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16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road – Expert Advise

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16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road - Expert Advise

Bike riding has a lot of advantages. It can be a class of exercising. In day by day, bike riding becomes very popular. In the USA, many of men’s & women’s riding bike for communication & health purpose. The bicycle is a legal vehicle now on roads.

Riding a bike on the road has some rules. In the USA have some state bike laws which you need to know. Bikers should follow the rules on the road like any other vehicle. These rules can save your time & life. Now in this article, we discuss 16 safety tips on riding bicycle on road.

Infographic Of 16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road

16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road16 Safety Tips On Riding Bicycle On Road

1. Obey traffic signs & signals

The bicycle has some rules like other vehicles on the road. The rider must follow the rules of the road. The cyclist must obey the city & state bike laws of traffic. Three colors of the street signal light. Red, green, orange. If the red, you must stop your bike & follow the traffic rules. If they are green, you can drive your bicycle like others. If you do not follow the rules, the cop can arrest & fines against you. So you should obey the traffic signal.

2. Never ride against traffic

If the traffic sign indicates stop, you should stop your bike too. You can’t void this rules. You should drive like another driver. If you do state law can fine against you. So beware to never ride against traffic. 

3. Follow the lane markings

You can see that every road has some markings. A broken white line marks the center of the road. When this line is tall, and the gap is small, it means that a hazard comes forward. Don’t cross it before you can see the roads are clear. Don’t turn your cycle left to the right lane. It causes an accident or a huge traffic jam. If you see the straight line on the road. you should go straight; you can’t turn your vehicle left or right. You should be observing the road sign every moment when you ride on the road.

4. Don’t pass on the right

Motor vehicles may not look that a bicycle is passing on the right. It’s the most popular form of getting hit. So you should be careful. You should not ride your bike beside a car on the right.

5. Scan the road behind you

Get to look back on your shoulders without missing your balance or moving. Use rearview mirrors for the look at back clearly. It can save your bike from the hit. Many of rider use these types of mirrors. This mirror is at a low price; you get one pair for your bike.

6. Keep both hands ready to brake

Braking can stop your bike quickly. It can save your life & bike from the accident. The bike has two brakes at the front & rear. When you ride on the road, you should ready to brake your bike any of situation. You shouldn’t stop your bike with a one-handed brake. It can slip your bike, and you can fall off. You should press the brake front & rear in the same situation.

7. Wear a helmet & never ride with headphones

The rider should always wear a helmet. The helmet is one of the main safety accessories for cycling. An accident can happen on the road at the bicycle any time. The helmet protects your head from an accident. Don’t use headphones during you ride a bike. Headphones can break your concentration while riding. It can happen a serious accident on the road. Please avoid headphones while you are riding your bike.

8. Dress for the weather

In rainy weather, you should wear a waterproof rain jacket or suit. Wear bright-colored dress. Should Wear the bright color dress, so that the driver can see you from a distance on the day of the rain. You can also wear cycling shorts. These shorts are beneficial for cycling & also perfect for any of the weather.

9. Use hand signal

The hand signal tells the motor driver what you intend to do. The signal is a matter of courtesy & self-protection. If you immediately change the driving path & lane, you should use the hand signal. That causes the driver can understand what you try to tell him. It can reduce road accidents.

10. Ride in the middle of the lane in heavier traffic

Drive the middle on the road while you on traffic. As a result, you are moving at the same speed as traffic. When cyclists ride in the middle of the road, another driver can see him perfectly. So the drive can move their car easily & you can turn right & left your bike easily.

11. Choose the best way to turn left

There are two alternatives: (1) An auto well: signal Move in the left rotating lane, and next turn left. (2) Like a walker: A straight-forward ride Walker crossing Walking around your bike.

12. Make eye contact with drivers

It’s an effective way to reduce accidents. Many of the time, drivers don’t understand. What do you want to do? If you make eye contact with drivers, he will easily understand where you want to go and what lane you will change. It uses for safety.

13. Look out the road hazards

Road hazards are useful for the rider. You should follow it when you are riding. Hazards give you some instructions. See out for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice, sand, & debris. It has different instructions for a different road. Which you should follow. Sometimes there have some instructions for many dangerous & risky roads for riding. So you should stay away from them.

14. Use lights at night

The laws require a headlight & a tail light on your bike. Sometimes you need to ride at night. You can’t see the road & other things without light. It can be an accident on the road. You also need a tail light. At night motor drivers may not see you on the road. He can hit you. So a tail light can save your life. If you have a red tail light driver can see you from a long distance. So he can give you space to ride.

15. Keep your bike in good repair

You need to adjust height & weight with your bike. Check brakes, tires rims regularly. It can save your bike from the accident. Because if your bike brake loses, you can’t stop it in dangerous situations. So you should maintain your bike properly.

16. Dress to be seen & safe

You need to wear a dress which can be seen easily. You should wear a bright color dress. Many drivers on-road may can’t see you from a long distance. So need to wear a bright color dress as green & orange. It can save you from the hit. It also a law of traffic.

Final Word

On the road, any of the time, accidents can happen. You need to aware of it. You should always obey the traffic signals. It can help you from breaking the rules of traffic. Many times to avoid traffic rules happen accident. Many of motor driver, hybrid bicycle rider change lane immediately at traffic. If you stay beside a car, it can be hit. You should ride in the middle for the driver can see you. You should use the handbrake also. In road have many hazards. You should follow hazards for road instruction. Use helmet & avoid headphones while riding. The helmet can save your head from serious injury. So, if you obey all 16 safety tips on riding bicycle on road. I hope you will not fall into any legal problem, and will not happen any accidents.

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