits Of E-Bikes

What is an electric bike?

If anybody hears about an electric bike, they first imagine it's maybe an electric scooter or electric motorbike. But, this is wrong. E-bike looks very simple bike. This bike made of some electric component(materials) such as motor, battery, lights etc. So electric bike is new & best vehicle in the market.

We also discuss briefly with infographic image.

Why You Buy An Electric Bike

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7 Basic reasons we are explaining here.

Here we talking about 7 reasons, why you buy an electric bike. These 7 reasons give you a proper idea about electric bike. What it's benefits are. so, let's talk.

01. Save Money

Everybody wants saving money in vehicle sections. Price very high at presents. The public doesn't afford it too much. So the electric bike offers you a unique transportation alternative petrol vehicle. An electric bike builds with a small powerful motor & a battery. When the battery fully charged it produces 56-65km riding experience. So you think how much cost among patrol or motorbike. It also saves parking fees, toll etc. 

Electric bike

02. Clean, Green Energy

Air pollution is a very common thing in our country. Car, motorbike use petrol & produce smoke. This smoke is very harmful to our nature & also our health. Electric bikes not harmful like others. It keeps green & clean our nature.

electric bike Eco friendly

03. Get there faster

An electric bike is much faster like other motorbikes, cars. This bike speed is 55-60 km per hour. It's the fastest bike like others.

04. Genuinely Sustainable

If you talk about Sustainable I told you e-bike is much stong & Sustainable. These bikes are made of metal & aluminum. So it's build quality strong. This bike doesn't need fuel so it hasn't any tank to damage. It runs with battery.

05. Effortless Hill Climbing

Hills climbing is a passion or challenge among rider. This e-bike is more powerful. The rider can climb the biggest hills by this bikes. Use the battery to support to increase your medium hill-climbing speed and you'll be at the top before you know it!

best electric bike

06. Personal Fitness

A typical bike will keep you fitter - or will it? This depends on how much you use this bike. The analysis reveals that 46% of regular bikes are used & ride only once or twice in a week. Comparing electric bike, this bike uses 81% once or twice a week. 33% are using their bike every day. In research shows that e-bike rider stays in aerobic, fat-burning zone.

07. No Red Tape

Like other vehicle or transportation, the electric bike doesn't require any of papers, registrations, license, number plate or insurance. You can ride it at road freely with fun

Last words

In various types of model in the market, if you purchase an electric bike. A folding electric bike, electric mountain bike, sports electric bikes for men & women. Electric bike saves your money, save our nature, save our time etc. This bike is much more useful like another bike. Others transportation need fuel, registration paper, number plate, license but the electric bike is free of them. So many new or old rider start to riding with an electric bike.

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6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike- A Pro Riders Guide

How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

If you love mountain biking, hope you are excited to experience this exciting hobby. At first, you need a cycle. Choosing a bike as a beginner rider is a challenging task. There is evidently endless mountain bike on the market at present. If you haven't any experience of choosing a mountain bike. In this post, we will focus on some topic which is easy for your selecting first mountain bike. Here we provide 6 steps how to choose your first mountain bike:

6 Steps On How To Choose Your First Mountain Bike

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Choosing a bike style for a new mountain bike

Firstly deciding which style of MTB are comfortable for you. What types you choose depend on you. There are lots of options to choose a mountain bike. Various style mountain bike are:

1. All-Mountain Bikes

If you are finding in mountain riding as opposed to regular tracks riding, an all-mountain frame may be for you. This bike mostly similar to cross country bikes. but with also more emphasis on the climbing ability. 

2. Downhill Mountain bikes

Downhill bike is available on market but this bike is less common. This bike only useful for climbing atop a large hill.

3. Trail bikes

Trail bikes are very popular for delight riding. this bike suspension is much more hardy than the two choices of above. They keep a balance between weight, efficiency, and joy. If you are on a budget to buy a bike, you can go with trail bikes.

mountain bike art

4. Fat Mountain bikes

Fat bikes can have any frame size, but they are placed apart by their fat, wide tires. This tire is comfortable for beginner riders. since a fat tire can manage more crack and is less likely to cause a fall. Riding on snow or sand, it's easier to ride with a fat bike.

5. Cross-Country Bike

If you want speed & want to be fast cross-country bikes for you. This bike is lightweight than other trail bikes. This lightweight is best for the climbing hill. If you want to ride at large trails. This bike is a good choice for you.

Steps: 2

Pick a suspension for your new mountain bike

Now you meet various types of a mountain bike. Now lets a look at the suspension. Mountain bike comes with a suspension. There're the Rear suspension, Full suspension, Rear shock. What suspension you choose, it depends on your budget.

Steps: 3

What types of materials are used in mountain bike

All of the mountain bike made of various types of materials. The steel frame is called a diamond frame. This frame is the most common materials to build a mountain bike. Besides the steel frame also have an aluminum frame, titanium frame, carbon frame. This frame quality depends on your budget which is perfect for you. Here you find a article about how to measure a mountain bike frame

Steps: 4

What is the perfect frame size of mountain bike

Mountain bike has different sizes. People come in different shapes and sizes. So we suggest using the information below as a starting point and a guide. 

  • XS(Extra small): Bike size 13- 14-inch- Normally for riders between 5 feet and 5 feet 4 inch.
  • S (Small): Bike size 14-16 inch: generally for riders between 5 feet 4 inch and 5 feet 7 inch.
  • M (Medium): Bike size 16-18 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 7 inch and 5 feet 10 inch.
  • check
    L (Large): Bike size 18-20 inch: Normally for riders between 5 feet 10 inch and 6 feet 1 inch.
  • check
    XL (Extra Large): Bike size 20-22 inch: Normally for riders over 6 feet 1 inch.
Mountain Bike Size guide

Mountain Bike Size Guide

Steps: 5

Mountain bike brake types

Mountain bike has 3 types of brakes. Coaster brakes, Rim brakes, Disk Brakes. We recommend to you for buying disk brakes version. Disk brake is the most powerful & effective braking system. Actually, Mountain bike brakes also depend on your budget.

Steps: 6

Mountain bike gear

Gear is an area that has seen active development over the years. The basics may be very similar. But with companies pushing their new technologies and releasing 10-speed parts in a host of shapes. Mountain bikes come with two or three chainrings to give a variation to easy gears for climbing. 

Final words

People waste their money on bikes, but they don't get a perfect bike for him. Here we discussed 6 steps on how to choose a mountain bike. Here you can find some topic to choosing an MTB. This guideline is much more useful for you I wish.

Why Should You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike

4 Reasons Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike – Experts Logic

Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike? Great questions. Don't worry biker we reveal it here. Nowadays e-MTB is much more popular. People interested to purchase an electric mountain bike. This bike is simple to ride. So this bike much more popular at any age of people.

Introducing Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike With Infographic

Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike

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Here we discuss 4 Reasons Why You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike.

1. Quicker, seamless ride

We know electric mountain bike run by a motor. This motor reduces pain to ride a bike. This bike run by motor & this motor run by battery. Here rider hasn't any work to do. This bike makes your journey shorter. you can be commuting much quicker than other bikes.

Best electric mountain bike

2. Fun to ride

This bike has great fun to ride. This bike has an extra speed than another bike. so rider fills the ride. You can stop quickly and restart the bike in the middle of traffic.

funny ride of electric mountain bike

3. More Flexible

E-MTB is much more flexible than other bikes. This bike gives you two different types of benefits. If you want to ride as an ordinary bike you can switch it off the motor. If you want to save physical power you can start your bike motor & go.

4. Safety

The electric bike has better safety than others. This bike climb hill at 6mph or car climb hill at 30-35mph. So this bike overtook by many cars. This bike brake is very good & strong. If you apply your brake immediately this bike stops & doesn't skid at a road.

Why you need an electric mountain bike?

Electric Mountain bike introduces a new revolution to the world. Many of rider now take this bike & fill free to riding. The ordinary bike is pedal power, this is a pain for the maximum rider. Especially older. Or an electric bike doesn't have any problem. This bike is run by a motor. So in this section rider doesn't need physical energy. So this some reasons, you need an electric mountain bike.

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10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike – Guidelines by experts

Introducing 10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

Here we provide some advice to helps you to maintain or take care of your mountain bike (MTB). We share with you some advance suggestions to keep your bike good conditions. You should follow this 10 steps after riding your bike. The Infographic helps you to understand the best.

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike with Infographic

10 Steps On How To Maintain A Mountain Bike

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1. Remove accessories on the top of the handlebar

In handlebars have bells, GPS, lights, racks etc. You should remove this all components first. If your cycle running with V brakes please free the wires from the brakes. Now you can clean this cable & brakes. After cleaning you should put it back.

how to remove mountain bike handlebar

2. Turn the bike upside-down

Protecting you bikes grips or saddle put it on a used sheet at the ground. Now you hold a frame strongly with your hand. One hand hold your bike tube at front & another hand holds your frame below of saddle(seat). Next, drive up the bike and turn it over.

3. Remove the wheels

Remove the lever of front wheel axle & lift the wheel out. Remove your bike rear wheel. while you raise up the wheel, shift the rear cassette housing out of the derailleur components

Remove the wheels of mountain bike

4. Clean the drive system

Applying the brush with some foamy water, start washing from the rear derailleur, running the brush & rub into all the removing elements.

Turn the levers to drive the chain around and, hold a wet foamy cloth around the chain on the rear derailleur, give it a great wash down.

Apply the brush with lots of water to wash the chainring. After wash, the chainring, hold it with dry clothes.

  • Now you wash the pedals & wash the arms (cranks).
  • Finally, you should clean the component. Also, the moving parts, clean them completely.
cleaning bike chain

5. Wash the underside

Wash the front forks with foamy water. Now wipe them with dry & clean clothes. With the same style, wash the middle and back of the frame.

  • Clean the handlebars with foaming water. Wash the tube please be attentive to clean the brake & gear, cables properly.
  • Last you should clean your bike underside of the saddle.

6. Wash and remount the wheels

With wet clothes cleaning the rims of front wheels. Now wash down the spokes & axle of the wheel. You should use a degreaser to wash you disk brakes. If you have a disk brake.

  • Hold the rear wheel and wash the rims, spokes, axle, and disk.
  • Wash the gear system at the rear wheel correctly. Use the brush & remove all f stone between the teeth of the cassette with soapy water.
  • Remount the wheel back into the frame. shifting the gear cassette back into the derailleur adjusting.
remount bike wheels

7. Check the wheels

Spin per wheel, make sure it spins easily and you can see that it's straight. As the wheel spin, press your fingers on the rims, to observing dents.

  • If you have disk brakes, you should check both sides of wheels. Make sure it looks smooth.
  • If your bike has a V brake. Spin the wheel, to make sure the brakes don't touch the rims.
  • Spin the wheel properly & check the spoke. Every spoke should tight. If you fill any spoke is loose you should tighten them.
mountain bike wheels

8. Check the drive system

Checking both pedals, spin them. Be careful to notice them, they spin freely & there is no noise from the bearings.

  • Check the front gear system. 
  • Spin the pedal & press the chain up & down. If the chain block. You fail to adjust the mechanism. Readjusts this.
Bike chain tighten

9. Check the brakes

Testing your brakes standing in front of your bike. Hold the handlebars. Apply the front brake. The front wheel shouldn't move. If it does, your brake needs to adjust perfectly.

  • Do the same thing with the rear brake. when the brake is applied, If your rear wheel skid, no need to adjust it the second time.
mountain bike brakes

10. Lubricate the drive system

Apply some lube (oil) over both wheels, gear system. Spin the chain & pedals. Spray the cassettes teeth inside of the chainring beside the cranks. Lube outside of the chainrings in the same way.

bike Lubricate

Final Words

Mountain bike is a luxurious bike for a rider. The everyday rider rides their bike much harder. Bikes some parts can be loose or damage for tough riding. So rider should service their bike. But service is much more expensive. So, they should maintain their MTB perfectly. So they need some suggestions about maintaining mountain bike. so we provide some tips on this topic. if you follow this 10 steps properly after every riding. You can maintain your bike at tip-top condition. 

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best mountain bike shock pumps

10 Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps Reviews 2019 – Cyclist Daily Needs

Introducing Top 10 best mountain bike shock pumps

A shock pump is an absolute necessity of every mountain bike owner. This is especially true if your bike an air fork or a rear air shock. You cannot use a standard bike pump to adjust the pressure in your shock or fork. This is because such pumps can't get enough pressure (without a struggle). A shock pump is essential for fine-tuning the bike's suspension.

Unfortunately, finding a shock pump is no easy fit. The market is full of dozens of products. Each seller or manufacturer makes fantastic claims about their shock pump. To an average buyer, this creates for a confusing situation. This is precisely why we created this guide. Our goal is to simplify your shopping experience by telling you what to look for.

Having examined dozens of shock pumps on the market, we have selected the top 10. These are the ones highest rated by mountain bikers. A great mountain bike pump should be precise, easy-to-use, accurate and durable. It should also have some key features (see our buying guide below).

mountain bike shock

These top 10 products provide the best combination of performance, durability, and value-for-money. They aren't presented in a particular order. Whatever your needs, we are confident that you can find the perfect shock pump among these 10 products. So, let's get started.

Comparison Table Of MTB Shock Pumps

Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-007

Despite its rather cryptic name, the Shox 027-00-007 packs quite a punch. It is a robust, well-built and ergonomic shock pump. The thing which immediately catches your eye is the over-sized pressure gauge. This means you won't have to squint your eyes to read the gauge.

The hand grip of the pump is ergonomic. This makes pumping a breeze. The hose is also long and flexible. It also swivels in all directions and so can be easily attached to your air shock. The shock pump comes with a bleed valve which releases air in bursts of around 5psi. You can, therefore, fine-tune your air pressure to your preferred levels.

All these features come in a product with a solid build. You can rest assured that the Shox 027-00-007 will last you a while. The only downside of this shock pump is the maximum of 150psi. This means that if your air shock goes beyond that, it won't help you much.

Things we like:

  • It has a large pressure gage which makes it easy to monitor while pumping.
  • It has a bleed valve for releasing excess air.
  • It has a thick, flexible hose which swivels 360 degrees.
  • check
    It has a large ergonomic grip.

Things we don't like:

  • It has a maximum pressure capacity of 150 psi.

RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump (300 psi max)

This can be considered mid-range in the line of RockShox High-Pressure shock pumps. Its 300 psi maximum capacity is dwarfed by its cousin which reaches a whopping 600 psi. This shock pump is also a comparatively new to the market compared to its counterparts. Still, it is a rock solid product.

This shock pump is efficient, accurate and easy to use. The pumping mechanism is consistent even as the pressure increases. You don't have to exert greater energy at higher pressure levels. The shock pump is also quite lightweight – compared to its counterparts. The only downside is that it loses pressure (around 15 to 20 psi) when detaching the valve.

Things we like:

  • It has a maximum pressure of 300 psi.
  • It is small and lightweight (weighs 208 g).
  • It is strong, durable and easy to use.
  • check
    Its pressure gauge is accurate and easy to read.

Things we don't like:

  • It loses about 15 to 20 psi when detaching the valve.
  • It has a plain rubber hose (not braided) which is not as strong as braided hoses.

Topeak Pocket Shock DXG

Lightweight, precise and durable, the Topeak DXG is a product even a pro biker would be proud to have. This shock pump seems to back everything a biker needs. This shock pump reaches absolute accuracy – with a gauge that is easy to read. It has a bleed valve for fine-tuning the suspension to exactly how you need it.

The standout feature of the Topeak DXG is the Pressure-Rite' connector. This uses a two-part connection mechanism with separate attachments for the needle and valve. The end result is almost no air loss during pumping – a fact which makes this pump extremely easy to use. This ease of use is boosted by the rotating hose. This makes it easy to attach to the rear shock valve. 

Things we like:

  • It is small, lightweight (170g/0.37lb) and portable which makes it easy to move around with.
  • It is constructed out of high-quality materials and is thus durable.
  • Has a pressure-rite shock valve which minimizes air loss during pumping.
  • check
    It has a color-coded gauge which simplifies tracking your pumping efforts.
  • It can deliver air pressure up to 300psi (20.7 bars).
  • It has a bleed valve makes it easy to fine-tune the pressure by releasing excess pressure.

Things we don't like:

  • The location of the bleed valve makes it easy to accidentally press.

Fox High Pressure Shock Pump

This shock pump is considered somewhat a classic. Experienced bikers know the Fox High Pressure as one of the first to introduce the low volume cylinder. Most bike pumps use high volume cylinders. These are great for low-pressure applications, however, for high volume applications, they are difficult to pump. They get harder as the number of psi increases. Low volume cylinders make it easy for pumping high pressures.

The Fox is also among the first to introduce bleed valves and pressure levels of up to 300psi. With this pump, you get a product which is loved and trusted with bikers. Despite shock pumps with more advanced features entering the market, the Fox High Pressure Shock Pump still remains a best-seller on Amazon.

Things we like:

  • It has pressure levels of up to 300 psi.
  • It uses a low volume cylinder which makes it easy to pump in the high pressure situation.
  • It contains a bleed valve for fine-tuning the amount of pressure.
  • check
    It has a solid built and is therefore robust and durable.

Things we don't like:

  • The coupler nut spin is limited. This means that to fully attach it to a valve, you need to turn the whole unit. This is quite inconvenient and can get awkward in a bike with cables in the way.

RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump (600 psi)

This shock pump is built to handle the highest capacity air shocks available on the market. At 600 psi maximum capacity – it is the undoubted king of shock pumps. Well, it certainly reigns supreme in terms of capacity.

In other respects (build, strength, and performance), it is similar to the RockShox High Pressure (300psi). However, its hose is very detailed (naturally), and the pump is amazingly accurate even at lower temperatures.

The shock pump has a bleed valve which makes it great for fine-tuning. Its hose is flexible and is connected via a swivel joint. This makes usage very easy. The entire pump is coated in matte black – which makes it quite cool.

Things we like:

  • It has a maximum pressure of 600 psi which means it can handle all air shocks out there.
  • It has a bleed valve which simplifies fine-tuning.
  • Its hose has a swivel joint which simplifies usage.
  • check
    Its gauge is detailed and accurate.

Things we don't like:

  • The pump is quite long. Its folded length is 340mm which makes it not very portable compared to its counterparts.
  • The pressure gauge is quite small for its range. Taking readings isn't very easy.

RockShox High Pressure Digital

The standout feature of the RockShox High-Pressure is pumping in the high-pressure ranges. In most cases, shock pumps become harder once you go above 150p psi. The higher you go – the harder it gets to pump. This shock pump has no problems. The amount of energy you exert remains uniform. This makes it easy to attain high pressures without breaking a sweat.

The digital display is, of course, a bonus. It means you can keep track of the pressure at a glance. This product is also on the low-end of the digital product range. And yet its quality matches that of its higher-priced counterparts. It is thus a great choice for someone looking for a digital shock pump.

Things we like:

  • It has a digital display.
  • It has relatively high accuracy.
  • It is quite cheap.
  • check
    It bleeds little air at the point of detachment.

Things we don't like:

  • The readings can fluctuate widely if not properly attached to the air shock.
  • Needs to be tightly screwed in order to work well.

Fox Racing Shox 300 PSI Digital Shock Pump 027-00-010

Digital shock pumps are generally easy to read. All you need is one glance to know the pressure. The Fox Racing 027-00-010 is no exception. With a maximum capacity of 300 psi, this pump will serve most purposes. The pump is also quite robust and easy to use. Essentially, it is a great product for anyone looking for a shock pump.

However, this pump has some major weaknesses. The biggest one is the battery. The digital display is powered by a battery. Unfortunately, the battery is inbuilt without a cover for opening it easily. To access the battery, you need to unscrew and open up the entire unit. This is extremely inconveniencing – given that the battery runs out after prolonged use.

The pump also doesn't have a press-release valve. You have to unscrew it to release excess air. This is of course inconvenient. An inbuilt press-release system would have made the unit more user-friendly. Fortunately, there's a newer version of the Fox Shox digital which fixes these problems.

Things we like:

  • It has a maximum capacity of 300 psi.
  • It has a digital pressure gauge which is easy to read.
  • It provides accurate readings.
  • check
    It is easy to use.

Things we don't like:

  • It leaks air when unscrewing from the valve.
  • It has an inbuilt battery without a mechanism to easily remove it.
  • It has no bleed valve.

Rambo R107 Buzzy's Pollinator 300 PSI Shock Pump

The Rambo R107 is the kind of shock pump a typical biker would love to have. This is because it comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a shock pump. For starters, it has a maximum pressure of 300 psi. This makes it great for most air shocks and forks on the market.

This pump is built to maintain ease-of-use even at higher pressures. This means you can attain maximum pressure without breaking a sweat. The head has an anti-leak cuck which minimizes air loss during inflation. It also has a pressure-release valve (bleed valve) to release excess pressure. The bump has an inflation needle which makes it adaptable for other purposes e.g. inflating balls.

The entire unit is built to simplify usage. It comes with an ergonomic grip for easy pumping. It also has a large pressure gauge which is both easy-to-use and accurate. The gauge can be detached from the pump and parked separately during travel.

Things we like:

  • It has a maximum capacity of 300 psi.
  • It has a large, easy-to-read and accurate pressure gauge.
  • It has a detachable pressure gauge for easy storage during travels.
  • check
    It has an anti-leak chuck which immunizes air loss during pumping.
  • It comes with a bleed valve for fine-tuning the pressure levels.

Things we don't like:

  • It is inaccurate for measuring very small pressures (0 to 10 psi). The needle doesn't move until the pressure reaches 10psi.
  • Some users complain that the pump is too long for pumping suspension locks which makes it awkward to operate.

Fox Racing Shox Digital Pump

This is the newer version of the Fox Racing 027-00-010 (#7 above). As such, it is an improvement on the former. The greatest improvement is that the battery is much easier to replace. The other features are pretty much the same (i.e. 300 psi, a digital gauge and ease of use).

The major problem with this pump arises when you want to read the existing pressure. Simply attaching it will not work. You need to give the pump 2 or 3 pumps before it syncs with the shock and reads the pressure. This is of course quite inconveniencing. The good news is that once it can read the pressure, the readings are very accurate.

Things we like:

  • It has a maximum capacity of 300 psi.
  • It has a digital pressure gauge which is easy to read.
  • It provides accurate readings.
  • check
    It is easy to use.

Things we don't like:

  • It leaks air when unscrewing from the valve.
  • It has no bleed valve.
  • It requires a few pumps to read existing pressure.

Zefal Z Shock 360 PSI Bicycle Pump

At first glance, the Zefal Z seems to check all the right boxes. Its maximum capacity of 360 psi places it slightly ahead of most shock pumps on the market (which max out at 300psi). The pump is produced by Zefal – one of the top brands in bike accessories market. The pump has a rotating hose, pressure regulator (bleed valve) and a large pressure gauge. Essentially, it seems to offer everything a biker would want in a shock pump.

The problem seems with execution. Testing the pump reveals flaws in the build. For starters, the head doesn't fit snugly on most shock valves. This means that there is plenty of air leakage during pumping. In fact, the pump can mysteriously suck all the pressure out of your air shock. Why it does this is totally unexplainable. You simply attach it and within seconds, the gauge is reading 0psi.

Things we like:

  • It boasts of a maximum capacity of 360psi.
  • It has a rotating hose and bleeds valve.

Things we don't like:

  • Its head doesn't fit snugly on most valves.
  • It leaks a lot of air during pumping.
  • It can leak all the air out of an air shock after being attached.

Why do we need bicycle shock pumps?

You need a shock pump to fine-tune your mountain bike's suspension. This is important when you have an air fork or rear air shock on your mountain bike. You cannot use a standard bike pump because it doesn't go up to enough pressure. A shock pump is what you need for attaining the required psi.

A bike's suspension helps to improve comfort, control, and traction on rocky terrain or potholed roads. It works sort of like shock absorbers on a car – protecting you from to bumps on a rocky terrain. This not only protects you, but it also enables you to enjoy your ride.

The suspension is fine-tuned by using compression and rebound adjustments. This controls how much the rear wheel moves. The amount of pressure in the air shock determines the amount of compression and rebound. You need different settings depending on the terrain you will ride in, your weight and riding style.

A shock pump is what helps you to fine-tune the suspension adjustments. It does this by enabling you to either add pressure or remove pressure – depending on your needs. The end result is that your mountain bike is set exactly the way you want it. You can then hit the road and have a great time.

The Buying Guide (How to choose a mountain bike shock pump?)

The market is full of scores of mountain bike shock pumps. And each manufacturer or seller makes fantastic claims about its product. How do you choose the right one? Well, the answer is simple. You need to know what to look out for. There are five major components of a mountain bike shock pump. When shopping for a shock pump, these are the things to consider:

Pressure Gauge

The Pressure gauge is also referred to as a precision gauge. This is what used to measure the air pressure in the rear shock. You use this to adjust the pressure by either pumping in the air or bleeding air from the shock.

shock pump gauge

There are two major types of gauges i.e. analog gauges (which look like the face of a clock or compass) and digital gauges. The analog gauges usually have a needle or arm which moves to indicate the amount of pressure. The digital gauges display the pressure in the form of digits.

Whether you choose digital or analog is a matter of preference. There is no performance difference between the two. Some prefer digital displays because they're easy to read. The analogs may be trickier to read – especially if you're a novice. Even then, it doesn't take long to get used.

When choosing an analog pressure gauge, you need to consider the maximum number of psi displayed. A good gage should display up to 300psi. This will make it robust enough to handle all other possible pressure settings.

The Handle

The handle (also known as the T-handle) is the grip for handling the pump while pumping. The grip needs to be large and well-cushioned enough for you to pump easily. This will depend on the size of your hands. A small handle can be a pain to pump with – since you cannot exert maximum strength while pumping.

mountain bike handlebar


This is also called the air hose. It channels air from the pump to the air shock. There are two things that matter in a hose i.e. flexibility and length. A good hose should be flexible enough to adjust to the placement of the valve. This will enable you to pump from different positions. The hose should also be long enough for you to pump comfortably

shock pump hose

The Head

This is what you use to attach the shock pump to the air shock valve. There are two things which are important in the head. The first is flexibility. A head which can turn 360 degrees makes it easy to attach to the shock valve. Any degree of flexibility is better than no flexibility.

bike pump head

The second thing is a zero-loss connector. This is designed to prevent air loss during pumping and detachment. Not all pumps have such a connector. For those which don't have, you can hear air escaping even during pumping. This means that it takes longer (and more effort) to pump up enough pressure.

Bleed Valve

This is also called a micro-bleed valve. It is used to remove excess pressure from the air shock. This is important for fine-tuning your air shock compression/rebound settings.

shock pump bleed valve
bleed valve

Final Verdict

One product which ticks all the right boxes is Topeak Pocket Shock DXG. It is robust, durable, accurate, and has all the features you need to fine-tune your bike's suspension. To further sweeten the deal, it is small, compact and portable. Basically, it is the mountain shock pump you would need on your biking adventures. Basically, unless you need a psi capacity beyond the 300 that Topeak Pocket Shock DXG offers, you will not find a better product on the market.

Best Mountain Bike Shorts Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Shorts Reviews – A pro cyclist collections

So you like mountain biking. That’s a good choice type of bicycle riding. A good weather and a perfect bike for going out for a ride. Is that enough for a perfect riding! Of course not, you need safety gears and suitable clothing for your riding. But we are not going to talk about all of those things. Here we are going to inform you about the best mountain bike shorts. 

Top 12 Best Mountain Bike Shorts Review

Two types of bike shorts are available on the market. One type is body fit shorts and another type is baggy shorts. Body fit shorts are good at airmatic but baggy shorts are good at features. It’s up to you which one is perfect for you but we are trying to help you for a better choice. So let’s see the high rated MTB shorts.

MTB shorts for men and woman

Men and woman have a different choice of clothing. Also, their biological needs are slightly different. As wearable products shorts need to be different for both of them. The manufacturing company produces the products depends on their choice and comfort. This article will go through the men’s and woman’s MTB bike shorts with two different section. So go through this article, hope it will help you to get your needed shorts for mountain biking. 

Mountain bike shorts for men & women

Best men’s MTB shorts

Here we are going to show you the bike shorts depending on the men’s need and choice. These high rated bike shorts will impress you with its impressive features. Not only features these are fashionable too. So let’s see.

Comparison Table Of Men's Bike Shorts

Sugoi Men's Evolution Shorts

Sugoi Men’s Evolution Shorts maintain a comfortable and good finishing on all sides. The dual surfaced Evo Tech material seams are stitched smoothly and perfectly. Ricaro 2 pad gives extra comfort and leg grippers with a simple logo.

Cycling shots need to be smoothly designed and without unnecessary features. Sugoi shorts follow this rules with eight panels to fit with body contour. The waistband of these shorts maintains an ideal position on a sporty bike. This waistband little bit dipped at the front and higher at the back. The inner side of these shorts is perfectly comfortable and friction free. Evo plus fabric is moisture wicking and breathable to ensure the riders comfort. The inner surface is smooth while the outer surface is snag resistant and solid clothing. Powerband leg cuffs are not confined for riders thighs and not slippery at all. 

Between rider and saddle, the most important part of a short is chamois. Sugoi men’s evolution shorts are equipped with the high tech RC Pro chamois. It is a multiple channeled 3D shaped chamois. The 3D shape makes it ergonomically fit. It has a15 millimeters high-density foam help to reduce the road vibration. The channels follow a good ventilation system to help the rider during the hot weather. Four ways expansion panel perfectly molded with the body contour. It’s a perfect chamois for the everyday cycling enthusiast in all around shock absorption, breathable and comfort. These chamois maintain its shape after several washes.


  • Evo Plus fabric gives these shorts a moisture wicking and good breathability feature.
  • Comfortable waistband and with 100% aerodynamics.
  • RC Pro chamois will give you a full comfort on a long ride.
  • check
    Powerband leg gripper to stable the bottom line on the right place.

Things we like:

  • Perfect for a long ride, road biking and mountain biking (According to user’s review).
  • Sun protection system.
  • 60 days guarantee.

Things we don't like:

  • some riders think it’s not that stylish. 

Fox Head Men's Ranger 12-Inch Cargo Shorts

This fox head ranger cargo shorts is a versatile short for everywhere from the American desert to Canadian forests. Undulating flow trail or downhill, it can be transformed into both types. It is a perfect one for mountain bikers with its knee-length cut and functionality.

You will feel flexible while paddling and descending across technical terrain because of its robust durability and flexible padding. Its two ways clothing made with light weighted stretch fabric and breathable polyester. Stretch fabric makes you feel comfort and polyester will save you from outer ragging. It sets right at the knee with an ample room and without being baggy like a gravity-specific short. But at the same time stretch give you a full freedom.

It’s mainly a mountain biker short so lots of shock needs to be absorbed. For that, it has Evo chamois to take care. Evo chamois has dual density foam and four ways stretch to absorb more shocks. Four ways stretch will help to move with you for perfect comfort. It will protect you from chapping without unnecessary bulk. It has an adjustable waistband to feel you truly fit. Cargo pockets will help you to keep your necessary goods, like snacks, mobile, map etc.


  • Roomy cargo pockets.
  • Detachable liner with Evo chamois.
  • Adjustable waistband.

Things we like:

  • Stylish designed shorts.
  • Versatile short for riders.
  • Clean Graphics.

Things we don't like:

  • Maybe its bulker for road bikers.

Pearl iZUMi Men's Elite Escape Bib Shorts

Pearl iZUMi Men's Elite Escape Bib Shorts is a perfect name to denote its expertise. It’s a high-quality short for a warm weather. Especially for spring and summer weather make charm full ride. The fabric equipped with In-R-Cool cold-black technology. So it reflects the heat from the riders without absorbing the heat. The cooling system is an important feature for a cyclist while cycling. Many shorts aren’t featured like this one and it’s a plus point for this Pearl Izumi shorts.

This short maintains a good relationship between the riders back and saddle. It has a pad of 13mm to give you enough comfort and protection. The channels down to the center make it flexible and breathable. It’s not 13mm at all over but just in the needed places. Somewhere it’s 4mm thick to allow riders flexibility.

Multiple panels made it following the body contour and double needle seems for all kind of abuse. They used doubled-over cuff of same fabric rather than using an elastic band. And it works fine without any extra pressure on the thigh. To stop shimmying up leg over time they put silicone print inside the hem. The main fabric is pretty much rugged to give a good protection.

On the base of the back, there is a mesh for another ventilation system. The fabric of the bib straps is light and airy. There is a small pocket for an electronic device like race radio and a fabric loop for headphone wire.

Now the main concern if it will fit or not. It has enough long range of size for you to choose. It will fit you on the saddle and give you full flexibility but it’s not for street walking.


  • Facilitate Vent sheets give common ventilation .
  • Work confront fabric upper outfits quality with comfort.
  • Smart segments for low-light detectable quality.

Things we like:

  • A perfect cooling system (In-R-Cool cold-black technology).
  • Comfortable chamois.
  • Perfect fitting on the saddle.

Things we don't like:

  • Small pockets.

Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Cycling Short

Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Cycling Short is for beginner to mid-level cycling shorts. Without bib upper, it’s a good quality cycling short within a mid-budget.

The chamois of this short is pretty much large to give a free space while paddling. This chamois consists of 3 layers to give you comfort and protection. It’s 13mm thick with some different type of density for flexibility and air circulation. With a good comfort, it will allow you to position adjustment. This seamless chamois will protect you from chafing. Is it paddling friendly, yes of course? It will face the issues of paddling with a quick position adjustment feature.

The Pearl Izumi Quest Short has a good body contour for better fitness. Six panels made up the anatomic design for superior comfort. Edges of the panels have no extra clothing after needling so no discomfort on lines. It’s made for a general ride too hard riding. The fabric of this short is at high breathability and moisture management system makes rider to feel free. At this point, it is not best but maintains the regular quality. It’s not too much stylish for a great performance. But maintain a higher level style as far as possible. The main purpose of this short is a great ride rather than a fashion statement.

It’s for home leisure ride as recommended but for the hard ride, it will work fine. Intermediate cyclist or enthusiast can use these shorts for 1 to 5 rides. Overall it’s an excellent functional cycling short within a reasonable price.


  • Mixing nylon and spandex, SELECT Exchange texture joins an amazing stretch with cool solace.
  • Consistent 3D Visit chamois highlights 13mm of variable densities of formed cushioning to block erosion focuses and secure key zones.
  • check
    BioViz™ intelligent components for low-light perceptibility.

Things we like:

  • Good package at a low cost.
  • Enough durable.
  • Comfortable on the saddle.
  • Moisture wicking technology.

Things we don't like:

  • Not the best on the present market but at this cost yes it is.

ZOIC Men's Ether Cycling Shorts

Zoic Men’s Ether Cycling Shorts is stylish and fully functional cycling shorts. At present many cycling shorts are not that stylish for their features or they are not a concern. But zoic men’s ether shorts follow both ways to meet the athletic needs and stylish look. The faux front belt loops and quick access hand pocket gives this short a casual look. By separating liner it is wearable off the bike. But the color and the mesh panels also make it a bike shorts. The fit is a little bit baggier than the body fitted shorts but its cut is designed for the paddling position. The waist adjustment system will fit this short on you with your full satisfaction.

This short has a high level of durability at its value. Zoic tested this short and passed it well. But it has some prone side like back mesh and insider side leg meshes. It’s actually not that bad because of the ventilation function. It’s an important feature for cycling short. The pocket interior also has mesh quality and it’s useful for hot summer. The inseam is 12 inches long so when you stand up it will fall just over the knee. So it will give an extra protection during the crash time. Enough room for fit your knee pad.

The four-way stretch fabric is enough paddles friendly. Its little bit baggier than body fit shorts but it’s good enough for a long ride. This short has a removable ipl essential Liner. Zoic has made the body toured with six panels and no center front seam. It’s enough breathable and moisture wicking. This liner and its Zoic comfort chamois will protect you from chaffing. This wear tested with a long ride of 2000 miles over 46 days throughout India. So you can feel free from its performance. Zoic comfort chamois is a multi-level anatomic foam pad. It will keep you dry with a moisture wicking technology.


  • Rough, speedy drying ripstop nylon external shorts persevere through overwhelming use and oppose scraped spot.
  • Versatile back belt and snare and circle side tabs dial in your fit.
  • Level front belt anchors with zipping fly and snap.

Things we like:

  • A stylish functional short.
  • Plenty of pockets.
  • Well ventilation system.
  • Low price.

Things we don't like:

  • Slightly less Aromatic reason it’s a mountain bike short.

SANTIC Men's Cycling Shorts 4D Coolmax Padded Bike Shorts

As a huge modern endeavor which consolidates Research and development, outline and generation, Santic removes all the go-between costs, offers proficient utilitarian cycling attire, shoes and adornments, deals all through the world in excess of 30 nations, and winds up Chinese Cycling Affiliation co-marking, China National Marathon co-marking, the Voyage through Qinghai Lake Global Cycling Race co-marking.

Santic R-Feel texture is most appropriate for medium to long separation cycling. This texture has a high enemy of pilling obstruction in forestalling pilling and shading blurring after different use under high effect when the cycling pants ceaselessly rub against the bike saddle. The assembling procedures and crude materials utilized were for the most part natural substance to limit ecological defilement and contamination

SANTIC STRETCH+ is an in-house innovation created by Santic's exploration group and fashioners. The versatile idea of this texture guarantee culminates fit to our body forms, in this manner giving greatly streamlined trademark, shielding the body muscle from overabundance vitality utilization because of muscles extending when working out.


  • Repels sweat from the body.
  • Light, delicate, unfolding texture.
  • Keeps easily, new and cool, Exhibitions checked and ensured.
  • check
    Adequately decreasing the perspiration delivered sharp riding, dispose of contaminations caused by microorganisms, and ensures you wellbeing.

Things we like:

  • Quality build.
  • Good service for less money.
  • Has zip pockets.

Things we don't like:

  • The leg band is not stretchy enough.
  • Padding misplaced.

Best woman’s MTB shorts

Here we are going to show you the bike shorts depending on the woman’s need and choice. These high rated bike shorts will impress you with its impressive features. Not only features these are fashionable too. So let’s see.

women's mountain bike shorts

Comparison Table Of Women's Bike Shorts

Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Pursuit Shorts

In the sunniest days don’t hesitate to go out on your cycle if you have Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Pursuit Shorts. It’s a light weighted short with some good features for comfort. It constantly wicking away the sweat rarely you will feel. Six panels follow the body couture to high compression of muscle for power up. It will save your gams from UV rays during your paddle up time. It has UPF 50+ sun protection.

These shorts are fashionable and technologically improved for bike riding. Pearl Izumi elite have In-R-Cool fabric to give you comfortable feelings by wicking moisture during paddling. It reduces 5% temperature from your body. The mixing of lycra elastic fabric makes it more stable around your legs. It will not move around while you going for uphill or long flat country road. The silicone leg grippers keep your leg cool and keep your shorts on exact place. Long nine-inch inseam will give you a good protection. It has a wide waistband to keep a good relationship with your skin. 

Perl Izumi has used ELITE pursuit 1:1 chamois. This chamois combines plush and high-density foam layered. 4 ways stretched material will give you comfort without any restriction. So you can go for a long or demanding ride by putting on this chamois. The material is with moisture-wicking technology and breathability but lightweight. These shorts are fashionable with reflecting element for better visibility. It’s 100% airmatic so no need extra pressure on the paddle.


  • First class Move In-R-Cool texture with coldblack limits warm retention.
  • The wide belt is agreeable and stays put.
  • Ladies' Tip top Pursuit™ 1:1 Chamois is smooth my skin, with a 4-way extend top sheet and focused on high-thickness bolster for rich, throughout the day comfort.

Things we like:

  • Wide waistband for skin care and true fitting.
  • In-R-Cool technology.
  • Women Elite 1:1 chamois.
  • Reflective element for visibility.
  • Fashionable with 100% airmatic.

Things we don't like:

  • Some riders dislike wearing body contoured shorts.

Pearl Izumi Women's W Sugar Shorts

It is a good female short for indoor cycling practice or short rides. For an indoor spin class or short outdoor ride, it’s perfect for female riders because of its tenuous characteristics. This pearl Izumi sugar short retains a bit much moisture during indoor cycling classes. It’s not for long outdoor rides but perfect for 90% weekend athletes. Pearl Izumi has a good reputation for cycling shorts with great features. The same condition can be applied for this short also. These shorts have signature chamois of tour 3D to ensure comfort on the saddle. It has an anatomic shape to match with body anatomy. Four ways stretched chamois will give you a good freedom without any restriction. Moisture-wicking technology will keep you dry on this chamois.

The reflective element gives it a good visibility. This feature is for low lighted places. It is machine washable and dry well. Unlike other competitors, it is an extra feature. The 5.5-inch inseam makes this short fashionable with a good comfort. The silicon made leg gripper keep the inseam on the right place and stop form riding up. This silicon gripper will also keep your leg cool. It’s another solid short from Pearl Izumi. A wide range of fittings for everyone so no need for waist adjustment system. Enough types of colored shorts to meet the rider’s personal choices and fashions. Though it’s an indoor cycling short for a long ride it will not be defeated. It has a UPF 50+ sun protection so you can go out with it.


  • BioViz™ Shouting shading choice for included sunlight permeability.
  • Silicone leg grippers hold fixes set up without narrowing.
  • Complimenting wide belt for unrivaled solace.

Things we like:

  • Perfect for spin classes or indoor cycling.
  • Well moisture retaining system.
  • Light weighted and fashionable.
  • Machine washable.
  • 3D shaped chamois with moisture wicking technology.

Things we don't like:

  • Not recommended for the long outdoor ride.

Champion Women's Power Cotton Bike Shorts

Champion is well-reputed company athletic wears. Champion women’s power cotton bike short one of the highly rated products of them. The bod of these shorts is made of 88% cotton and 12% spandex. And the crotch liner also made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The high percentage of cotton will give you a natural feel and good comfort. The spandex will give you a good cotton feel with a compression fit. These fitted shorts have double dry fabric system for retaining moisture. During paddling time it will surely give you a dry by wicking moisture. Plus powerful stretch will make your move easy and free when turning or paddling.

Cotton and spandex mixed fabric gusset lock the liner to control the garment odors. The 7-inch long inseam of these shorts with chafe-free flatlock. This short follows the body contour to make it 100% airmatic. Also, it can be fit under a loose wear during cold environment. Body contoured low-rise waist stretched for all-day ease.


  • Durable cotton with smooth touchy feel.
  • Power Flex stretching technology for maximum comfort.
  • Awesome flexibility.

Things we like:

  • High percentage of cotton mixed.
  • Natural feels with the smoothness.
  • Garment odor control system.
  • Well body contoured.
  • Double dry fabric for moisture control.

Things we don't like:

  • No padding.
  • Too Thick and hot.

Santic Women's Cycling Shorts 4D Padded Elastic Comfortable Bike Shorts Black

This 4D padded short is a good one for female road and mountain bikers. It can be used for indoor bicycling too. The santic elastic+ technology makes a ride range up to 5 hours. The fabric is quick-dry and sponge. The inseam is long around 30 cm from crotch to bottom. The outer side of the legs has a line of a dot for air passing. Breathable fabric and breath holes make this short perfect for the summer session.

The pad dries fast to ensure maximum comfort. Santic R-Feel technology mixed special compound with organic silicon. The fabric is soft and special anti-pilling for stop friction under any condition. This pad is perfect for a long ride with shockproof and breathable enough. Reflective logo helps to visible under a low light for your safety. It has silicon leg gripper to keep the bottom stable. Also, the silicon will help you to keep cooler under a warm condition. The drawstring helps it to fit true. It’s washing process is too easy just use normal water below 31°C.


  • Natural skin like multidirectional elasticity allows full comfort.
  • The four-dimensional cushion gives maximum transfer and breath-ability.
  • Charismatic female design works.

Things we like:

  • Well-padded for mid to long distance ride.
  • Moisture wicking technology.
  • easy to wash.

Things we don't like:

  • No dry wash, no iron or no bleach can be applied, just only normal water .

XGC Women's Cycling Shorts Highly Breathable 3D Padded

Utilizing 3D high-thickness breathable wipe pad, great breathability and high versatile reestablishing power of wipe, viably mitigate hip agony or uneasiness caused when riding (It is prescribed to pick high wipe pad, for delicate skin, silicone pad may cause sensitivities, while the pad of high breathability and flexibility has better breathability solace and security contrasted with silicone pad.) 

Practical breathable, dampness retention and sweat discharging textures will help keep up great breathability and effective perspiration discharging, with the goal that you won't feel stuffy, the textures won't adhere to your skin, and you will remain breathable, cool and dry for quite a while when cycling

3D high-thickness breathable silicone Wipe pad is received. Its great air porousness and high versatility and flexibility of wipes will adequately alleviate the hip torment or distress caused by cycling

There is an extensive zone of choice light thinking about LOGO outline the front and back of shorts, which will make you more secure and more powerful amid the night while cycling

Ergonomic plan, 3D cutting and propelled sewing process make it agreeable to wear on.


  • Delicate texture cushion layer decreases the rubbing viably.
  • Against shock.3D cushioned which give great protection, to keep away from wounds caused by riding.
  • Astounding wipe with 78 airholes guarantees greatest enemy of bacterial capacity and breathability.
  • check
    Reasonable for ladies, our shorts can help soothe hip torment from long cycle rides.

Things we like:

  • The chamois cushioning is all around set and liberal.
  • High caliber with adaptable material.
  • The texture is delicate, barely blurred, can stand washing .

Things we don't like:

  • A lot of room around the midriff, however, legs still somewhat tight.

Beroy Womens 3D Gel Padded Bike Shorts

Finding the correct bicycle short for women can be a significant titanic errand however it really is great that you are here in light of the fact that we make the undertaking less demanding for you. Beroy Ladies' bicycle shorts do well to help ladies' trust in taking longer rides. Since most ladies tend to encounter distress and soreness effortlessly from longer rides, some shorts eases such uneasiness

All the more significantly, its 3D gel cushioning inside the shorts is very thick that it gives you satisfactory padding amid long rides. it likewise has an intelligent plan in which its logos and complexity shading are effortlessly observed or seen when you are preparing or working out either in the early long periods of the morning speak during the evening.

Its texture is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex which makes it a versatile one that additionally empowers speedy dry after wash or perspiring. This done by wicking the perspiration far from the skin at that point driving it up to the gasp's surface keeping in mind the end goal to accelerate vanishing. This, thusly, keeps you functioning as hard as you want while your body as dry, light and cool as would be prudent. Its stitch contains silicon which additionally decreases the creation of lactic corrosive. 


  • It has a 3D cushioning which is thick enough to give the wearer comfort.
  • It has intelligent logos that enhance your well-being while at the same time riding at a young hour in the day or late in the night.

Things we like:

  • Pleasant shading mix.
  • It helps to diminishes lactose generation.

Things we don't like:

  • In the event that you are requesting on the web, arrange a little size for a superior fit.

How to Choose the Mountain Bike Shorts

Why not road bike shorts or athletic shorts, why MTB shorts. The main characteristic of a mountain bike short is more protection and more features. Most of the mountain bike short has way protection, inner and outer protection. Inside a mountain bike, there is a liner body fitting short with a chamois pad to absorb shock. And the outer short will protect you from abrading during a crash. 

mountain bike shorts

Your riding style

What is your riding style? There are various types of biking shorts depends on riding style. There are some types of mountain biking like cross country, downhill, freeride, trail riding, and dirt jumping. So you know that what kind of ride you will do most. You have to choose shorts depends on the types of biking because it differs in shorts characteristics. Here are going to show you those characteristics. 

Cross-country riding

These types of ride generally take on comparatively smoother trails and the paddle duration is longer. So with 29-inch wheels and a long paddling, you need to be lighter as much possible as you can. So cross country riders want lighter shorts with less obstructive and maximum paddle friendly. The ventilation system is an important feature of these types of shorts. Protection and durability is not that remarked issue for this types. So you have to choose a short that is not baggier, good aerodynamics and less featured with light weighted


Enduro is a hot topic in the mountain biking area. Enduro meaning may vary slightly but it includes riding up and riding down both simultaneously. You can call it all mountains biking in one. So for this ride, you have to choose shorts focusing on durability and protection features. The chamois pad is good or not, with a ventilation and comfort fitness. Is this short good enough to set your knee pad? These issues you have to keep in mind. Of course, paddle friendliness should be checked

mountain bike shorts review


Downhill riding is like ski but on a cycle. Its main theme goes down from up. So this type of ride required more safety and protection. For this ride, you should wear full-face helmets, goggles, neck braces alongside with elbow and knee pad. The short needs to behave enough room for knee pad at the legs end. Long inseam will give you an extra protection from the crash. While you go for a full blown downhill ride where most of the time you will just stand and paddle. Then heavier downhill short is perfect without liner shorts and chamois. 


A chamois stays between the body and saddle to protect your body. At the first chamois were made with leather but now they are made with synthetic materials. There are many kinds of shorts but mainly chamois make them bike shorts. You have to choose shorts on your riding style if it’s thick or thin if you need chamois or not. The chamois should be wicking synthetic material and perfectly shaped with your body. Is it perfect size for your comfort and positioned correctly. The ventilation system of a chamois is a bit important. In mountain biking, the saddle mostly contacts with the body at the rear side. So the chamois should be sewn slightly more close at the rare of the shorts. 


Bike shorts come with a bunch of features. Go for your needed features, not extra features. Extra features will cost you more while you don’t need that features. Sometimes extra features also increase weight and make slightly bad aerodynamic. For cross country or enduro may be you will need to carry a hydration pack. So you don’t need extra pockets. But many riders today don’t want to carry hydration pack for enjoying the ride. Try to choose that shorts with zippered pockets if you need pockets. Because it’s mountain biking and bouncing is a common thing. So the only zipper can perfectly save your food, phone, and bike tools from falling down. Waist adjustment system is a common and necessary feature to fit shorts perfectly on you. It’s a matter is that waist adjustment tab inside or outside. If the tab is outside that means there is a slightly ragging issue. Like that issue, if the tab is inside, it will be slightly hard to adjust. It’s all upon you what feature you need or not.

mens bike shorts


Sizing is a crucial part of buying a short or any kind of clothing. Generally every manufactured short has a range of size if it’s waist adjustable. In buying time just check that it’s for your size or not. 

This is a basic guide to help you with your perfect shorts. Hope it will make you a solid and comfortable short purchase.

Men's bib & shorts sizing guide




Hips size



Small (SM)



Small (SM)















Extra Large



Extra Large



2 Extra Large



2 Extra Large



Women's bib & shorts sizing guide




Hips size



Extra Small



Extra Small



Small (SM)



Small (SM)















Extra Large



Extra Large



2 Extra Large



2 Extra Large




Tight lycra shorts are thin and breathable yet offer little assurance. Baggier trail shorts can be found with this material for summer riding, or thicker, ripstop material to secure you better in a crash. You may likewise need some level of water obstruction so you can impact through winter puddles and rain.


Similarly, as with all attire, it's horrible if your new shorts are not happy. Consider whether you need tight fitting lycra shorts for better optimal design or looser shorts with thicker material for more security. In contrast with typical shorts intended for strolling, the best trailblazing bicycle shorts will have a taller backside to guarantee inclusion when you are twisted around accelerating and the front will be shorter to dodge material bundling up.


Most trailblazing bicycle shorts will accompany midriff agents so you can redo the fit. Tight fitting lycra tuckers or shorts won't as they embrace your body in any case. Search for loose shorts with midsection alteration else, you may locate your new shorts are too tight or too free. You may free some weight as you ride all the more so in regards to having the capacity to pull on the modification tabs when you feel somewhat skinnier as opposed to purchasing some shorts. A few shorts may have waistbands however midriff change tabs are desirable over the additional weight and main part of wearing a belt.

Length & width

Consider how far down your leg you need your shorts to sit. In the event that you wear kneepads, you will need the leg to be sufficiently long to achieve the cushion without leaving a hole and furthermore sufficiently wide to maintain a strategic distance from the cushions catching while accelerating.

bike shorts sizing


The chamois cushion is a key element of any cycling short. Cushions can be produced using texture, froths or gels to offer to pad and stun assimilation. 

Thicker and denser cushions are perfect for longer rides. For the most part, the more you spend the better quality the cushion will be with against bacterial and multi-thickness outlines.

Panel Design

Shorts with a board development will fit in with your body shape better. By and large, the more boards utilized, the better the fit as each piece is enhanced for that region of life systems. 

6 boards are standard however you can get up to 12 boards on premium shorts.


Take a gander at the sewing and development to check how well the shorts will hold up to the wear and tear of customary utilize. Check whether there are bar-tac fortifications (even sewing) at pockets and creases that take a great deal of pressure. Ensure the creases are sewn well to take the mishandle of riding through branches and brush.

Construction Quality

Fabricate quality is imperative in the majority of your cycling gear, and that goes for your cycling shorts also. Some cycling shorts will be made of a dependably intense material that is suited for your proposed utilize. The shorts will have solid sewing that should last through many, many wash/wear cycles, however, the sewing ought to be level against your skin.


As you can see that we tried our best to assemble the best mountain bike shorts for you. We keep in mind that different people have different capabilities. But if you look closely enough you will find that we didn't mention any cheap products. In this competitive world, there are lots of unknown organizations who are making these products. But we know which are good amongst them. We picked the ones who mean quality over the business. If you use your product carefully and wash it properly then surely they will give you at least a year of service. So judge your need then choose the one fits right for you from the list.

Best Entry Level Road Bike

Best Entry Level Road Bike – Top Selections By Experts

Road bikes have evolved to offer great performance and comfort. The balance between race and endurance achieved through the geometry makes that possible. If you are looking for the perfect road bike, then here is a review of the 12 best entry level road bike to help you make that decision

Top 12 Best Entry Level Road Bike Review

Takara Kabuto single speed road bike

This is a bike can be used for daily commuting to the office, college, parks, stores and other places. Its sturdy build allows you to travel at its maximum speed without discomforting you. However, it offers a single speed gear. It is available on the Amazon with four color variants which are green and black, yellow and black, blue and black and green and blue tires. It uses a lightweight steel frame which makes it durable as well as lightweight and safe as well. With the price of $230, this bike offers the bang for your bucks.


  • Weight and Durability – It is made of lightweight steel which makes it lightweight compared to other bikes.
  • It has the flip-flop gears.
  • Tires – It has the mid-sized tire. They are not as big as mountain bike’s tire and not as small as a racer bike’s tires. 
  • GEAR - this bike offers a single speed gear which may not be that comfortable in today’s world.
  • Weight 35.7 lbs.

Things we like:

  • The bike is durable and won't easily get damaged when you ride over potholes, or bumps or pavement or grassy area.
  • It is suitable for use in daily commuting around the neighborhood.
  • You can use it for commuting to places that are about 6 - 20 miles away.
  • It is recommendable for those who are looking for an affordable bike.
  • It is also an excellent bike for exercising your leg muscles.
  • A Comfortable Ride.

Things we don't like:

  • From the customer review, one customer said that the bike was a good cycle for the money, he recommended that riders check the inner tubes before embarking on any biking journey.

GMC Denali road bike

This brand is known for its affordability, it offers a lightweight aluminum frame, which is very comfortable for extreme bike riders. Its sleek design offers you to commute to the thinnest parts of a city without giving you a single problem. It uses a traditional side pull brake which works just fine if you pay regular attention to it. It has 21-speed gear which is a significant relief if you don’t want to go hard on yourself.


  • Tires - 700 cc tires gives you a never forgetting experience because those tires are very thin and strong due to aluminum alloy.
  • Weight - It weighs 30 lbs.
  • Seat or saddle - the saddles on this bike is way too comfortable, and it is designed to commute for a more extended period without disturbing the rider.

Things we like:

  • Comfortable, and it is designed to commute for a more extended period.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is durable due to the aluminum alloy.

Vilano aluminum road bike

vilano road bike is known for its light weight and cheap bike. The has achieved perfection in creating this bikes. It is so comfortable that a person can ride without having a single issue. It has a 21-speed gear which can be shifted from each other very quickly. It has the 700 cc tires which give you a fantastic grip on the streets no matter where you. Its saddle is designed for seating for an extended period of times without causing any problem to the rider


  • Weight - It has a lightweight aluminum body designed to carry anywhere you go and it also it makes it one of the longest lasting bikes in the world.
  • Seat - overall seating experience is not very bad, or we can say that it is better than some bikes which have their prices similar to this bike.
  • Maintenance - If you ride a bike then you might have experienced at least once in your lifetime that a bike needs some maintenance. The maintenance depends upon how much and how you ride it.

Things we like:

  • It has very comfortable seats.
  • It is also affordable.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to maintain.

Giordano libero 1.6 men’s road bike

It is the best choice for bike enthusiasts because it has all the features required by a racer or an extreme user. It has a 16-speed gear which helps you to climb high ground and mountain easily. It also has 700 cc of tires which is very good for commuting in the city areas. The main attraction of this bike is its weight because it is one of the lightest bikes you can find in the market today. If anyone wants to buy this bike, I would suggest going ahead because it has all you need to start riding. 


  • Weight - Its weight is about 26 lbs which are less compared to other bikes in the market. 
  • Durability - Due to its aluminum build body this cycle is very durable and strong. 
  • Gears - The gear in this bikes are 16 speed which may not be that impressive but gets the job done. 

Things we like:

  • It is durable due to aluminum built body.
  • It has the speed you'd like.
  • Its lightweight.

Vilano shadow road bike Shimano STI integrated shifters

Vilano is a Florida based outdoor and sporting goods based company which has been in this domain for quite a while. Vilano Shadow Road Bike is dubbed as the perfect bike if you want to go for long rides. It is conducive to fitness and exercise. It has got a vast amount of features which makes it the perfect ride among the enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Vilano Shadow is made up of a lightweight material of 6061 double hauled aluminum frame coupled with an integrated headset.
  • The Shimano STI shifters are just world class providing an awesome shifting and braking in just one go.
  • The design of the bike is as such that it decreases the effects of excessive vibrations.
  • check
    For this reason, it ensures that the bike lasts longer than necessary.
  • check
    For every bike rider, having a compact and an easy-to-use ride definitely goes a long way.
  • check
    It has a compact design plus a sturdy wheelset which provides a balanced performance to the bike.
  • check
    Since it has large wheels, riding across terrains is much less stressful. So, it’s a sturdy bike and it can take a lot more damage across terrains.
  • check
    It weighs just about 23 pounds. It is completely made of aluminum plus it comes in 3 sizes.

Things we like:

  • It is easy-to-use bike.
  • It is less stressful to ride across terrains.

Things we don't like:

  • The only disadvantage with this bike is the seat; it’s just not comfortable enough.

Schwinn men's volare 1300, 700CC

Schwinn has been a respected name among the most prestigious bike brands in the country. You can see many youngsters going for Schwinn bikes, that’s how famous the brand is. It is mostly known for providing solid bikes for every age group, be it kids, men or women. The most important aspect of their bikes is that more than 60% of the parts are made in the company.

The first thing which you notice about the bike is the appearance. It is just great, the bodywork pops out, and it makes it look intriguing and bold.


  • Assembling is just too easy, but if you are not an expert, you should definitely, consider a mechanic to do it. Also, it’s a bit light-weight thanks to its stunning aluminum body.
  • The red and white accented frame is very much durable, and it’s definitely lighter than the average mountain bikes, and you can ride it well.
  • As Schwinn has had a record of making performance oriented bikes, this is no different, but you will be impressed since the bike performs much better than your expectations.
  • check
    It also has the A050 Shim and Shifters which provides a smooth gear changing while riding.

Things we like:

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is sturdy due to aluminum alloy.
  • It has Shim and Shifters which provides a smooth gear changing while riding.
  • It is affordable.

Things we don't like:

  • Being lightweight isn’t precisely everything. 
  • It’s a bane for extreme conditions since the tires are not exactly conducive for off-roading and ragged edges. So there could be times where you could have a blowout if you go out for a ride.
  • The handlebars are non-adjustable as well which is another disadvantage.

Vilano R2 commuter aluminum road bike

Well, we are already aware of Vilano being an ordinary household sports bike maker. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano 21 speed with 700cc tires accurately sums up the entire feature list. The one most important advantage which we can list out is, it’s very much cheap. For enthusiasts and bikers who are looking out for not so expensive option, this is the one for you. 


  • As the name says, this is a commuter bike, so it has been made for the masses and true to its name.
  • It has become one of the fastest selling and favorite bikes ever to be made.
  • Since the bike has been made for the daily use, it’s a cheap option. It’s lightweight owing to the aluminum frame it has and a natural first choice for people across age groups.
  • check
    You also get an option to upgrade every bike part if you want to, you can upgrade your wheels, brake pads, and other essential things if you want.
  • check
    Design-wise, the bike looks good for a commuter vehicle, and it seems a lot better than the average bikes.

Things we like:

  • It is affordable so don't worry about the price.
  • It as all favorite features you'd want in a bike.
  • It can carry a large weight.
  • It is durable due to aluminum alloy.
  • You can upgrade some features.

Things we don't like:

  • Since it’s less expensive, there would always be issues regarding the parts. The brake levers and pads are not precisely adjustable.
  • The bike does have a Shimano A050 gear shifters, but they don’t function as you want them to.
  • The tires are not exactly winning any merit points.

Tommaso imola endurance aluminum road bike, shimano claris R2000

Tommaso has been around the biking domain for a long time. They are well known for proving cutting edge performance in their bikes. It’s a customer-centric brand, and their bikes are state of the art at affordable prices. They are very much confident about the fact that they are world leaders concerning the bikes they make. The bike kills in the looks design, and this is considered to be for bikers who are looking for an initial biking experience. No wonder this has been Tommaso’s best selling creations so far. 


  • This bike is undoubtedly super lightweight weighing just 23.8 pounds.
  • It has a compact aluminum frame of SLA6O61 which will stay durable.
  • The handlebars are of the top class quality which is TRS Ultralight.
  • check
    It offers slight drops for comfort also providing you with a right amount of power transfer.
  • check
    The bike also boasts of Shimano Claris Shifters and Derailleurs which provides a drivetrain for smooth shifting. It also has the Shimano Brake Calipers for providing a considerable amount of braking power.
  • check
    It comes with 24 great speeds as well which makes it conducive for rough terrains.

Things we like:

  • It is durable.
  • It as a powerful braking system.
  • It is a lightweight model.
  • Its design is attractive.

Things we don't like:

  • The bike does offer a Tommaso Corsa TC2O rims, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the tires are not exactly worth the money.
  • So you might have to get it checked and have a suitable replacement done for the same. 

Merax Finiss Aluminum Racing Bicycle

If you are a new entrant in the world of cycling, then getting an entry-level machine is the best option. It is an inexpensive single speed bike with an excellent design. When people see your bike, they will surely give you many compliments.

It is a cheap bike, but the parts are of high quality. The hybrid tires allow your bike to travel at a rather fast speed. Even though it is heavy, it offers a quick and smooth ride.

Merax Finiss is a great road bike for beginners. You can assemble the bike in just a few minutes. You only need to have some basic knowledge of Allen and socket wrenches to assemble it. To assemble the bike, you must attach the seat, pedals, handle, and wheels in place. The rest of the parts come assembled in the package.


  • Being lighter than many bikes with only 27 pounds, you are assured of a smooth ride and impressive performance.
  • It offers reliable shifting which you will need when you have to keep up with climbs and going downhill.
  • Being more of a racing bicycle with a whopping 21 speeds, it will give you the thrill of riding.
  • check
    Highly affordable with a cost of around $200.
  • check
    The aluminum frame makes it sturdy.
  • check
    The quick release front wheels is another feature that sets it aside from other bikes.

Things we like:

  • It is a versatile bike that you can use whenever you want.
  • It is affordable and will cost around $200.

Things we don't like:

  • Adjusting gears and breaking is not as optimal as it may be expected and may need some serious tuning.

Villano Shadow 2-0 Road Bike

Villano Shadow 2-0 takes biking to a whole new level. It is an entry level bike with e